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What the Buddha Taught This Indispensable Volume Is A Lucid And Faithful Account Of The Buddha S Teachings For Years, Says The Journal Of The Buddhist Society, The Newcomer To Buddhism Has Lacked A Simple And Reliable Introduction To The Complexities Of The Subject Dr Rahula S What The Buddha Taught Fills The Need As Only Could Be Done By One Having A Firm Grasp Of The Vast Material To Be Sifted It Is A Model Of What A Book Should Be That Is Addressed First Of All To The Educated And Intelligent Reader Authoritative And Clear, Logical And Sober, This Study Is As Comprehensive As It Is Masterly This Edition Contains A Selection Of Illustrative Texts From The Suttas And The Dhammapada Specially Translated By The Author , Sixteen Illustrations, And A Bibliography, Glossary And Index

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    As strange as it may sound, many of the books I ve read on Buddhism do not actually pay much attention to Siddhartha the Gautama Buddha himself Normally the prose is driven by explanations of the concepts behind the philosophy rather than delving into its origins I ve often relied on internet searches to supplement my readings So this book begins with the beginning, and expands

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    Invitation Complications orWho is the Best Spokesperson for a Religion Who can write about a religion best An insider or an outsider Obviously it takes a lifetime s learning to understand the religion, just to get a feel for it It might even need a lifetime s practice , and it could very well be that the first innocent impulses can only be absorbed at a very young age like a

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    Everyone should read this at least once if they re even remotely interested in Buddhism The first few chapters contain a straightforward introduction to Buddhism that s neither preachy nor touchy feely While it s not exactly straight from the horse s mouth because Buddha s teachings are still coming through a translator, I felt the principles of the book were as raw as one could get it

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    This book, assigned for a class entitled Introduction to Eastern Religions at Grinnell College, was influential, along with Coomaraswamy s Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism, in first shaping my sense of what that religion was all about Maintaining, as I recall, that the oldest Pali texts and the Theravada tradition were, if anything, practical and antimetaphysical as opposed, say, to later

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    This is the only worthwhile book on Buddhism I ve come across Other books I ve read wallow in touchy feely mumbo jumbo Rahula is straight forward, treating Buddhism not as witchcraft or God s thoughts, but as the best devised way of proceeding through this veil He lays Buddhism out clearly simply, making a sober cogent argument for what it has to offer.

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    Quy n n y m nh c b n g c ti ng Anh What the Buddha taught r i quay sang c b n d ch ti ng Vi t c a s c Th ch N Tr H i Review d i t m t t n i dung c l t m th i cho v o k ho ch m i n m l n th nh t, c n gi th m nh ch mu n n i l n u ai quan t m n c t t y c a t t ng Ph t h c th c l n n b t u v i quy n n y ho c Ph t h c tinh hoa c a Nguy n Duy C n Kh ng ph i t nhi n m c C n g n nh d ch to n b ch ng m t c a c

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    Finished Reading What the Buddha Taught Original English Version I read the Chinese version of Ven Walpola Rahula s What the Buddha Taught for several times I have to say the translation is just perfect, by a Taiwan based Chinese Buddhist scholar, Mr Gu Fa Yan Today I just finished reading the book in its original English version for the first time Nothing is like the original I don t know in this case, c

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    I wish I had read this book several years ago, when my interest in Buddhism was reignited and I began to study it seriously While I have read a few good books and resources that outlined Buddhist practice and belief, none have encompassed quite so much in such a tight and direct manner I think also that this book could have corrected some confusion and misunderstandings that took a while for me to get through It

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About the Author: Walpola Rahula

Walpola Rahula 1907 1997 was a Buddhist monk, scholar and writer He is one of the Sri Lankan intellectuals of the 20th century In 1964, he became the Professor of History and Religions at Northwestern University, thus becoming the first bhikkhu to hold a professorial chair in the Western world He also once held the position of Vice Chancellor at the then Vidyodaya University currently known