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Yukon Ho! The third Calvin Hobbes collection features the debut ofSTUPENDOUS MANand the sole appearance of Calvin s Uncle Max I was always a bit sad that Watterson never used that character again he has hints of a highly entertaining backstory but that would mean a surname for the family and given names for Calvin s parents Watterson considered their anonymity a large contributing factor to their mundane mystique In this volume, Watterson mostly abandons trying to incorporate the Sunday strips into the continuous story arcs of the dailies In the 10th Anniversary Book, he explains how difficult it was to coordinate daily strips and Sunday strips.It s also here that the Sunday cartoons become ambitious a favorite of mine is the one where Calvin, while playing with Tinkertoys, role plays as a wrathful Creator Titan Watterson mimics Steele Savage s illustrations from Edith Hamilton s Mythology, only returning to his own familiar comic style on the last panel, where the POV switches to Calvin s parents.The best character moments are still ahead, but this is still a worthy entry in the CH canon. This is my favorite Calvin Hobbes, which goes without saying that it is also my all time favorite comic book.Calvin noting in his travel log Journey to the Yukon Day one Have traveled twenty minutes No snow so far Hobbes suggests adding Food supplies low while eating the first of 2 sandwiches packed for the journey Calvin Nevertheless, morale is high as we push north Hobbes MY morale would be a lot higher if YOU D carry the toboggan sparking a tussle over the commander hat Turn to page 57 to see who ends up with the hat Watterson is a master of the comic strip.You know his artwork is spot on when a pre reader is seen giggling over each page.You know he resonates with the child when your son defends his opinion by citing Calvin s authority in his defense.You know he resonates with the teen when every copy of Calvin Hobbes in your house is dog eared and likely to have torn, if not altogether missing, covers And that s your second set of the series.You know he resonates with the adult when you ve seen who knows how many power point presentations that begin with Calvin Hobbes philosophical musings as they careen down a hillside on sled or wagon.Whether you re watching Spaceman Spiff or Stupendous Man, whether you re laughing at the mutant snowmen or Calvin pulling faces, whether the cardboard box is a time machine or transmogrifier, Calvin s imagination takes you for a joyfully wild ride.As for Hobbes, I m weighing in with the opinion that Hobbes is real and so I m very glad that Watterson never gave permission for merchandising There are no fake Hobbes collecting dust anywhere, giving the impression that his keen intellect is merely a work of Watterson s genius Somewhere on the planet, the perpetually 6 year old Calvin and his timeless Hobbes are barreling down a hillside, discussing philosophy. Again, you simply can not go wrong with Calvin and Hobbes Like, EVER.10 5 stars Too bad Goodreads only allows me to go up to five. These two never disappoint They really do have the answers to all your woes. Probably one of the finest comic strips ever, Calvin and Hobbes is iconic and when Watterson decided to retire the characters, there were millions of people me included who grieved So we read all the books over and over and they seem fresh every time Calvin and his tiger buddy are doing their best in this entry of the series, to drive his parents, Miss Wormwood his teacher , and Susie his female nemesis over the edge and as usual, almost succeeding So clever, endearing, and funny that I can t imagine giving this book and all the others anything but a five star rating. It s Calvin and Hobbes That says all that needs to be said Who doesn t love this six year old and his stuffed tiger Every Calvin and Hobbes comic is a treat and they are all so well done The details and simplicity that go concurrently into Calvin s drawings alone are just magnificent It s a quick, but humour filled ride and not two comics are alike The Spirit Of Childhood Leaps To Life Again With Boundless Energy And Magic In Yukon Ho , A Collection Of Adventures Featuring Rambunctious Six Year Old Calvin And His Co Conspirator Tiger Chum, Hobbes Picking Up Where The Essential Calvin And Hobbes Left Off, Yukon Hois A Delight

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Bill Watterson born William Boyd Watterson II is an American cartoonist, and the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes His career as a syndicated cartoonist ran from 1985 to 1995 he stopped drawing Calvin and Hobbes at the end of 1995 with a short statement to newspaper editors and his fans that he felt he had achieved all he could in the comic strip medium During the early years of

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