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Veronika decide morrer In His Latest International Bestseller, The Celebrated Author Of The Alchemist Addresses The Fundamental Questions Asked By Millions What Am I Doing Here Today And Why Do I Go On Living Twenty Four Year Old Veronika Seems To Have Everything She Could Wish For Youth And Beauty, Pleny Of Attractive Boyfriends, A Fulfilling Job, And A Loving Family Yet Something Is Lacking In Her Life Inside Her Is A Void So Deep That Nothing Could Possibly Ever Fill It So, On The Morning Of November Veronika Decides To Die She Takes A Handful Of Sleeping Pills Expecting Never To Wake UpNaturally Veronika Is Stunned When She Does Wake Up At Villete, A Local Mental Hospital, Where The Staff Informs Her That She Has, In Fact, Partially Succeeded In Achieving Her Goal While The Overdose Didn T Kill Veronika Immediately, The Medication Has Damaged Her Heart So Severely That She Has Only Days To LiveThe Story Follows Veronika Through The Intense Week Of Self Discovery That Ensues To Her Surprise, Veronika Finds Herself Drawn To The Confinement Of Villete And Its Patients, Who, Each In His Or Her Individual Way, Reflect The Heart Of Human Experience In The Heightened State Of Life S Final Moments, Veronika Discovers Things She Has Never Really Allowed Herself To Feel Before Hatred, Fear, Curiosity, Love, And Sexual Awakening She Finds That Every Second Of Her Existence Is A Choice Between Living And Dying, And At The Eleventh Hour Emerges Open To Life Than Ever Before In Veronika Decides To Die, Paulo Coelho Takes The Reader On A Distinctly Modern Quest To Find Meaning In A Culture Overshadowed By Angst, Soulless Routine, And Pervasive Conformity Based On Events In Coelho S Own Life, Veronika Decides To Die Questions The Meaning Of Madness And Celebrates Individuals Who Do Not Fit Into Patterns Society Considers To Be Normal Poignant And Illuminating, It Is A Dazzling Portrait Of A Young Woman At The Crossroads Of Despair And Liberation, And A Poetic, Exuberant Appreciation Of Each Day As A Renewed Opportunity

About the Author: Paulo Coelho

The Brazilian author PAULO COELHO was born in 1947 in the city of Rio de Janeiro Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist In 1986, PAULO COELHO did the pilgrimage to Saint James of Compostella, an experience later to be documented in his book The Pilgrimage In the following year, COELHO published The Alchemist Slow in

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    Pretty, single, 24 year old Veronika decides to die for two reasons, both of them phony one, because she realizes she will one day be old and two, because a lot of things are wrong in this world She then takes a lot of sleeping pills While waiting to di

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    Fantastic read Awesome I could not put the book down Veronika Decides to Die just read the title again.decides to die How many times have you said to yourself, at least I have, Ahh I don t care, I don t really want to live any , without even thinking about the m

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    90 Veronika decide morrer Veronika Decides To Die On the Seventh Day 2 , Paulo CoelhoVeronika Decides to Die Portuguese Veronika Decide Morrer is a novel by Paulo Coelho It tells the story of 24 year old Slovenian Veronika, who appears to have everything in life going fo

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    Veronika is a 24 year old Slovenian woman who one day decides to kill herself, apparently because 1 everything in her life was the same and, once her youth was gone, it would be downhill all the way and 2 everything is wrong with the world and she feels powerless to make things right Afte

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    this shitty, whiny book in a nutshell, which is all it deserves a simple, trite, self indulgent allegory that poorly contemplates the similarities between genius and insanityi think this is the worst passage i ve read so far Vitriol was a toxic substance whose symptoms he had identified in his con

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    At about 50 pages in, it s a little frightening how much I ve identified with Veronika thus far, how much I understand her rationale for wanting to die She can only see one path unfolding for herself, and it s one she can t stomach I get that But unlike Veronika I haven t given up hope that my path may yet

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