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When Grandma's False Teeth Fly really cute book helps children understand that they can handle anything if given the chance and myself being a grandma with false teeth i can relate to the story and remember when i first got my falsies and how embarrissing it was until i too learned to laugh about it Thank you Good reads winner of the spanish version i will deffinetly share this story I won this book through Goodreads I love reading children s books and sharing them with children especially when they have a message to share in a fun way When Grandma s False Teeth Fly is a very funny book for young children while introducing an effective way to deal with bullies and other challenges in life Teaching children the art of laughing at yourself is a blessing that will help them throughout all of life This book is also a great conversation starter for families Reading this together as a family with preschool through middle school children will be a great way to foster discussions on coping with uncomfortable situations in life Thank you for this great relevant funny book Katie Is Not A Little Girl Any She Is Six Years Old But Some Mean Girls At School Still Tease Her About Her Chipped Baby Tooth Katie Seeks Advice From Her Grandma, Who Will Tell Her A Hilarious Story That Encourages Her To Use Humor Instead Of Anger Or Sadness To Solve Her Problems Join Katie And Grandma For A Touching, Funny, And Inspiring Story About When Grandma S False Teeth Fly I won this book through First Reads This delightful little story is about a little girl named Katie who confides in her grandma that a couple of girls at school had teased her about her chipped baby s tooth Grandma confides in her that once, when Katie s dad and uncle were very young, they got into a bit of mischief in public As Grandma tried calling out to them to stop them from whatever they were up to, her dentures fell out An uncomfortable position to be in for everyone involved, Grandma decided to laugh it off Soon, everyone laughed with her and everything turned out fine Katie liked the way her grandma approached the situation and decided that next time someone pointed out her chipped baby s tooth, she d make light of the situation by saying, I had a fight with the coffee table It won And I ll laugh and laugh and laugh I loved the close and loving bond Katie has with her grandma It reminds me of the bond I share with my mom And I enjoyed how grandma s sharing of her own experiences help Katie cope with her problem The drawings are beautiful and colorful, and the book came with its own bookmark A very nice story for all. I received this book as a GoodReads 1st Reads I was so excited I thought the graphics were fun and unique It was very short, perfect for part of the bedtime selections However, when I read to my niece I wanted an accurate feel it was difficult to read aloud, the rhythm was simply off, and very difficult to read out loud The story had potential of being really cute and my niece really enjoyed the pictures But for whatever reason the story just dropped off, there was room for of a conclusion and lesson, and then nothing It was bizarre, even my 3 year old niece asked where the rest of it was I m sad to give the book such a low rating I really wanted to love it. This award winning book arrived in the mail today and my daughter asked if she could open it and read it to me Of course I said yes and she did a beautiful job This story is told from the perspective of six year old Katie and is about how her Grandma comforts her and gives her good advice on how to deal with people who made fun of her My eight year old said it was a good story and she enjoyed where Grandma s teeth ended up after they flew She did mention, however, that it was probably better for younger kids I would have to agree and say this book would be great for children five to eight. I want to thank Mary Lee and Goodreads First Reads for When Grandma s False Teeth Fly.Grandma tells here six year old granddaughter about when her false teeth wen flying out of her mouth at a church social to help her to deal with children at school The children are teasing her about a chipped tooth and she feels bad Grandma gives her a way to deal with the unkind children and she learns to solve her problem The lesson is good and the reading level is early elementary school age children. My daughter and I really enjoyed the pictures in this book The pictures were cute, simple and humorous The length of the book was suitably age appropriate The writing itself had a great message to it but lacked depth There were also a few unnecessary details in the beginning of the book that detracted from the story But, the humor in this book certainly made it memorable Overall this was a very cute children s book that taught a sweet lesson. Thank You Goodreads for the chance to read this book It is a very cute book to read You can just picture Grandma s teeth flying out of her mouth Grandma wanting to die, but she made the best of it Update 12 21 2013 Well, my grandson, age almost 3, didn t quite get it on the first read D He was, however, very interested in the pictures of the school bus and the children When I was done reading, he took the book and browsed through the pictures while narrating to himself He has not seen false teeth so when he saw the teeth flying he said What s that LOL, the look on his face clearly expressed perplex, as did the fact they landed in the chocolate pudding of which he is very fond For some reason he kept coming back to the teacherwe ll have to come back to see what that s about All in all, I think it was a resounding success This is a book we will come back to for years I believe each time will bring better understanding, questions, and further discussion What can you ask for This story will also prepare him for when I am wearing the old false teeth I received this book from the author through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway It s a cute, humorous story with a subtle lesson for children Without sounding like a lecture or being a pity party, it offers a simple way to try to turn a negative into a positive Both lecture pity are things my daughter could not get away from fast enough The story the Grandmother tells includes herself and other relatives I think this probably allows the child to be at ease and open to the humor, leaving her to realize how it might help her with the mean girls the next day This book is a very good start in helping kids to understand that navigating through this issue in positive ways leaves everyone happier and laughing hopefully often than crying or anger I hope that this is a lesson parents will teach throughout their child s formative years The tough stuff starts in Middle School good luck I m going to read this to my grandson 3 , and his friend 4 I think they will laugh so hard about the flying teeth The subtle lesson will be quietly planted and waiting for reinforcement as they grow older I will do my best to prepare them.Thank you Mary Lee.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the When Grandma's False Teeth Fly book, this is one of the most wanted Mary Lee author readers around the world.

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