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Warpaint This novel provides an interesting view of two aspects of WWII propaganda efforts by the British Set in 1942 the story revolves around three female painters tasked with creating artistic works that would boost morale Another British artist paints black works that are used to demoralize the German people I knew little about these programs and enjoyed reading the book. Warpaint By Alicia Foster Is A Compelling Tale Of Truth And Lies, Tragedy And Black Comedy, Loosely Based On The Lives Of Four Painters Of The TimeEngland,A Dark World Of Conflict, Hardship And Subterfuge Where Information Is A Matter Of Life And Death And Art Has Become A WeaponIn A Gothic Villa Deep In The Woods Near Bletchley Park, The Black Propaganda Team Use Intelligence To Make Propaganda Designed To Demoralise The Enemy For Vivienne Thayer, Employed As An Artist At The Villa, The War Has Worked Out Well So Far, She Has An Indulgent Husband And A New Lover And While The Government Quibbles Over What Cannot Be Shown Officially, At The Villa There Are No Such Restrictions But Where Does The Subterfuge End Meanwhile, On The Home Front, Three Women Painters Laura Knight, Faith Farr And Cecily Browne Have Been Tasked By The War Artist S Advisory Committee With Recording Wartime Life, Brightening The Existence Of A Public Starved Of Culture, And Summoning Up The Bulldog Spirit In Their Art Together They Must Battle With The Men In Power, Including Churchill Himself, To Control The Stories That Can Be ToldAs The Course Of The War Turns And The Lives Of Both Groups Collide, Each Woman Must Ask Herself What Can Be Revealed And What Must Be Concealed, Even From Those Closest To Them A new perspectiveA yarn about art and war with a new slant If you want to knowabout the history of these women and their activities read another book Good on character short on plot until near the end Recommend imperial war museum web site where you can see many of the paintings which the author so clearly describes. A great read. Amidst a backdrop of war, espionage and secrecy, four artists of the time attempt to keep up with the lies shaping their own lives Warpaint is slow to start, the pace only becoming interesting and fluid to me in the latter stages Wedged between momentsmundane as they are, the beginning moments of suspense don t pick up enough steam It s a shame, as they re the parts of the story that provide the most tension and forward movement That said this is, in a sense, appropriate to the setting It s not just the destructive power of a bomb that makes it frightening, but its suddenness of appearance, the way it disrupts a person s sense of peace and normalcy A threat, even when known about, can still surprise and trick you The way that the war, along with their own personal struggles, affects the perceptions and interactions of the characters is very well conveyed I found carrying on through the poorly paced parts worthwhile in the end.Actually, my favourite aspect of the book is how well the voices of the characters shine through the writing, and how thisso than the plentiful descriptions of places and things brings the settingto life Smith is so odious, and he has no idea of this because he has no idea of being otherwise Faith s perspective is borne through her work, and the transformations she undergoes change how and what she draws The main characters each become compelling in their own right, and I genuinely felt for certain people by the end.This insight into the characters is paralleled with insights into the role of art and women in world war two the choice of Warpaint as the title is as multifaceted as the story On several levels, I enjoyed reading this. This book did not really grip me I don t know why it was described as a thriller. Warpaint is a historical fiction book based around the time of WW2, but instead of focusing on the men at war, Warpaint introduces to four women, each a really well written, strong female character Starting at Bletchley Park, we meet Vivienne, a part of Black , a team that uses propaganda to attempt to distract the opposition Embroiled in an affair with a German who is now trying to help the opposition, Vivienne has to try and figure out if all is as it seems at Black s headquarters The other three female characters are soon introduced, three artists who are hired by the WA AC to make uplifting momento s of the wartimes goings on to boost the morale of the country All three of these women live very different lives Laura, an older lady finding her everyday life mundane and wants to tackle somethingchallenging, Cecily, a young woman from a well off family whose fianc is away at war, and Faith, on the run from her husband with his secrets in in fear of him finding her I really enjoyed the fact that I wasn t reading one story, but four, and yet they all came together at the end to bring it back to one story I did find myself preferring one or two of the women s storiesthan the others, and for me this then made the book feel like it was slowed down, and I found myself rushing through some of the chapters as I felt they were long drawn out and I just wanted to find my way back to some of theexciting storylines Throughout the book, not all the characters are fictional, and some of them were actual historical figures, which gave the bookmeaning as you know some of the people were real, or the events really happened, and it gave the book an edge, something to think about I even found myself doing some research on some of the bits and pieces that I read to understand them evenThe mix of fiction and non fiction was done really well and created a very interesting story to read I did enjoy Warpaint, I just felt there were a few slow parts, especially in the middle, that made it slightly hard to read, especially if this isn t the kind of book you would usually go for, but the characters and the ending of the book really made up for it. Worthy, but I just couldn t get into this one Characters didn t grab me, plot didn t grab me, and half way through I realized I had zero interest in finding out what happened So I stopped reading It s rare for me to do that with a book Sorry.

About the Author: Alicia Foster

Alicia Foster grew up in Yorkshire and lives in Kent She has a PhD in Art History and when she s not writing herself, she teaches art students Warpaint is her first novel.

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