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Why We Get Fat: And What to Do about It An Eye Opening, Myth Shattering Examination Of What Makes Us Fat, From Acclaimed Science Writer Gary TaubesIn His New York Times Best Seller, Good Calories, Bad Calories, Taubes Argued That Our Diet S Overemphasis On Certain Kinds Of Carbohydrates Not Fats And Not Simply Excess Calories Has Led Directly To The Obesity Epidemic We Face Today The Result Of Thorough Research, Keen Insight, And Unassailable Common Sense, Good Calories, Bad Calories Immediately Stirred Controversy And Acclaim Among Academics, Journalists, And Writers Alike Michael Pollan Heralded It As A Vitally Important Book, Destined To Change The Way We Think About Food Building Upon This Critical Work In Good Calories, Bad Calories And Presenting Fresh Evidence For His Claim, Taubes Now Revisits The Urgent Question Of What S Making Us Fat And How We Can Change In This Exciting New Book Persuasive, Straightforward, And Practical, Why We Get Fat Makes Taubes S Crucial Argument Newly Accessible To A Wider AudienceTaubes Reveals The Bad Nutritional Science Of The Last Century, None Damaging Or Misguided Than The Calories In, Calories Out Model Of Why We Get Fat, And The Good Science That Has Been Ignored, Especially Regarding Insulin S Regulation Of Our Fat Tissue He Also Answers The Most Persistent Questions Why Are Some People Thin And Others Fat What Roles Do Exercise And Genetics Play In Our Weight What Foods Should We Eat, And What Foods Should We Avoid Packed With Essential Information And Concluding With An Easy To Follow Diet, Why We Get Fat Is An Invaluable Key In Our Understanding Of An International Epidemic And A Guide To What Each Of Us Can Do About It

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    Reading this book completely changed the way I look at food and nutrition I deliberately held off from writing a review until I had followed Taubes recommended regime and food intake for some time Having started the book almost a year ago, my husband and I began eating in a whole new way and it took nearly a month for us to lose our lust for carbs and get used to our new lifestyle Th

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    I didn t realize this when I started it though I probably should have , but this book is a 272 page advertisement for low carb diets My main criticism is that Taubes comes across as condescending He s so convinced himself that low carb diets are the best that he s unwilling, and in fact does not, consider compelling counterarguments against that contention The first half of the book criticizes

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    I was attracted to this book, because it contains some interesting ideas, like we don t get fat because we overeat we overeat because we get fat There may be some truth to this concept, and for me, it was the highlight of the book.After that, though, the book goes downhill Like a lead weight Basically, Taubes recommends a diet very similar to the Atkins diet meat, fat, and some green leafy vegetables Ye

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    I want start this one with a disclaimer I really know virtually nothing about human dietary requirements and anyone that takes advice from me on this subject is a fool Also, the depth of my ignorance is such that this guy who knows infinitely than I probably ever will on this subject could make me believe that a diet rich in horse droppings would make me taller All the same, and with my general ignorance present

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    First Line In 1934, a young German pediatrician named Hilde Bruch moved to America, settled in New York City, and was startled, as she later wrote, by the number of fat children she saw really fat ones, not only in clinics, but on the streets and subways, and in schools Taubes takes everything that I have spent the last several years learning about weight loss, fat gain, diabetes, and eating and turns it on its head I am n

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    Gary Taubes, the author of Why We Get Fat And What to Do About It, wrote a moderately lengthy article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine on April 17, 2011, with the title Is Sugar Toxic The evidence seems to be accumulating steadily that the amount of sugar that the average American consumes is profoundly unhealthy, and the article does a very good job explaining why.I m not sure if that article covers the same grounds as this

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    Gary Taubes shares his knowledge of not what only makes us fat, but what also keeps some people leaner than others He emphasized how weight isn t only an overeating problem It can also be caused by genetics, hormones and much We need to be careful of the assumptions that we make, because many people that are obese especially are because of one of these health issues.This book was an eye opener to me and broke down all the assumptions that I

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    Yeah I know New Directions didn t put this one out, it s not the fancy German dead white male lit I tend to like, but it does an admirable job of weaving than a century of medical literature some of it German into a convincing argument that s at times stunning I said wow aloud once or twice and even heart breaking on a grand scale for example, all those low fat foods you see in the supermarket have extra carbs to replace reduced fats, so people buy lo

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    Although I am inclined to agree with Taube that low calorie diets and exercise do not lead to weightloss, based on personal experience as well as some new research, I find his argument for a primarily meat based diet unconvincing The primary weakness of the work is the lack of any scientific evidence to support his conclusions, but it also suffers from severe bias He carefully presents only that data which will support his claims, and ignores reams of contradict

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    My son saw me reading this book and said, Put the book down and go outside Tough love but a smart son.Some interesting ideas but I believe this journalist chose to ignore many important studies arguing against such a drastic dietary change I get itcut some of the crappy carbswe all agree But adding the copious amounts of high fat meats and cheeses makes no sense to this coronary student For an alternate look that is backed up by literally hundreds of studies, read Prevent

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