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Vengeance (Transcend Time, #1.5) Originally posted Black Lilies Are Deadly.Hmmm Okay, here I go.I was somewhat disappointed in this short story Although I knew it was a bridge between Remembrance and Timeless, I didn t feel it added anything amazingly novel to the story Or maybe I just have to read Timeless to know its importance in the saga.Chelsea In book one, I was kind of feeling bad for her because what her best friend did to her was kind of dirty, fate involved or not, and I was looking forward to seeing things from her PoV But I was very disappointed and even stopped feeling any pity for her in Vengeance Why Because oh my loving goose, she comes off as a shallow and insensitive person I thought this story would show a different, better, side of her and it didn t It only reiterates what I already knew, she s an airhead She makes a lot of comments which leave you thinking what the heck is wrong with this girl Like for example She wore one of those shapeless dresses fat women wear, even though she was so thin that a breeze could knock her over Raises eyebrow Overall, the book isn t that bad It s reads really quickly, towards the end it gets interesting and the writing is okay It s just that I like my characters with a little personality. This was a short but sweet one Vengeance, book 1.5 of the Transcend Time Saga, is a nice development of the storyline It takes place through Chelsea Givens point of view and how she reacts from the betrayal of her best friend Lizzie and ex boyfriend Drew It takes her back to her past through unusual means that will definitely affect her relationships in the present Interesting too see what happens next in book 2, Timeless How Far Would You Go To Get Revenge When Chelsea Givens Discovered That Her Ex Boyfriend Drew Dumped Her To Be With Her Former Best Friend Lizzie, She D Never Felt So Betrayed In Her Life Then Her New Friend Shannon Tells Her She Can Help Set Things Right Chelsea S Willing To Listen, But What Shannon Wants Her To Believe That She Shared A Past Life With Drew Is Impossible And What She Wants Her To Do To Get Him Back Well, It S Downright CrazyCould Shannon Be Telling The Truth And If She Is, What Lengths Will Chelsea Go If It Means Making Lizzie Pay I loved Remembrance so i was obviously going to love Vengeance I can empathise with Chelsea yes, Lizzie and Drew are made for each other but Chelsea feels betrayed it s understandable when she doesn t understand the undying love Lizzie and Drew share but every story needs the jealous ex to stir up some trouble, and Chelsea s perfect for that role can t wait for the next book I read the first one and when I finished the second book was on it s way When it came I was shocked at how short it was but extremely happy Chelsea s side of the story was only that short It was perfectly written to make sure not to bore you. FINAL RATING 4.25 STARS CATCHALL I wish I could give this book a high rating, because I really enjoyed it and honestly had a really good time reading it Unfortunately, it s hard to give a book a good rating when you don t like the heroine at all I honestly tried to understand her, and I do, but that doesn t mean I like her Vengeance was a wonderful bridge book and had a very good and entertaining story, but what I m really looking forward to is Timeless THE HEROINE CHELSEALook, I didn t like her I did think that maybe when I got her point of view I would understand her better, but honestly, I only began to dislike her She thinks she s in love, but love isn t selfish Love is not wanting to be with someone no matter what, whether they want you or not Love is wanting the person you love to be with someone else if that s what makes them happy For example, when I broke up with my ex he was still at that time in love with me but he let me go because he knew I would be happier with someone else If he had fought me, I would have known he didn t really love me. Love is the most unselfish thing in the world It s not insisting on having everything your way I realize she feels hurt and betrayed, but if she actually loved Drew that would be no excuse I do feel like she s been misled and mostly, I just feel sorry for her I do hope that things will work out for her in Timeless And honestly, I wouldn t dislike her so much if she just admitted that she was doing these actions out of revenge Because believe me, if she thinks she s doing them out of love she is sadly disillusioned She s also blind to the big picture and stubbornly sees only what she wants to see THE PLOT The plot of this book was excellent It is beautiful bridge between Remembrance and Timeless It clearly connects the books, and it leaves you wanting.The events in Vengeance were clever and unique There were a few things I didn t like and one thing in particular that bothered me, but for the most part, this book had an excellent plot.Everything fit together so nicely I loved the return of some things, and some things I could see coming but most of it was completely unexpected.Really, the plot was close to perfect THE ROMANCE Honestly, I covered most of this back in the Chelsea section She s not in love Done THE WRITING Michelle s writing just continues to get better and better, and I am almost afraid to see how amazing it will be by the time Timeless comes out Everything is beautiful, and I love the ultramodern details like the mentioning of the CHI straightener It s things like that that make the book so relatable and real I absolutely love that Additionally, aside from hat, Michelle s writing is easy to read and extremely clear i love that about it, and I never feel confused or lost Michelle s writing is beyond gorgeous THE ENDING Talk about a cruel cliffhanger The ending was perfect and brilliant Still, it was a bit cruel Still, it sets the stage perfectly for Timeless, and builds the anticipation It definitely escalates the excitement for its impending release WRAPUP I highly recommend reading Vengeance I know that a lot of people felt they could better relate to Chelsea after this book, and if that s the case for you, that s wonderful I believe it was due to my own personal experiences that I feel so antagonistic towards her Moving on, Timeless is one of my most anticipated books of 2012 I cannot wait for the cover reveal I m extremely excited to read it and hear how this all ends.FINE.Read of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning This review is also available on my blog, QwertyHow do I rate this when I could write the whole plot at the back of a stamp Spoiler alert It wasn t particularly bad I actually enjoyed learning about Chelsea and Shannon But I m quite disappointed to know that Chelsea tried to win Drew back because I look better than Lizzie with her out of control hair or Lizzie always gets the guys or Drew and I are meant to be together Chelsea said she loved Drew, either she is delusional or love in this book series holds a very shallow meaning.I d like to direct the author to this line hereShe wore one of those shapeless dresses fat women wear, even though she was so thin that a breeze could knock her over The line came from Chelsea, which is understandable considering her bitchy persona in this novella, but I don t think it s appropriate to write something potentially offensive like that in a book.I also find that disappointing to find out that Chelsea had this thoughtNow if Shannon got mad at me, she might tell everyone in her group not to be friends with me Blergh Popular girls and their paranoia for tainted reputationsBut the strangest thing about it was that instead of being electric, it was lit by candles Finally, real time transcending happened If Genevieve tried to tell Chelsea s everything through words, I swear I ll flip a table Fortunately, such thing didn t happen But waitwhat I thought it s common sense NO ELECTRICITY EXISTED CENTURIES AGO What is strange about it, Chelsea Oh well, I don t knowthis short story changes everything I knew about Chelsea I used to think she is than this typical airhead, pretty, popular girl at school Like I said before, I thought she is deserving of Lizzie s friendship, not judgmental, confident without a care of the world Getting rejected by Drew shouldn t change what she is 180 degree. Vengeance by Michelle Madow Vengeance is a short story that is the next installment in the Transcended Time Saga.Chelsea had her heart broken by Drew, the guy she loved and her best friend, Lizzie She desperately wanted Drew back but at the same time desired revenge Since she had nothing to lose she made a new friendship with Shannon since Lizzie was her only close friend Shannon s aunt had told her that someone at her school would experience what Chelsea just did The aunt told her to bring that person to her She told Chelsea that she had a past life Chelsea thought she was crazy until she saw some of the images from the past in her head She wasn t sure what to believe especially because of how crazy it sounded Chelsea had to decide whether to believe what the aunt had told her and accept the help she had offered or seek revenge on her own.I devoured this short story in one sitting When I turned the last page, I couldn t believe it was over It left me wanting It was a great story but I hate that it was so short That could be why I don t read short stories very much because they are over too fast Michelle Madow had me enchanted again with her stunning story Her words flowed beautifully on the pages, painting a vivid image of every scene It gave me a feeling of being right there in the story.I liked that she wrote this one in Chelsea s point of view so you could see what she was feeling and how Drew being with Lizzie affected her I enjoy seeing other perspectives and getting to know other important characters on a deeper level I get to know the characters better that way, which also makes them seem real.I loved this short story and will be highly anticipating the next book in the series. MINI REVIEWBeing a relatively short story from Chelsea s Lizzie s best friend point of view, it was fun and interesting to see the story her way I think that the overall plot was well paced and while it was a little mediocre and not over the top exciting, Vengeance was an adequate read that fits between the first and last installment in the Transcend Time series.Aside from the competent plot line, I think that this story was entirely negative Let me explain Chelsea, as mentioned before, is Lizzie s best friend I m not going to spoil anything, but she is extremely angry with Lizzie, and basically, this entire story illustrated Chelsea as an unfaithful best friend, as well as cruel All Chelsea wanted was to get back at Lizzie for what she did It really downplayed Chelsea s character, and made me hate her than I did before However, I think that this was Madow s intention, so it s actually good that I hated her.The story doesn t exactly end on a cliffhanger, but the reader definitely wants to know by the end In my opinion, I think that Vengeance is a completely necessary read, even it s a novella short story It would have been great if it was longer In all, Vengeance was a satisfying read that wasn t too little, but wasn t too much, either.3 Teacups for Vengeance Thanks to Michelle Madow for providing me with a copy to review THIS REVIEW WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED ON A Reading Daydreamer of my reviews, please check out the blog It was quick, fun read It was nice to read the story from Chelsea s perspective Chelsea s jealousy and feeling of betrayal were understandable but I didn t like how she loathes her best friend because of a boy orboys I was sympathetic towards Chelsea at first but how she played out the revenge without thinking about the repercussions was something really foolish of her to do I ll be reading Timeless soon because I m curious to know what happens next

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