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We're Going on a Bear Hunt Come Along On A Bear Hunt In This Award Winning Classic From Michael Rosen And Helen Oxenbury We Re Going On A Bear Hunt We Re Going To Catch A Big One Will You Come Too For Than Twenty Five Years Readers Have Been Swishy Swashing And Splash Sploshing Through This Award Winning Favorite Join In The Fun

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    We re going on a bear hunt.We re going to catch a big one.What a beautiful day We re not scared Bear Hunt, beautifully illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, is the British children s book author Rosen s most popular book, this Vietnamese edition one of the than, now fifteen dual

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    A Scathing Review of We re Going on a Bear Hunt, aka The Children s Guide to Passive Suicide Before we go any further, a little context are plenty of children s books about self destructive impulses In The Cat in the Hat, the children are seduced into destroying their entire h

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    We re all going on a bear hunt,Why are we hunting a bear For fur To eat To play marbles with We never find out It keeps me awake at night There was no gun They bought the whole family Maybe the bear is their uncle

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    In this repetitive story, the reader is taken along on a family s hunt for a bear Walking through the grass, traversing a river, and pushing through a snowstorm are only a few of the obstacles they must overcome each with their own sounds in order to make it to the bear s cave Once they reach the cave a

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    This is a perfect mix of rhyme and repetition, with a good measure of suspense thrown in Even better is the ease with which this can be read and performed you can walk around and have fun with it, and this is exactly what we need in my household I used this book as part of my storytime assessment at TAFE Throw on

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    I don t know what I d think of this now, if I were reading it for the first time But my kids and I sure did love it when they were young and younger So fun to read aloud, with all the drama I certainly never got tired of it over several dozens of reads..Just read Bear s Day Out which, as I said there, is not nearly so wond

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    I know this book off by heart due to the amount of times I ve read it to the children at the pre school I work atI wanted to rate it

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    Tips on sharing this as a read aloud with a groupI begin my story times with this chant Hello everybody let s clap our hands, clap our hands, clap our hands Hello everybody, let s clap our hands, clap our hands today begin with clapping hands, slap knees, as many actions as needed to create energy and get everyone together end today with fast

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    My daughter wanted me to sing this book to her and we made quite a song out of it I liked how the obstacles were illustrated in black and white, with the following page in beautiful colours It made the contrast even impactful I also used the story to teach the little one about not thinking through one s decisions obviously going on a bear hunt without

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    We re going on a bear hunt.We re going to catch a big one.What a beautiful day We re not scared A superb read out loud book about a family who decide to embark on a venture to find a bear In the process they encounter and must go through many different surroundings like long wavy grass, a deep cold river, thick oozy mud and many Michael Rosen skilfully repeats

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