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Vampire World I: Blood Brothers This is the first book that I read in English. These books are the best I am reading the series for the second time I have the whole paperback set from 1 13I would recommend these reads to anyone that have a love for Vampire Stories with a lot of Gore Five Thumbs Up Out of the Necroscope Trilogy Blood Brother Books 6, 7, and 8 were by far my favorite. Brian lumley is my favorite vampire author because these are not your typical coffin dwelling vampires or your teenage twilight vamps.These are some hard core mothers of all vampires who are nasty as can get and I loved everyone especially cankor wolf fox, if you love vampires you have to read lumley you won t regret it I didn t. The Bloodwars trilogy are my absolute favorites out of the whole Necroscope series This book takes place in its entirety in Sunside Starside, and follows Nathan Harry s son as he heads East and encounters New Wamphyri and supplicant gypsies The Wamphyri aren t your Anne Rice vampires These Lords and Ladies would tear them to pieces If you like your vamps to scare the heck out of you and you want to know what they make with all those Live and dead victims, then this is the series for you Best Vampires ever Yep, I d recommend this story and author. This is the second of the Necroscope Series I didn t find this as good as the first, but still a lot of fun to read This Vampire World series consists of Blood BrothersThe Last AerieBloodwarsPlot Spoilers Blood BrothersIt is revealed that after the Battle in the Garden Necroscope 3, The Source while recovering from the ravaging of his mind by his son The Dweller, Harry Keogh fathered two sons unknowingly with a Szgany woman Nana Kiklu, in starside sunside This books covers in some part the boys growing up among the Szgany of Lardis Lidesci With the vampires destroyed Necroscope 5, Deadspawn by Harry Keogh and Lady Karen with the help the wolf The Dweller the Szgany have stopped travelling and settled into towns The boys grow up with their mother in the Lidesci town named Settlement with their friends and especially a girl named Misha and Lardis son Jason The boys suffer from dreams and sometimes nightmares of people whispering in their graves and they also talk to three wild wolves who for reasons unknown to them call the boys their uncles.We also learn of a long forgotten part of the world to the far east of the known Starside Sunside Discovered a long time ago by an exiled Wamphyri Lords Turgo Zolte and now home to around 40 Wamphyri Lord and Ladies and similar Szgany tribes al under the command of the Lord Vormulac Unsleep But whereas the Szgany of old Starside fight back against the Wamphyri, the Szgany in Turgosheim have become worn down and supplicant Settling in towns and allowing the many Wamphyri to visit and take as they want, using a tithe system where they are forced to choose or find a certain number of volunteers to be taken and used by the Wamphyri Aggravated and tired of the Turgosheim life and aware that the land in the west is free of vampires a group of six Wamphyri under the command of the Lady Wratha The Risen flee Turgosheim for the west.As they grow older Nathan and Nestors once close relatationship deteriorates due in part because of their affections for Misha While they are fighting over the Szgany girl their unprepared village is attacked by the Wamphyri led by Wratha After the attack Nathan journeys away from Settlement, believing his mother, brother and Misha have been taken by the Wamphyri he ends up alone, weary and destitute and ready to die in the desert His deadspeak thoughts are answered by a dead elder of the underground desert dwellers the telepathic Thyre Wanting to help Nathan the dead Thyre Rogei guides him to a resting place of their ancients where he is found by the guards there.Nestor, also injured in the attack on the village ends up in the hills, his memory damaged due to a head injury and believing he is a Wampnyri Lord Nestor witnessing a duel between two Wamphyri Lords, Vasagi the suck and Wran KIllglance, rivals and part of Wrathas group out of Turgosheim His intervention in the form of a crossbow bolt fired into Vasagi allows the Killglance Brother to win He is then rewarded by Wran for his help with Vasagi s egg and he becomes Wamphyri.Nathan, previously shunned by the dead of the Szgany, is immediately taken in by the Thyre and becomes famous among them, communicating with their dead and making many friends Nathan becomes a conduit for the dead Thyre to talk to and teach the living Thyre, reuniting lost loved ones and telling them of new contraptions and inventions they have designed while dead Learning to use his telepathy while traveling east with the Thyre across their many towns and underground outposts Nathan eventually ends up in Turgosheim.In Turgosheim Nathan finds a supplicant Szgany tribe and is put into the tithe where he is taken to the manse of the Wampnyri Lord Maglore The Mage Intrigued by Nathans intelligence, colours and demeanour Maglore does not vampirise him, instead choosing to keep him around as a companion or pet Nathan spends many months in Maglore s manse learning about Turgosheim and he also meets another untouched human, the female Szgany girl Orlea All the time keeping his powers and mentalism hidden from the Wamphyri Lord Nathan eventually escapes on a flyer and goes back to western sunside and the Szgany Lidesci Where he is reunited with his mother and marries Misha.Upon Nathan s return Nestor senses him and is enraged to find him back Believing in his broken mind that Nathan is an old enemy Nestor attacks Nathan and Misha along with his lieutenant Zahar, injured in the brisk skirmish Nestors flyer crashes near a leper colony but not before Nathan is thrown through the Perchorsk gate by Zahar on Nestors orders.The last AerieSixteen years in the past on Earth Ben Trask along with other members of British E Branch awake to a nightmare and feel compelled to go to their HQ in London, where they find each other waiting Once there they use their combined ESP powers to project a hologram of the nightmare into view.They see a body of a man all burned and blackened by fire spinning in the darkness, suddenly he explodes and disappears into golden shards of light, one of the shards seems to come right out of the image and fly out of the room They realize they have witnessed the death of Harry Keogh in the vampire world Necroscope Deadspawn Back in the present on Earth, Nathan is trapped, stuck inside the entrance of the wormhole gate in Perchorsk in Russia Unsure if Nathan is human or Wamphyri The commander of Perchorsk, Turkur Tzonov, a telepath, contacts British E Branch for help Ben Trask and Ian Goodly agree to go to Perchork as advisors.Once at Perchork, Ben s talent immediately tells him Nathan is human Nathan is moved to a cell in the complex where Turkur begins interrogation, but Nathan stays quiet, only using his telepathy to talk to Ben He realizes that the British knew his father having learned this from reading Turkur s mind , and wants to know so he accepts their help Another Russian telepath Siggi Dam feels sorry for Nathan and allows him to escape He flees into the mountains where he is finally intercepted by a British special forces helicopter and taken to England.Once there he is told about his father and speaks to some of Harry s dead friends E Branch also tell him of the M bius continuum and how Harry could teleport Eager to learn this ability as he already has the numbers in him, Nathan starts to learn mathematics from a tutor but soon surpasses him He then starts taking lessons from members of the dead, in particular Harry s own teacher a dead British headmaster.E branch also shares with Nathan the location of the second gate in Romania which he can use to go home, but Nathan must wait until the river there is at its lowest to get to the entrance, so he spends many months with the British learning about the world and his father.While Nathan and Zek Foener are on a trip to visit the grave of her husband Jazz Simmons, they are attacked by Turkur s men still trying to recapture Nathan Having nowhere to run they are forced to swim in the ocean Meanwhile in England Ian and David Chung know something is happening and turn on a computer in Harry s room in the E branch Headquarters A golden dart flies out of it and disappears It finds Nathan who is still hiding in the ocean and in danger, and strikes him By this blow he instantaneously learns Harry s knowledge of the M bius mathematics and how to transport He teleports both himself and Zek straight back to the E Branch office though the Continuum.While all this has been happening on Earth, back in the vampire world Nestor has ascended as the Wamphyri Lord Nestor Lichloathe, and has discovered the dread power of Necromancy He is also inflicted with leprosy from crashing his flyer into the leper village The Wamphyri of Turgosheim have also been busy as well, been making flyers and fighting beasts to follow Lady Wratha s group across to the west in order to wage war against them.BloodwarsNestor and Nathan Kiklu are twins, united by blood and by a psychic bond inherited from their father, Harry Keogh, the Necroscope Once so close each knew when the other breathed, they have become the bitterest of enemies, divided by the terrible evil of the Wamphyri.Nestor, now a vampire Lord, rules a portion of the great tower known as the Last Aerie, from which he and the beautiful but deadly vampire Lady, Wratha the Risen, hunt the humans once defended by the Necroscope.Nathan, flung through the Gate to Earth, discovers that he shares not only Harry Keogh s ability to talk to the dead but his power to travel effortlessly and instantly through space and time Joining forces with Britain s E Branch, a super secret organization of psychics, Nathan returns to the vampire world to save his people.Nathan desperately seeks a way to redeem his twin, but despite the solace he finds in the arms of his childhood sweetheart, knows his fight with Nestor must end in death and the death of all the vampires Blood both living and undead is spilled as Earthly weapons are brought to bear against the metamorphic alien Wamphyri.The psychic powers of two worlds are united in the titanic final battle that forever changes the vampire planetand Earth Amazing Books, Vampire World I Blood Brothers By Brian Lumley This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Vampire World I Blood Brothers, Essay By Brian Lumley Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is the sixth book in the Necroscope series, and the first book in the blood brothers trilogy The bioengineering imagery of the inner workings of the vampire stack are morbidly fascinating and, at times, stomach churning There is much implied and it makes the imagination scream, and then you just keep wanting to know I thought that it took a bit longer to get in to it, and then it seemed like the end was rushed That s ok though, it was a satisfying book to read. Necroscope Series by Brian LumleyReview by Andy Strutt author of The Afflicted I first discovered this series by receiving Necroscope III The Source as a Christmas present I had never heard of Brian Lumley but I was instantly infatuated with his work as soon as I had read the first few pages Obviously, the first thing I did was go out and find the rest of the Necroscope series.Harry Keogh is a very strange character with morbid supernatural powers that allow him to speak to the dead That is enough to make you want to read the series on its own but it is only the start The Necroscope is the first in the series of a totally unique and fantastical vampire mythology, and definitely my favourite out of all of them His writing his dark and exciting and is not for the faint hearted These are books for true fans of horror and I challenge any new reader to predict what is going to happen next I pride myself on being able to predict the storyline and I was pleasantly surprised, there was no way I could have guessed where the story would lead For me it is impossible to review a single novel in isolation or necessary because I feel that anyone who reads the first will very quickly read the other 14 novels eagerly.Highly recommended and I guarantee these books deserve horror classic status The writing and characterisations are timeless and will be enjoyed by true horror fans for centuries to come. The first two hundred pages of this book are really excruciatingly dull I found them hard to read That s because there s no human focus and no real plot Instead we get a lot of parallel story to other Necroscope book and a lot of dull history It s all in service to setting up the actual story of the book, but that means it isn t the story itself After reading all this, I had to set the book aside for a while, in the hope I d be able to able to enjoy the rest better after a break.And after letting it sit on my shelf for months, I ve decided I m not going back to this I ve tried to read Lumley s Necro books before and had the same problem they re boring Oh well

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Brian Lumley was born near Newcastle In 22 years as a Military Policeman he served in many of the Cold War hotspots, including Berlin, as well as Cyprus in partition days He reached the rank of Sergeant Major before retiring to Devon to write full time, and his work was first published in 1970 The vampire series, Necroscope , has been translated into ten languages and sold over a million