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With or Without You: A wonderfully emotional story of one love over two lifetimes... An Emotional Read That We Couldn T Put Down Closer Magazine A Delightful Read, The Story Flowed From Beginning To End And I Loved How Shari Wrote It From Two Perspectives Life Really Is What You Make It Sammy Jackson, NetGalley I Read This Book In One Sitting, Mainly Intrigued By What Will Change Between The Without And With Parts, Not Wanting To Forget Any Details Julie Parks, NetGalley What A Book This Is Amazing Alison Hawkins, NetGalley A Refreshing Angle And Easy Enjoyable Read Margaret Harris, NetGalley A Very Entertaining Book Throughout And One I Really Enjoyed Reading, Even The Parts That Had Me In Floods Of Tears Joanne Dibb, NetGalley The Writing Is Emotive And Fluid The Characters Are Flawed, Supportive, And Real And The Multi Layered Plot Is A Heartfelt, Absorbing Story About Life, Loss, Love, Family, Friendship, Compassion, Romance, Happiness, And Destiny Zoe Williams, NetGalley Best Enjoyed On A Holiday With A Nice Glass Of Wine Laura Ellison, NetGalley I Will Certainly Be Recommending This Book To Everyone Who Will Listen To Me Stunning Sharon Hunt, NetGalley A Warmly Written Story With Well Rounded And Interesting Characters Brianna Connelley, NetGalley Compulsive Reading Loved It Susan Prosser, NetGalley Even Though The Storyline Focuses On Ordinary, Everyday Life, It Is Full Of Suspense, Poignancy, Laughter And Love And Makes This A Lovely Light Hearted Read Jane Hunt, NetGalley I Laughed And Cried My Way Through It This Book Is One I Will Remember And Recommend Gemma Deary, NetGalley Women S Fiction At Its Most Innovative Best If You Have Never Discovered Shari Low S Brilliant Books, Then What On Earth Are You Waiting For Julie Bonello, NetGalley An Absorbing, Readable Book, Which Takes The Reader Through All The Emotions Highly Recommended Emma Sibley, NetGalley Her Writing Is Fresh, Fun And Moving You Really Do Get Attached To These Characters Natalie Gardner, NetGalley Enjoyable Read And Quite Thought Provoking In Places Charlotte Freeman, NetGalley Moving, Poignant Well Written From Me One To Recommend Sara Rosenthal, NetGalley I Am Now Going To Have A Book Hangover And Will Miss Liv And Her Friends Dearly Lynn McCrum, NetGalleyHave You Ever Made A Life Changing Decision And Then Wondered If You Made The Right One Perfect For The Fans Of Jojo Moyes And Marian Keyes I love Shari Low books and this one was no exception A little different from the norm, if you can ever call Shari s books the norm, her books tend to be anything but normal, but in a really good way This one is a bit Sliding Doors in its context, so just when you feel as though you ve read a really good book, you get to read another one, the one with the twists of a different decision made about 10 years in the past I really enjoyed this book and have no hesitation in recommending it to others I m eagerly awaiting the next one Shari. Really enjoyed this book The characters were great and I felt a part of the tight knit group of friends, going through ups and downs of what life gives to them Love that it felt like 2 stories, the could and would haves and it all made sense, even going back in time and leading up to the present I would without a doubt recommend this read Heart warming, sad in parts, and makes you stop and think of how and why things sometimes work out the way they do. First book I have read of this author Liked the idea of reading the what if way of this book Makes you think about the decisions you make and the way it can change your life, or not maybe Liked the humour of Liv and her friendship with Chloe and Sasha Great summertime read with emotion, humour and love.

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