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With All My Soul I have never wished for a button that gave than 5 stars as much as I have today I am utterly speechless Every time Rachel Vincent writes a book I always wonder if it could possibly be as good if not better than her last one because the bar she has set is so high Well, as I have read this series I have learned that I should never doubt her storytelling skills Ever. I don t know how she does it, but each book written by this wonderful author completely surpasses the last one WAMS was the epitome perfection I could not have asked for a better ending to a series Everything was resolved in that we no longer have any questions left open and this was accomplished without anything being rushed I know of a lot of series ending books that I have read that always seemed rushed to me because they tie up all of the loose string extremely fast at the end I am so happy to say that that is not the case for WAMS Everything was paced at a reasonable speed and it all made sense The plot was executed flawlessly.And that brings me to the plot Oh My Goodness I know I called Rachel Vincent both an evil genius and pure genius in my Before I Wake review, but that plot has nothing on this one Holy Freakin Cow My mind is completely blown away After all of the heart ache I have endured from this series I just couldn t accept the fate that Kaylee was planning on following And that moment with Tod Bring out the tissue box because that will have your eyes bawling He is too damn sweet I don t even know how he can exist even as a character in a book He just can t possibly be real.Oh this is such a bittersweet review because I can t believe my journey with Kaylee is finally over I want to be looking forward to the next book, butthere isn t going to be one I m so bummed but I m happy that I was able to enjoy every second of this journey while it lasted Kaylee has grown into this amazing character and she s probably one of the characters that I admire the most that I have ever read about She is so strong and brave and good And did I mention BRILLIANT Now I know technically that s the author s brain but WOW Remember how I said the plot blew my mind Yeah, that s because Kaylee is brilliant So Freakin Brilliant I wish I could tell you all what I m talking about, but then that would completely ruin the story Like seriously If any of you read endings before the actual book, DON T First of all, Why would you Never understood that but to each their own I guess Haha But I promise you that you don t want to spoil this ending It is a beautiful masterpiece that should be saved for the end That s why it s at the end, right Sigh I could never do this book nor this series justice no matter how long I make this review Everything about it is perfect and no amount of words I type would ever suffice If you have never read a book in this series let alone by this author, you should get on that when you have the chance I promise you won t regret it I was struggling to form coherent thoughts after I read the final installment of what I consider my all time favorite YA series Soul Screamers is my first venture outside the vampire werewolves theme So for me this wrapped up is a bittersweet moment I was excited and at the same time scared on how the author will pull this one off She had managed to topple my expectations over and over again But even with her stellar history, I m somehow still having this uneasiness clouding me from the inside.So my instinct is actually telling me something I have never given the books from this series less than perfect rating But I feel dishonest if I still give it a full mark when I wasn t really, hmm, satisfied My dissatisfaction is not associated on how the story ends Or the events in this book It was my feelings afterwards I feel a blend of regret and pity Regret to a character I originally adored And pity to the couple that I loved.Let me divided this review into two parts, namely Kaylee Tod, and Nash.I ll start with Nash My sister couldn t comprehend my feelings of frustration over Nash s situation, and Nash and Kaylee I m their fan from the beginning I actually loved them as a couple I loved Nash I was his fan Oh wait, that didn t come out right I AM his fan Present Until now regardless how his older brother clawed a huge chunk of my heart, a part of me is still loyal to him In retrospect, I was being unfair to him I should ve not judged him We should ve not judged him I shouldn t have celebrated when things flipped and Tod s now on his place I feel remorse on those times when I was reveling Tod, while he was there struggling But I think it helped him mature That experience he had bad as it was helped him grow And oh boy, did he grow.When ending came and saw Nash again, I have this what if moments What if Kaylee stick to his side and they didn t break up What if Kaylee didn t die What if they end up together Will Nash be Nash today Will Kaylee still be Kaylee I have so many questions I know it s useless to think on things on already happened but I just can t help but to wonder So what ifI have three favorite moments in this book and two of them involved Nash I know, my hidden affection for Nash came back with a vengeance One was when Kaylee called everybody and every one of them was busy Kaylee called him and asked for his help You know Kaylee has a tendency to hog all the responsibility, so Nash was surprised that finally she needed his help His voice showed surprised and delight then she asked to ask Emma too, and the moment was ruined Nash had taken the sidelines, and was treated as a liability which is once again it was unfair to him He s fully capable if given a chance that I know wholeheartedly understand now.My second favorite was when Nash was apologizing to Tod Their relationship isn t completely harmonious to begin with but I loved their connection, their bond I m just glad that they finally worked it out.Sorry Sabine, hunt me in my sleep but I do not approve of your relationship Nash deserves someone better Not that she s unworthy but I don t see it Not after all these Nash feelings inside rushing back like a tidal wave I think I have these MtTake, MtSave and few MsKeep flashbacks of Kaylee Nash s moments hovering in my head and I m actually taking reconsiderations Ugh, darn it Darn it all Now for Kaylee Tod I loved this couple Still do Despite my surprising disclosure just earlier the books proved how perfectly they are to each other I m not gonna elaborate how unified they are but at the same still have liberties and identities outside their relationship That s what I liked about them It s not just about them two together It s about how they make their relationship work How dedicated they are This book has less romance than the two previous books since it already established that fact but when this two had their moments it was heart stopping, soul melting moments that I ended up borrowing Kaylee s line like Mitchii goo.The title of this book is a confession from Tod I m not going tell the context of what he said but I m mesmerized and in love No wonder Kaylee s head over heels in love with him and so is he with her We also find the depth of their relationship How true and powerful beyond border of their love for each other That their minds, hearts, bodies and especially their souls intertwined connected to each other.But I held some pity with their relationship With their lives specifically When their friends and families have moved on When everyone has moved on All they have is each other Romantic but sad I was sad that they won t enjoy the pleasure of living their lives They are forever young, stuck in routinely human less world The only consolation is that they have each other Good thing they have each other.I don t have much to say about the plot other than Kaylee s sacrifice in order for them to have lasting peaceful Hellion less lives was clever as well as painful Physically, emotionally, mentally Both to her and to the people she loves And oh and another thing, I think the Hellion of Wrath was confusingly cool For a spawn of evil he s actually nice Still evil and selfish though That s all I can say without telling you.Perhaps, I wasn t bawling like a baby like my sister was when she finished it But it did feel like end of an era Before I was asking for a spin off but you know what, I take it back I want this chapter of their lives permanently closed I think everything was settled and smoothen I think it is appropriate to put a period to the last sentence And the end to the last page So yeah, it s the end but it was completely fine with me.Pre reading comment I m excited and sad to know that this is the final book I call for a spin off Tod s POV PI mean, who doesn t want of this view spoiler My Tod at least in my head he looks like him, minus the hair Although, hadn t I once been even surprised when a certain rookie reaper turned out to be tall, blond, and beautiful Fine But if a beautiful blond reaper shows up while I m gone, don t freak out That s my boyfriend, Tod Kaylee Before I Wake hide spoiler Great ending but I am still so sad it is over I still need Tod After many weeks of re reading all my favorite parts from the last few books in the series I finally can put a few thoughts down.What I love about the series is that each book definitely got better and better The stakes got higher, the death toll went up, the romance heated, it was a perfect series that I never wanted to end because it never went downhill I was never a fan of Nash but looking back again after the series ended I feel kind of bad for Nash again I was kind of blind to his pain because I ve had only Kaylee and Tod in my eyes as end game But I feel bad for his bad breaks and think he is a good guy deep down.I still hate Sabine I don t think I could ever fully like her but along with Kaylee I began to accept her and get used to her I did find her honestly hilarious but there is good honest and using it to hurt people which she did I still don t really like her for Nash but I m glad he is happy.Tod has always been epic for me I just love his humor and all his lines In this book the swoonworthyness really spiked But looking back I actually highlighted the most quotes in Before I Wake I gave up reviewing that because I had 42 pages of highlighted quotes on my kindle and I just couldn t get through all my love for that book without it becoming so long so I gave up half way through writing LOL I still need to go back and fix that But anyway this is my rambling review still so bare with me, the point is I love Tod Love his looks, humor, the way he appreciates random Wednesdays just because e has ice cream and Kaylee and what could he want Kaylee is sweet but sometimes her self sacrifice became too much for me I have to respect that but like Tod I would be throwing glass and demanding she stop The ending was brilliant The way the plan came together It was a great way to make everything work out It stayed true to the series And most importantly was happy Spoiler thoughts on the ending view spoiler I m glad we didn t see the four years Kaylee was gone If I had to witness Levi tell Tod that he took her soul I would have lost it I can just see Tod moping and balling in his tiny room for four years and it breaks my heart But seeing Tod go rescue Kaylee four years later was so touching Them reuniting and now having eternity together was beautiful Dancing in their prom wear and picking up to create new memories I m sure Kaylee will continue to work and save people and that maybe Tod and her could pass for 18 and still get their own house and life one day I d like to think Tod could get some fake papers and they could move around and still live in the real world Will be weird when Emma is old and her best friend is a almost seventeen year old Kaylee but I think it can work out For awhile I wondered if there would be some magic ending that made Kaylee and Tod human again but I like the way it ended It was still happy and having eternity is great for them It stayed true to the series that some things can t be undone I still miss Alec Loved him hide spoiler 4 but bumping it up to a 5 because this has been such a epic series I m very sad to see such a unique spin on paranormal end, but although highly enjoyable, this book was a little bit of a mess But man oh man, this shit does the love triangle right I am so sick of wishy washy love triangles in YA fiction and this book does the angst and the guilt and the sense of love hate and friendship that remains after love just PERFECTLY It s like a little soap opera in the best possible way, in a believable way.Throughout the entire series, I have not been able to hate a single character everyone has something redeeming to them, a moment or moments that reveal their vulnerability and kindness and humanity Besides the demons and Avari, all the human or once humans were extremely believable characters I d go so far as to say the character building the major strength throughout this entire series Family dynamics, friendships, people acting in a way that s actually realistic Those are a few of my favorite things in fiction and I am so very sad to see this series end The ending is rather bad, though, it reminds me of the extended ending of the Lord of the Rings, where everyone s sitting around eating and hugging and laughing in slow motion. SpoilersNote this review will be ranty and repetitive That s usually how my reviews go with books that piss me off loads Disappointing Why Because of Kaylee she was insufferable Also, the ending and certain peripheral characters Nash Sabine irritated me Kaylee bugged me the most though it s not that she was whiny or vile It was the fact that she was such an unbelievably unrealistic character I didn t mind Kaylee in the first couple of books but I grew to dislike her with each installment At first, I wasn t sure what my problem was with her but then I finally figured it out she didn t feel real, she didn t speak to me at any level, there was something false about her entire personality She was such a Mary Sue, and she was so vanilla but worst of all she was a huge martyr I ve never met anyone who s ever had Kaylee s over the top self sacrificing, do goody personality I hated how apologetic she was, and how she blamed herself for every little thing I could understand her feeling somewhat responsible for all the shit that was going down, but she went overboard she seemed to think it was up to her to protect not only her friends but also her dad, uncle and other various adults It was dumb she was a teenager, she shouldn t have felt that level of responsibility towards her elders.I especially hated how 1 She always puts herself in danger for everyone else and 2 How everyone else let her There s only so much self sacrifice I can take Ugh She even felt guilty when other people were suffering, and she wasn t Who the fuck feels like thatOh no, he she s in pain I feel guilty, that I m not in a pain tooGet real Tod was okay I was disappointed with his reaction to Kaylee s supposed death He thought she was dead for four years but I didn t really feel that he d suffered all that much at her death He seemed to have been living a nice life without her he had Nash, his mum and Emma All that joking around with Emma made me think that something happened between them if not anything physical then they must have had at least had a few romantically charged moments There was definitely something flirty between them I hated Nash He was a spoilt whiny brat that had everything yet still moaned and felt sorry for himself I can t believe that he ended up with Sabine It was ridiculous when he said that he d never stopped loving Sabine Really He used her like a blow up doll and then fell in love with someone else Yet somehow I m meant to believe he loved Sabine all along BULLSHIT And if that was indeed the case then how dare he get all high and mighty about Kaylee having feelings for someone else, when all along he was in love with Sabine FUCK YOU, Nash Sabine was pathetic She was a truly awful female character her desperation and pathetic ness when it came to all things Nash wasn t the slightest bit romantic It was sickening I hated that she had no self respect or self worth The only thing she wanted was Nash she had no life outside of him Why did she even want him so desperately He treated her like shit, and he had a vile personality Kaylee s dad was useless, he should have been protecting Kaylee, but it was mostly the other way around he was just useless It was sad how Kaylee s death made everyone s life better and happier She didn t seemed to have been missed at all Everyone than got on with their lives after her death I actually felt sorry for her, which I didn t think was possible Maybe, it was because there was very little page time to find out about everyone s feelings But honestly they all seemed to be healthy and happy without her Even her dad seemed like he was living the good life, which was odd He suffered loads when Kaylee s mum died, so much so that he abandoned Kaylee for thirteen years Yet when Kaylee died he was not only able to manage with her loss, but he was cool with looking after Emma Why could he stay to look after Emma when he was grieving but wasn t able to stay for Kaylee when she needed him Why did he feel responsibility and care for Emma then he ever did with Kaylee It s not like his brother couldn t have looked after Emma Honestly, I ve never felt that Kaylee s dad cared about her he s only ever treated her like crap I hated the ending, everything happened so fast and it was all rather abrupt There was only a few pages that covered Kaylee s time in the Netherworld and her reunion with her friends and family those were HUGE things that happened to Kaylee yet no time at all was spent on those major things I hated that four years had passed in a couple of pages, yet less than a year passed in the entire seven book series bar the last few pages It just made the conclusion seem underwhelming and rushed Kaylee went to the Netherworld for four years and all her family and friends moved on and were happy without her it was depressing especially because she was literally going through hell for them Only Tod seemed as if he was somewhat affected by her death I know nothing was meant to have happened between Tod and Emma when Kaylee was away but for some reason I still got the feeling that they got a little too friendly they ve always seemed to have some sexual tension between them I loved Emma and Luca, both decent side characters Sophie was awful and up herself but at least she was kind of entertaining Sometimes I hated how the whole Avari situation was resolved He was the main enemy for the entire series but he wasn t defeated enough for my liking Oh and the inclusion of new character, Ira, irritated me he was instrumental in the resolution between Kaylee and Avari yet he d never been mentioned before in earlier books It was beyond contrived that Kaylee happened to meet a powerful demon in the last book who just so happened to be willing to help Kaylee and who just so happened to hate Avari and who just so happened to have the exact powers needed to defeat Avari All very disappointing Ira felt like a deus ex machina, the whole resolution was very lazily done Maybe if Ira had been introduced earlier on in the series, it wouldn t have been so bad I thought it was a little too convenient that Ira took away four years worth of pain, madness and torture from Kaylee it was so contrived Kaylee went through years of hell yet she was still able to come out of it healthy in mind and body Really There was no stress, depression or unhappiness she just bounced right back I know the story had to be wrapped up to be all happy happy but then why have the main character tortured for 4 years at the very end It was bizarre to believe that after all she suffered she was back to normal straight away even if it was by magical means , and was left with no long term emotional damage She was literally a okay minutes after her years of torture stopped It was ridiculous, and it pissed me off I hate it when torture and abuse are magically brushed under the carpet for the sake of plot or an HEA things like that should be handled with some sort of care What happened to Kaylee s mum Wasn t her soul still lost or stolen or whatever Why did everyone forget about her Er, what happened with the incubus baby He should have been killed It s obvious he won t be able to help his rapey ways and even if he tries, loads of girls will still be unwillingly attracted to him He really needed to die All in all, I hated it I liked the series at first but there were too many things that let it down Kaylee s martyr act, Nash s descent into douchery and WTFery, Avari s ending and a load of other stuff I doubt I ll be reading any new books Vincent writes unless it comes recommended from trusted GR friends. WITH ALL MY SOUL is the stunning conclusion to the Soul Screamers series by author Rachel Vincent With an intriguing new character and a new mortal sin, a gripping storyline and a shocking turn of events, this final installment is an exhilarating, heartrending and epic finish to this must read series.No matter how hard she fights and no matter how great the risk to herself, Kaylee Cavanaugh has not been able to defeat the hellion that wants her soul With each loss hitting closer to home, Kaylee is not sure how many people she cares about she can bear to lose, especially knowing that she s the one Avari really wants.And when he takes someone she loves, someone whose life she is not willing to risk, she must quickly find a way to stop him once and for all or be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice Because Avari has nothing but time, has nothing to lose and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.Action packed, electrifying and at times heartbreaking, WITH ALL MY SOUL takes readers on one last journey with Kaylee Cavanaugh as she faces off against a seemingly unstoppable enemy that has pursued her through life and the afterlife With anger as her motivation and an unlikely ally, Kaylee s greatest challenge yet will keep readers on the edge of their seats and their eyes glued to the page as events unfold and lead up to the book s dramatic conclusion.Author Rachel Vincent has once again put her characters through an incredible ordeal and taken her readers on a roller coaster ride of emotion in WITH ALL MY SOUL Filled with exciting plot twists and turns, dialogue that is both heartfelt and moving and sarcastic and amusing, and a nail biting build up to an outcome that is heart stopping, this last installment in the series can only be called phenomenal.The author does not leave readers hanging at the story s end All loose ends have been tied up and all the larger questions about the remaining characters have been answered And while the story wraps up in a way that will satisfy those readers who like to say their goodbyes and move on, it does allow for the reader s imagination to go beyond the story and look into the futures of those characters that do remain, for those readers that aren t quite ready.WITH ALL MY SOUL is the perfect finish to this always entertaining, always surprising and always thrilling series.And this story and series is a must for readers who want to discover a world that is unique, writing that is engaging, clever and oftentimes breathtaking, a plot that is suspense , danger and tension filled, a heroine that is incredibly brave, selfless and relatable, and a love story that is eternal On the blog I gave this my 6 star off the menu rating On a personal note If I had a million words at my disposal instead of the meager few that seem to rattle around my brain when sitting down to compose my thoughts, even then I don t think I could come up with the appropriate combination to express just what this series has meant to me or just how truly amazing I think it is.And this final installment, this final chapter in these characters lives, has been no less of a roller coaster than its predecessors, no less heartbreaking, nail biting, tension filled, bittersweet, heart rending It was a phenomenal ending to an absolutely riveting series that just got better and better as it progressed.WITH ALL MY SOUL was everything I d hoped it would be in a series ending book I had incredibly high expectations that I wasn t entirely sure could be met And yet they were Met And surpassed.I did not expect to get so caught up in the story that I d forget this was a series ending book I did not expect to fall for a newly introduced character I did not expect to be surprised by how things came together at the end And I did not expect the ending when it arrived, all too quickly.I expected tears And yes there were tears From the moment I began the last quarter of the book until the story s end I could not stop tearing up Every sentence felt like a goodbye A goodbye I was not ready for Every heartfelt passage was bittersweet, heartbreaking.Every action, every page, brought me one step closer to the end And after having been so distracted by the events taking place in the first three fourths of the story, the realization that this series was coming to a close made every single thing that happened in that final fourth that much emotional.And it still didn t prepare me for the end a part of which continues to haunt me even after a re read.I expected a roller coaster And there was definitely one of those I expected sarcasm, dialogue that would make me grin, a brave, stubborn and fiercely protective heroine and a mortal sin that would make this story explosive And I got all of that and then some.I expected to fall in love with this final book in the series And Rachel Vincent made it just so easy to do so It was so easy to once again get lost in Kaylee s world as she prepared to face just one obstacle to a happily ever afterlife It was so easy to be captivated by her characters some charming, some horrifying, some a little bit of both.And it was so easy to connect with Kaylee, who was every bit as strong and determined and sarcastic as she d been throughout the series, but who also displayed a confidence she didn t previously possess.I couldn t have been proud of, fearful for, heartsick for, in awe of who Kaylee became by the end of this series A character who I liked right from the start was one that I absolutely adored by the end.While I won t reveal whether Kaylee gets a happy ending or even if she makes it to the end of this book I will just say that I loved every single moment of WITH ALL MY SOUL Even the moments that broke my heart.And no, I would not change a single thing about this book well except for the fact that it is a series ending book It was just that out of this world amazing It is just that unforgettable.Original commentaryOh My Gosh This is by like a million my favorite book of the series I was heartbroken the whole read because I knew with each page I read that there would be no.But I literally could not stop crying from page 313 on And I m still tearing up 24 hours after having said goodbye.Just oh My Gosh.I did NOT expect that At all.Review TK after a re read where I m not sobbing. Before Reading All My Soul review I m throwing in my weight here I love this series and will be sad to see it go but I think it s a good place to end the series especially with view spoiler Emma getting her neck snapped and her soul placed in Lydia s body hide spoiler Depressing, i didn t finish it because it was frustrating me so much I read the ending though and got the gist Again, like i said, depressing as fuck End of xI HAVE IT I HAVE IT I MUST HAVE THIS NOW XXX Ok these things must happen Kaylee and Tod work together as a couple, and are brilliant because of it Plus have couple moments that make me smile Nash and Sabine MUST HAPPEN, for the love of chocolate they need to get together, so Nash stop being a selfish twit and admit you love Sabine Kaylee will kick some evil arse She will show her pissed of as hell side, and even Aviari will cower because of it Tod and Sabine will make snarky comments, even when it is inappropriate to do so We love them for it Sophie, prove yourself to be than a whiny bitch, like your new necromancer BF, Luca, keeps saying you are Emma must handle being in Lydia s body with all the strength she s had in previous books when things get mental Nash will have to find out about Tod saving him by becoming a reaper and dying in his brothers place TOD YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE..again i mean KAYLEE STOP BEING SUCH A DO GOODER AND KILL SOME DEMON SCUM..PLEASE Aviari must pay for being an evil arsehole to everyone Everyone will band together in the final battle to defeat the Demons and they re creepy as fuck world SIMPLE AS, END OF XXX What Does It Mean When Your School Is Voted The Most Dangerous In America It S Time To Kick Some Hellion ButtAfter Not Really Surviving Her Junior Year Does Undead Count As Survival , Kaylee Cavanaugh Has Vowed To Take Back Her School From The Hellions Causing All The Trouble She S Going To Find A Way To Turn The Incarnations Of Avarice, Envy And Vanity Against One Another In Order To Protect Her Friends And Finish This War, Once And ForeverBut Then She Meets Wrath And Understands That She S Closer To The Edge Than She S Ever Been And When One Person Close To Her Is Taken, Kaylee Realizes She Can T Save Everyone She Loves Without Risking Everything She Has

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