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Unearthly In The Beginning, There S A Boy Standing In The TreesClara Gardner Has Recently Learned That She S Part Angel Having Angel Blood Run Through Her Veins Not Only Makes Her Smarter, Stronger, And Faster Than Humans A Word, She Realizes, That No Longer Applies To Her , But It Means She Has A Purpose, Something She Was Put On This Earth To Do Figuring Out What That Is, Though, Isn T EasyHer Visions Of A Raging Forest Fire And An Alluring Stranger Lead Her To A New School In A New Town When She Meets Christian, Who Turns Out To Be The Boy Of Her Dreams Literally , Everything Seems To Fall Into Place And Out Of Place At The Same Time Because There S Another Guy, Tucker, Who Appeals To Clara S Less Angelic SideAs Clara Tries To Find Her Way In A World She No Longer Understands, She Encounters Unseen Dangers And Choices She Never Thought She D Have To Make Between Honesty And Deceit, Love And Duty, Good And Evil When The Fire From Her Vision Finally Ignites, Will Clara Be Ready To Face Her Destiny Unearthly Is A Moving Tale Of Love And Fate, And The Struggle Between Following The Rules And Following Your Heart

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    Honestly, after reading at least one of the following books Hush, Hush, Halo, Fallen do you really believe there is a good paranormal YA romance about angels out there A book about proms, love triangles, hawt boys, that doesn t make you want to hurl No Neither did I before reading Unearthl

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    Got to rate a 5 for my own book

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    It s been a few months since I finished this book and I m still swooning You shall be read again soon my precioussssssActual rating Teetering on 4.5 stars Hush, Hush, who Halo, what Fallen, huh After reading the catastrophe Hush, Hush, I had pretty much given up on

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    4.5 out of 5 stars Finally, a well written angel series Clara s physical appearance, the wings, the flying, the glory make angels sound impossibly beautiful The descriptions are so well done that you can really picture and feel what it would like to be in the presence of one The supernatural aspects are

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    I always feel a little bad when I disagree with the majority about a book, like there must be something I m missing or I obviously didn t get it I do understand why a lot of people enjoyed Unearthly and there were parts I liked too but I still wasn t blown away As far as young adult stories about angels go, t

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    Rating 2.5 Stars I just want to let you all know that while I m writing this, I am also building a fort Yes, a fort to protect me from all the boulders and bombs that will most likely be thrown my way for highly disliking this novel It doesn t matter that my fort is made of pillows or that it contains hig

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    I m looking at you Why are you always trying to hide how pretty you are I ve been thinking about my rating of this book for two hours, and it s precariously between 1 and 2 stars since the moment I finished it I know you re wanting to beat the crap out of me right now for giving this book just two stars How dare I Plea

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    Well, well, well It s angels again.Angelology is back breaking work I have a trunked angel work that I will one day revisit I ve worked too hard to drop it And I mean that sincerely I began writing it two years ago, and I am still not finished with the research I still have stacks and stacks of angel related references lyin

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    When I saw that one of my favorite goodreaders, Tatiana, gave this book four stars I thought she d gone insane I mean, it s a YA book featuring angels for crying out loud Surely it can t be good let alone worthy of four whole stars from Tatiana, so clearly she lost her mind But I purchased the audiobook anyway because it was Jan

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