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Wayside School is Falling Down Louis Yard Teacher Starts Off Tales Of Unusual Students Comic Sketches Precede Every Chapter Todd Brings A Cute Adorable Plastic Puppy Who Bites Back When Joy Steals It Cafeteria Mrs Mush Serves Mushroom Surprise That Changes Ron When Paul Falls Out The Window, Leslie Offers Her Pigtails To Pull Him Back On Th Floor, Invisible Allison Finds Miss Zarves Class

About the Author: Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar pronounced Sacker , born March 20, 1954, is an American author of children s books.Louis was born in East Meadow, New York, in 1954 When he was nine, he moved to Tustin, California He went to college at the University of California at Berkeley and graduated in 1976, as an economics major The next year, he wrote his first book, Sideways Stories from Wayside School He was working

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    Does anyone else remember that heavenly smell of newsprint in school when you fill out your order form for your book club And your moms neatly signed check in your chubby fist, paper clipped to your book mark sized list ready to turn in batts eyes And the excitement when you see piles and piles of books rubber banded together knowing your about t

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    If only all schools could be as much fun as this one One of my favorite children s books.

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    This was the first book I ever bought at a school book fair and it will remain one of my favorites I recently decided to read one chapter of it each night to my 6 year old son I loved the sounds of his giggles and howling laughter as I read the stories that made me laugh so hard I couldn t breathe as a child I was afraid that he wouldn t love the stories as much a

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    This was one of my favorite books in elementary, and it stands the test of the re read Such an adorable collection of stories that took me right back to my childhood I wasn t as familiar with the characters as I used to be, but that s not much of a surprise Before, I would have been able to offer a brief character synopsis as well as the name of the love interest of any ch

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    I read this book because my 2nd grader liked it so much and recommended it to me He normally will tell me about books he s read, but since this was the first one he wanted me to read, I thought I d give it a try Plus, I wanted to be able to discuss it knowledgably with him Louis Sachar is a clever writer who, I believe, appeals to all ages His many puns and literal interpretations

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    wayside school is currently full of cows

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    I just finished reading this with my daughters the other day We ll begin our review in a moment But may I say, DANG These books hold up I loved them as a kid, but I m pulling so much out of them now as an adult specifically, as a teacher and a parent.My favorite stories were Freedom and the 19 chapters In Freedom, Myron realizes what many of us have at various points that school is essentially a pr

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    Extremely clever book My son wanted to read it badly Thank you, Mr Sachar.I noticed Glee used one of the same jokes I watching the show Season three, Episode two and heard the joke, What is the capitol of Ohio O Then later that same day I read the same joke in the book which is at least twenty years older than the TV show, of course LOLAnyway, definitely recommend this, but it is second in the series, so rea

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    So, I remember LOVING this as a kid, and listening to it on audio on repeat Rereading it, though, some chapters are just plain ODD.

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    Cleanliness Children s Bad WordsMild Obscenities and Substitutions 7 Incidents stupid, dumb, shut up, darn, ratsName Calling 16 Incidents weirdo, fat as a hippopotamus, head full of oatmeal, birdbrain, dumb jerk, stupid, buzzard face, devil, Mugworm Griblick, Ketchup Head, Muskrat, Milly Mole, Dr Seuss, Garbage Pail, Mr Magoo all used in kids teasing rhymes , weirdosReligious Supernatural 1 Incident A student wears a shirt th

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