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This is a book with far reaching implicationsand that is an understatement Painstakingly researched and documented with endless photographs many of which i had never seen and diagrams, this is a textbook education It s a 40 hardcover but luckily my library had it in the Business and Technology section Absolutely a World Changing Book It s been 10 years since we were sucker punched by those in power The 9 11 Truth movement has been fully infiltrated, divided, undermined and neutralized Since this book convincingly refutes the explosives theory of collapse it has not been embraced by those who should be the most receptive In fact, the author despite impeccable credentials and a lifetime of applicable experience has been attacked and ostracized for following scientific truth wherever it leads She is working on a second book and I can t wait. Dr Judy Wood is the only person who has successfully filed suit against the U.S government on 9 11 which went to the Supreme Court, who decided not to take up the case As a scientific mind and well qualified doctor, she found and proved in the comprehensive well documented research presented here, that it would be against the laws of physics for various scenarios to have occurred She presents all of the EVIDENCE and discusses each in detail to propose a theory of what actually occurred She doesn t point any fingers she only looks at the evidence.We need as many people as possible to read and digest Dr Wood s comprehensive work. My biggest surprise in reading this book is that after 11 years of my interest in this subject, that there could be one book with so much startling and at the same time completely credible new information I now believe it to be the MOST important book written about the events of that tragic day, and recommend it thoroughly to anyone who is either a student of history, or who wants to be aware of what is really going on in the world The ramifications of the empirical evidence revealed by Dr Judy Wood the ONLY scientist, by the way, to have done a full forensic investigation of the disappearance of the buildings on 911 are life AND world changing. This book does not address any WHO or WHY questions.This book simply asks, WHAT happened on September 11, 2001 Dr Wood argues that neither the official story nor theories of so called 9 11 Truthers such as controlled demolition, thermite, etc can explain what we saw on that day.Before reading this book I, finding the official story hard to believe, had been persuaded that some sort of controlled demolition took down the Twin Towers Now I believe this theory to also be implausible In my estimation this is the definitive book on the subject, raising questions that must be addressed before going any further. This Book Is A Forensic Analysis Of What Effectively Is A Crime Scene Ground Zero And The Surrounding Areas Were Photographed Countless Thousands Of Times, Yet No One Really Assessed All Of The Phenomena Found In These Photographs What Is Presented In This Book Is Not A Theory And It Is Not Speculation It Is Evidence It Is The Body Of Empirical Evidence That Must Be Explained In Order To Determine What Happened At Ground ZeroAnyone Declaring Who Did What Or How They Did It Before They Have Determined What Was Done Is Merely Promoting Either Speculation Or Propaganda The Popular Chant, Was An Inside Job, Is, Scientifically Speaking, No Different From The Chant ThatBad Guys With Box Cutters Did It Neither One Is The Result Of A Scientific Investigation Supported By Evidence That Would Be Admissible In Court Neither Identifies What Crime Was Committed Or How It Was CommittedThe Order Of Crime Solving Is To Determine WHAT Happened, Then HOW It Happened Eg What Weapon , Then WHO Did It And Only Then Can We Address WHY They Did It Ie MotiveLet Us Remember What Is Required To Legally Convict Someone Of A Crime You Cannot Convict Someone Of A Crime Based On Belief You Cannot Convict Someone Of A Crime If You Don T Even Know What Crime To Charge Them With If You Accuse Someone Of Murder Using A Gun, You D Better Be Sure The Body Has A Bullet Hole In It Yet, Before Noon On , We Were Told Who Did It, How They Did It, And Why They Did It They Hate Us For Our Freedoms Before Any Investigation Had Been Conducted To Determine What Had Even Been DoneMany People Have Speculated As To Who Committed The Crimes Of And Or How They Did So But Without Addressing What Happened, Speculation Of This Kind Is Nothing Than Conspiracy Theory My Research Is Not Speculation It Is A Forensic Investigation Of What Happened To The WTC Complex On Most people, even people that read good books, refuse to consider anything but the official story that fire and aluminum planes brought down two of the strongest buildings in the world They won t even consider the event from a purely scientific aspect it s just too much for them Let them take comfort in their cozy notion that the bad guys are always on the other side This book presents a great deal of very compelling circumstantial, and otherconcise scientific evidence that disproves the prevailing explosives collapse theory The catch is that Dr Wood concludes that the various destructive phenomenon of the materials at the WTC site have never been seen before She thinks that they re the result of a new weapon that harnesses and perfects certain theories first explored by Nikola Tesla, involving existing energy fields The DOD has been developing direct energy weapons DEW for several decades, and Rumsfeld and Gen Myers were even asked about their use in the post 9 11 war on Iraq, by an NBC reporter They nervously evaded the question Needless to say, Dr Wood s theory leaves her vulnerable to ridicule about space beams Well, ridicule is the mother s milk of politics and her detractors can t reasonably negate her theories with science, so they turn to political smear tactics Even the people who tried to negate the explosives collapse theory failed The author and editor Eric Larsen, who wrote the foreword, calls the book the most important of the 21st century, and broadly speaking, I d have to agree. This book is beyond bizarre and beyond interesting.I must say that half of what the author says I don t agree with.There were fires in both of the towers there were eyewitnesses that saw them Although the extent of the fires is unknown.There were missiles or airplanes or something that hit the tower there were about 1000 witnesses on the ground that saw this and they can t all be CIA plants It is interesting that the author spends very little time talking about either of these 2 points.However, the second half of what the author says I totally agree with and she puts forward an absolutely devastating case for that.In another book I have read on this subject, From Landfill to Hallowed Ground by Frank Marra, which is pretty much an establishment book, he raises the point of what happened to all the telephones in the building Let me quote from that book The victims who have yet to be found will be spoken about in the same conversations about where all the furniture, computers, telephones, and filing cabinets were Most of these items were just pulverized or vaporized I know how hard that has to be for someone to accept but I feel that all these years later it is the best explanation On assignment at the Landfill for the six months, I never personally observed any mounds of office furniture or computers or filing cabinets I would think that two buildings, 110 stories each, would produce some of these items, but from what I remember maybe a sifter would find a telephone keypad I don t recallthan that The above book is pretty much an establishment book and yet the author brings up these points.The powers that be, of course, have never really answered these questions. I held off on getting into the 911 Conspiracy mire until this book It is like a text book, has lots of graphs and pictures of Ground Zero It makes a very scientific case that fire was NOT the cause of the collapse of three buildings and partial destruction of several adjacent buildings but that some other mechanism was at work.Bottom line it makes the case that the buildings were essentially disintigrated from the top down Sounds crazy, and there is no known device to point to that could do thisbut that does not change the fact that the a fire melted some i beams and the towers fell down theory is completely rediculous.If not for the science, or the theory, buy the book for the many, many color pictures, graphs and descriptions of what happened that day It really will increase your knowledge of what happened on 911. Fantastic reading Lots of insight This is a book that takes you to a deeper understanding of the truths behind that shattering day that has marked history forever Very different spin and theories that help you dig for yourself Very thought provoking Took month to get thru, but was worth the read. Absolutely mind blowing presentation of fact over fiction. Where Did the Towers Go?: The Evidence of Directed Energy Technology on 9/11

About the Author: Judy D. Wood

Dr Judy D Wood is a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials She is a member of the Society for Experimental Mechanics SEM , co founded SEM s Biological Systems and Materials Division, and has served o

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