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Zen Flesh, Zen Bones: A Collection of Zen and Pre-Zen Writings When Zen Flesh, Zen Bones Was Published InIt Became An Instant Sensation With An Entire Generation Of Readers Who Were Just Beginning To Experiment With Zen Over The Years It Has Inspired Leading American Zen Teachers, Students, And Practitioners Its Popularity Is As High Today As Ever Zen Flesh, Zen Bones Is A Book That Offers A Collection Of Accessible, Primary Zen Sources So That Readers Can Struggle Over The Meaning Of Zen For Themselves It IncludesZen Stories, A Collection Of Tales That Recount Actual Experiences Of Chinese And Japanese Zen Teachers Over A Period Of Than Five Centuries The Gateless Gate, The Famous Thirteenth Century Collection Of Zen Koans Ten Bulls, A Twelfth Century Commentary On The Stages Of Awareness Leading To Enlightenment And Centering, A , Year Old Teaching From India That Some Consider To Be The Roots Of Zen

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    It s one of my all time favorites I have read and re read this book countless times And I absolutely loved it every time I read Zen Flesh and Zen Bones is a compilation of zen koans, and stories A Koan is a paradoxical anecdote or riddle

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    Zen is allusive.Zen uses too many unnecessary contradictions.But their hopes are that such techniques awake the deluded mind.Nonetheless, I think people just get heady about the writings and forget how simple buddhist psychology is Thus they get in

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    Interpreting the meaning of Zen is difficult at the best of times, and from what I know of it, I m not even sure that intellectualising it is the best way to go anyway Therefore, I m just going to list a couple of my favourite Zen k ans from the 101 Zen Stor

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    My review What I learned from this book I think the most appropriate answer would be nothing.I think it s on my shelf if you want it.

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    Zen Flesh, Zen Bones is a collection of three zen works, 101 Zen Stories, The Gateless Gate and Ten Bulls And one chapter from the pre zen Rudrayamala Tantra I think this is probably a good book for people that are interested in Zen Buddhism, and I do like reading it, but I don

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    One of my all time favorites Every copy I own is well worn I love how the stories don t state anything, but leave it up to you to interpret The moon can not be stolen and A Parable are two of my favorites.

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    One of the most influential books in my life A treasure if you read it at the right time.

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    Oh my god, this crap gets tiring really quickly That which is up is down That which is down is up The pinecone is not a raspberry, unless the raspberry is also a pinecone Does my fart have the Buddha nature And so on It reads like Monty Python you re meant to take seriously No, no it s not gibberish It s DE

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    really enjoyable koans that open your mind.My favorite is Temper I have transcribed it below, sorry for any mistakes A Zen student came to Bankei and complained Master, I havean ungovernable temper How can I cure it You have something very strange, replied Bankei Let me seewhat you have Just now I cannot show it to you, replie

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