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Until the Mountains Fall (Cities of Refuge, #3) This is my favorite story so far in Cossette s Cities of Refuge series Taking place during the time period of the book of Joshua and Judges when God told Joshua to establish cities of refuge for those who had accidentally killed someone, this novel is a story of the prodigal daughter Rivkah s husband has died and according to Hebrew law, she must marry her husband s brother to continue his name But Malakhi is only 16 and very immature compared to her He has spent their growing up years pestering and taunting her and that is all she can see in him So she and a cousin take off for better times and better places which in turn lands them in a great deal of trouble This is a story of growth, forgiveness, second chances, self sacrifice and never giving up on God s plans for you It captivated me from start to finish Cossette has the ability to bring the time period to life and draw the reader right in to all its sights, sounds, and everyday life Her historical detail paints pictures that leave lasting images in my mind But best of all, her Biblical foundation is always true to God s Word Outstanding Biblical series. Connilyn Cossette in her novel Until the Mountains Fall recreates the world of the Bible with skill and detailed knowledge of the realities of daily life The novel follows Rivkah, a spoiled and headstrong girl, whose father is the head priest in Kedesh, one of the cities of refuge, where the manslayers, could escape the wrath of avengers of blood and live in peace Rivkah is a young widow and according to the rules of levirate marriage, she should marry a younger brother of her deceased husband to preserve his line According to Torah, the first child born from such a marriage would be concerned a child of her dead husband and his rightful heir Rivkah is devastated by the death of her husband and feels she was not given enough time to grief She doesn t like her new betrothed Malakhi, because he bullied her as a child and besides, he is only sixteen, two years younger than her In any case she considers him only a mean, silly boy, that will make her life unbearable She goes to great lengths to break the betrothal, but Malakhi stubbornly refuses to release her Under the fa ade of easy manner and indifference he hides deep feelings for Rivkah He wants to prove to her that he can be a thoughtful, loving husband, but the girl is just as stubborn and refuses to give him a chance Finally, she makes an ill conceived and risky decision to flee and start a life apart from her family on her own terms Of course it all ends in a disaster.I won t give anything away, but the story of Rivkah and Malakhi was heartfelt and engaging It was hard to like Rivkah at the beginning, because she was acting very childish, but she was grieving and it didn t seem right that she was forced into betrothal only a month after her husband s death Most of all I enjoyed the setting of the story around 1380 BC in the ancient cities of refuge The author weaves the story with ease, emotions of the characters feel real, although I didn t like some of their behaviour and choices The only weaker part in my opinion was the fighting scene I got the impression the author didn t enjoy writing about fighting men and she wanted to be done with that as fast as possible It could be so much dramatic and engaging, but it was strangely flat I also would like to read about the secondary characters, they were interesting, but I felt that there were not enough scenes with them Anyway, Rivkah and Malakhi were a lovely pair and they deserved the HEA after all they went through I recommend this novel for fans of Christian historical fiction, especially Biblical fiction The period showed in the book follows the death of Joshua and appears in the Bible before the Judges I received Until the Mountains Fall from the publisher via NetGalley I would like to thank the author and the publisher for providing me with the advance reader copy of the book. Sometimes we can get lost in ideologies and philosophies or some misplaced conviction.What we fail to notice is that there s something deeper leading us there We d usually point out desire or temptation, but what about grief And, in truth, can it just be a deep aching thirst we are trying to quench Until the Mountains Fall is Connilyn Cossette s story of a prodigal daughter She honest when portraying anger and selfishness leading Rivkah s decision, to the point that we wonder how much does she love her father But Conni also portrays very well the blindness we don t notice that guide our actions This darkness we don t know how to handle.Rivkah is sobered soon enough, as we find out five years later her misdeeds The guilt of not being able to undo a list of many things has her on her knees We find a Rivkah who has been humbled but is still desperate inside because prison has become her reality How can she find the strength to go against the system, how can she hold on to hope as she has abandoned the Author of life and faith Malakhi has loved Rivkha forever, but he never imagined his dream of marrying her would come at the cost of his dear brother s death But when she betrays him, he decides to occupy his mind wit preparation for war But, five years later, we find the mischievous Malakhi broody and given into the limitations of a war wound It seems as if Yahweh is taking everything from him, not to mention leaving him with a family who only pastures him to get married.When Malakhi and Rivkah s path crosses once again, they barely recognize each other s soul, and the what ifs, if patience had been nurtured during difficult times, are dangled between them.I was wary about how Connilyn would open up Rivkah s heart towards Malakhi, and how his offering of forgiveness would be played out But I m glad to say it was organically done To the point of tears.If you ve read the Cities of Refuge series, then you know forgiveness is sometimes an unmentioned but always an important theme And here, in Until the Mountains Fall, we have the perfect portrait of a love that s unending in pursuit, yet not naive Grounded in the depths of knowledge of who the giver is are and who there loved ones were made to be.I can t wait for Tirzah s book I received an ARC from the publisher This is my honest review. Spectacular This third novel of the Cities of Refuge Series pulled me in from the beginning and kept hold of my heart and interest to the very end.Rivkah didn t realize how good her life was until she left it behind She is a talented scribe for her father in Kedesh and chooses to flee for a better opportunity.I loved so many characters and what a delight to reconnect with characters from earlier novels Connilyn has set the bar very high with Until the Mountains Fall It was well written, engaging and based on Biblical and historical facts My gratitude to publisher Bethany House for a complimentary copy of the novel I was not required to post a review and all opinions expressed are my own. Until the Mountains Fall is a beautiful addition to the Cities of Refuge series The setting, characters, and story are so fully realized that I was hard pressed to put the book down Rivkah is not the easiest character to love, however, her growth throughout the story is a thing of beauty Nursing some deep hurts, she makes a selfish decision that ultimately alters the very course of her life Time passes, and we see her again, a much careful and guilt laden woman.Malakhi has loved Rivkah for years but determined to set aside his feelings for her once she was betrothed to his brother After his brother s death, he is to marry her Both ecstatic and guilty over this, he determines to win her over Years later, he s been abandoned, and has thrown himself into pursuits of war and fighting Their meeting after some time has passed is fraught with tension and realistic emotions for both characters It s an appropriate amount of feeling that accurately brings across the conflict and hurt they experience It s messy, complicated, and oh so compelling I just adored their growth as people and the tremendous journey that they undergo.The story of the prodigal son definitely comes to mind, though in this case, it is Rivkah, the prodigal daughter I was moved to tears by certain scenes in this novel this story of forgiveness is beautiful and one I won t soon forget I was enthralled by the details of the settings history is truly brought to life Compelling characters and a heart tugging story makes Until the Mountains Fall one of my favorite books of 2019 While this novel could be enjoyed as a standalone, I would recommend starting at the beginning of the series, as books one and two are wonderful stories as well Plus, it s fun to see characters that you ve met in the previous books.I received an advanced copy of this novel from the publisher This review is my honest opinion. Every day I stand here on the roof before I pray and just watch the road, imagining she will appearConnilyn Cossette has written a powerful re telling of The Prodigal Son Until the Mountains Fall powerfully balances tension and humor in such an eloquent way completed by its cast of fallible, relatable characters As I read along, I fell deeper and deeper emotionally and spiritually in to the story, feeling apprehensive when Rivkah was in rebellion and grieving the choices she had made That same grief was only compounded when Rivkah assumed that she could never return home, especially to her betrothed.This story brought to mind how much I love my own children and how many times I have told them there is nothing they could ever do that would sever my love or close my arms to them Poor Rivkah was cut to the core with self incriminations that literally robbed five years of her life, causing deep rivulets of pain to her father and family Remarkably, he never gave up hoping and trusting that one day they would be reunited If you have a prodigal, I encourage you to maintain that same level of hope God can fully restore them to their faith and bring them home I didn t think Cossette could top the second book in this series, Shelter of the Most High, but in my opinion, she did The steady adventure and rich story line evoked complex emotions so much so that I came away affected than before Until the Mountains Fall, never stop praying I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher All opinions in this review are my own. Recently Widowed, Rivkah Refuses To Submit To The Torah Law Compelling Her To Marry Her Husband S Brother And Instead Flees Kedesh, Hoping To Use Her Talents As A Scribe To Support Herself Without The Protections Of Her Father, Kedesh S Head Priest, And The Safety Of The City Of Refuge, Rivkah Soon Discovers That The Cost Of Recklessness Is Her Own FreedomMalakhi Has Secretly Loved Rivkah For Years, But He Never Imagined His Older Brother S Death Would Mean Wedding Her Himself After Her Disappearance, He Throws Himself Into The Ongoing Fight Against The Canaanites Instead Of Dwelling On All He Has Lost But With Impending War Looming Over Israel, Rivkah S Father Comes To Malakhi With An Impossible RequestAs The Enemies That Rivkah And Malakhi Face From Without And Within Israel Grow Threatening Each Day, Is It Too Late For The Restoration Their Wounded Souls Seek Until the Mountains Fall was a bittersweet continuation to the CITIES OF REFUGE series by Connilyn Cossette I think it s my favorite book of the series It was exciting to travel back to these Biblical times and reunite with characters from previous books Moriyah, Sofea, and so on It s so interesting to glimpse what the Israelites lives might have looked like as Joshua led them to settle in the Promised Land.Rivkah was a different kind of character Living in a city of refuge and betrothed to the son of an accidental killer, she is straining against the things that she feels hold her back I found this whole storyline to be unique from many books with just a little twist in how everything turns out Rivkah isn t a perfect characters and she certainly isn t always right Watching her path to redemption was compelling.Malakhi definitely had some character growth throughout the course of the book, too, and that was great I really enjoyed these characters and the different dynamics of the story While this story is set in the Old Testament it also is based on a parable from the New Testament Which was really neat and heartfelt.There were some emotional moments especially the one at the end for one of our dear characters Overall, an exciting read Though I felt like the first two books in the serious were a little too heavily focused on romance attraction, this one was better in my personal opinion And I look forward to reading Like Flames in the Night I received a complimentary copy of Until the Mountains Falls from the author publisher This review is honest and all my own. Rivkah, the daughter of the priest in Kedesh, has witnessed many years of pain and frustration the death of her mother, which nobody understands, her marriage to a man she barely knows and then his death and now levirate marriage to his brother a boy that has tormented and teased her since childhood.When life feels as if it is too much and that everything is out of control, Rivkah decides to leave it all behind and start fresh Through her journey away from her hometown, however, Rivkah falls deeper and deeper into a pit of guilt and imagination one that leads to believe that she cannot be saved, loved, or forgiven You know those conversations you have in your mind where you construct the comments of your loved ones That is the reality of Rivkah, every day for five years.On the other side of the story is Malakhi a man who plays two characters in this book In the beginning he is lighthearted yet confident He is a man who knows what he wants and is determined to do everything he can to get it He is a man of his word, loyal, and faithful to the end Yet in the wake of Rivkah s desertion, he becomes ruined The pain of her betrayal leads him to be callous and resentful, unwilling to move past this painful chapter in his life Only a few understand the depth of his pain as linked to his deep love for Rivkah And so after five years of waiting, in order to honour Rivkah s father, he goes and searches for her.I could not put this book down I think this is mostly because this book is so unexpected I have heard this word travelling around a lot in my life lately and it is SO true in this situation I had no idea what would happen next With each page turn I assumed something would happen, and then something completely different would And I must say, it was an extremely unexpected, but lovely, surprise.Rivkah reminded me a lot of myself I know that almost everyone has gone through a similar time of walking away and doing things they shouldn t have and then learning about God s grace and coming home but it was in the way Rivkah internalised it that I saw the similarities She held on to the pain and almost let it define her using it to remind her of her place and how she felt like she almost deserved to be there because how could she come home It was in this that Connilyn was so true to real life, not giving in to the fantasies of fiction There were some people in this book who struggled to forgive Rivkah in this way it was honest We can t always expect everyone to love us and move on When we cause pain, sometimes the consequences are out of our hands But it is through characters such as Malakhi and her father Amitai that we realise that grace is possible Hope is possible And that sometimes, we need to stop allowing our past and our mistakes to define who we are in the present and the future It is God who defines us and who has the power to wash away our sins.One moment that really stuck out to me was Rivkah s relationship to God throughout this process She did not abandon His ways, though she abandoned Him Over time she believed the lie that He could not forgive her, but in such a way that she was almost too afraid to approach Him because it meant vocalising the mistakes she had made It meant confronting her past In many ways, this resonated with me Through everything I have done, I feel liked I stick to God s ways because I know His ways are best, but that doesn t mean I have the confidence to turn to Him and speak Just as Rivkah, I have been too afraid.This book was beautiful and I guarantee that you will not be able to put it down The story is thrilling and it ties together storylines from the whole series Reparations are made in lifelong rifts and closure is found I would highly recommending venturing through Kedesh, Laish, and Edrei with Rivkah and Malakhi.Review from Received an eARC and finished paperback copy from the author for review.This was just wowfinished this book about 20 mins agotaking time to gather my thoughts I m debating between a 4 or 4.5 rating I m partial to the first two books I did love Malakhi and Rivkah They had amazing personalities All the characters were amazing That epilogue KILLED me Full review to come shortly 6 24 19Took two days and I ve come to the conclusion that this is a 4 star read for me I love Conni s writing and how she is able to pull me into the story as a whole and keep me invested in the characters I m giving this a 4 star rating because I couldn t fully connect with Malakhi and Rivkah like I did the previous characters in books one and two I did enjoy both Malakhi and Rivkah though I think if they had interaction in the sequel I would be able to love the book.Rivkah is a sassy and stubborn girl She was two years older than Malakhi, just lost her husband of four months and now is betrothed to the younger brother She s very adamant about her feelings towards Malakhi and harsh She seeks to do things her way and not anyone else I loved her comical and sarcastic remarks She struggled with a lot of emotions and wounds from the time her mother died Seeing her grow from this selfish person into a loving wife was amazing.Malakhi is a mischievous boy but also the most handsome guy in Kedesh He is betrothed to his brothers wife, but he s always had feelings for her I loved Malakhi and how pure his heart was He was hardworking, caring, had a big heart and was kind His strength was amazing Seeing him mature and become a man was absolutely beautiful I loved everything about him.The romance was amazing Reminded me of a second chance romance Though the two were being married due to levitical law, they also seemed to both have feelings for one another Seeing them become true lovers after years of Malakhi bullying Rivkah was amazing The truth behind Malakhi bullying broke my heart because his intentions were pure though done wrong Their love was just amazing Moriyah and Darek are the best couple ever to me I loved them though they had few parts Just seeing them love each other and raise their family from book one to now makes my heart jump with joy Eitan and Sofea are soooo adorable with their kids I loved them and how Eitan tried to help Malakhi I adored Abra, Channa and Tirzah Just all amazing Baz still cracks me up Amitai, Rivkah s father and the priest in Kedesh, was annoying at first because I thought he was flashy and like the pharisees However, I ended up loving him so much for his unending love he showed Rivkah A great father Amit was stinking adorable He made me heart so happy I need of him alone lol.Raviv was a surprise for me I always disliked him from books one and two, but this book made me sad for him I m glad it ended the way it did but not how it did He seemed to be a great father Nessa was a stubborn girl I didn t care for how quick she was in wanting to leave home I did like her growth as a character and learning who her family was Samil was an evil person He was a horrible master who was filled with lust and greed That end was unexpected, but laughable at the same time.I adored the view of a father s love and the use of the parable of the Prodigal Son in this book It was well written and made easy to understand apply to life now I love all the faith aspects and watching the characters struggle with their faith.Overall, I highly recommend this book I cannot wait for the fourth and final book, Like Flames in the Night, to be released March 2020 I m ready and not ready for the end of Moriyah and her family.

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