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Under a Fairy Moon Addyson is fourteen and has a very active imagination She has recently moved into a new home and the neighbor has an overgrown garden that is perfect for her to play pretend in She doesn t realize that it is an inbetween place of the land of fairy and the human realm.She finds herself caught up in a game to win her way home Her new friend Connor, who she found in the garden gets to play it with her The stakes are much higher than her ability to go home, it is a fight of good against evil She must not let evil win or the Elf King will take control.I enjoyed reading this book It is well written and has vivid imagery T.M Wallace was able to capture fairies as the trickster and not always benevolent beings that I like.Some of the creatures may be a little intimidating scary for younger readers, but I think everyone else will enjoy this book There are a few parts that depict violence. Every garden has the possibility for a child with an imagination For Addy Marten, her garden belonged to the neighbor Mrs Tavish, who rumor has it was a reported witch Yet whenever Addy saw her, she was just an old woman, in a brightly colored flowered dress with a large hat who loved working in her garden and talking to her flowers.Whenever Mrs Tavish wasn t in the garden was when Addy would sneak in, to the deepest part, beneath the thick overgrown shrubs, next to the bubbling creek to the center where the statues stood This is the place where her imagination came to life and where the garden would become than just a make believe place for young girls to play.In the novel, Under A Fairy Moon by T M Wallace, the reader is immersed in a magical world of a little girl who has just moved into a new home in Windy Falls and discovering all kinds of wonder locked within the garden of her neighbor Mrs Tavish She takes part in an adventure with a young boy in a yellow raincoat named Conner, when they both become separated in the world and must reunite before the Mid Summer A perfect blend of A Secret Garden meets Narnia, the reader is in for a delightful surprise from the very first page For anyone who dreams of Wonderland and becoming their own Alice, then this is truly the book for you Just the kind of magic that makes us all children once.I received this book compliments of Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review, and can t wait to read this one with my 13 year old daughter who is bound to make this one a personal favorite Filled with the delights of any child, in a secret world that adults don t know about, this feels like The Bridge to Terabithia meets Alice in Wonderland You aren t quite sure if she is imagining it all or if this is really happening I would rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and great for middle school readers who love fantasy adventure books This one will not want to be one that is missed. Under A Fairy Moon is a YA fantasy novel.Addy Marten has just moved in to her new home and is enchanted by her neighbour, Mrs Tavishs garden It is her get away place from the world until the day she sees a boy talking to Mrs Tavish, she decides to investigate except things aren t what they appear to be any longer.Addy is positive she is no longer in the garden next door as weird things begin to occur After meeting Connor, she is relieved that she won t have to traverse the garden alone.Connor is a wealth of information he has been trapped in the garden for a while and has made some observations, which he shares with Addy These tips save them on numerous occasions as they now must play the game that has been set before them.After meeting a sprite name Enitua and a satyr named Braithewaite, they are even relieved to have allies in the world of Median However, Enitua doesn t seem to be playing the game in Addy and Connor s advantage and the two begin to wonder whose side she is on.The Fairy Queen Adalira is worried that the Elf King will find the moonling, Addy, and all of the fairydom will be undone The Queen entrusts Addy with her pendant and tells Addy that she has her own magic inside and she will find a way to save Median and Earth from being ruled and destroyed by evil.There are many perilous journey s set before the two and time is running out Connor feels like he is fading and his memories of home are causing him to have severe headaches Don t tarry to long in the land of fey, don t eat their food, don t touch the walls and stay away from the trees, these are but a few of the lessons that Connor and Addy learn along the way But will it be enough to save them and return them to their own time or will they be doomed to become shadows of their former selves and allow the evil Elf King to take over the realms I truly enjoyed this book I loved its pace, the plot and the characters involved I thought Addy and Connor made a great team and the mysteries surrounding Enitua was perfect, you never knew if you could trust her or not The wisdom and kindness of Braithewaite was endearing to read and you just knew when he was around things would work out for the best.I loved the descriptions of the forests and settings that the two found themselves in The witch, Uthrace, involvement was great in building up suspense within the pages and her minion, Dubhan was creepy and well placed in the plot.I thought the ending was a bit flat but it doesn t bring the enjoyment of the book down, I had just wished for a exciting ending than the one given After all the suspense and the journey to get to that point, it just left me wishing there had been substance given to the ending All in all though, a very enjoyable book that would be enjoyed by any who like a good fantasy with fairies and forest fey thrown in. If fairies and elves played Wizard Chess, and the movement of pieces transported players to other places to survive situations in order to advance to the next round, this would be the story of such a game Of course, in this book they call it Fairy Chess and the fate of the entire Summerland hangs in the balances The players who are tricked into playing by a mischevious fairy are a human boy and girl who suddenly find themselves in the Fairy Queen s realm just as the Fairy Queen and Elf King are on the brink of war They must each battle their own vices in order to survive the game and save the Summerland from endless night.The plot is very creative, and I must admit that even with all the fairy tales and fantasy I have read, I did feel like I was reading a completely unique book Even the chess is different enough it didn t feel like a rip off of Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland However, I didn t feel like the writing was so exceptional One of the things that bothered me was the voice of the main character, Addy She is supposed to be 14 I work in a secondary school I see 14 year olds every day Addy does NOT sound 14 She sounds like she is 8 or 9, once in a while maybe 12, but never does she sound like a teen A second thing that bothered me was how close Addy and Connor are supposed to be by the end of the book Yes, they did go through several life and death situations together, but they seem to spend time apart or unconscious than actually talking The few moments they are together and awake didn t feel like enough to build anything other than a working acquaintance In fact, maybe a better way to say why I didn t feel like this was a great work of fiction was it felt like I was watching a movie in fast forward and missing all the details that would help me care about the characters and the world I would love for T M Wallace to actually expand this work and build the characters and world.Will I still recommend it to students, parents and teachers Yes It is an innocent, light adventure in fairyland It is strange to call a book with life death situations light, but each come and go so fast and you know the characters so little it does come across that way And though the writing is not great, it is better than a lot of other things they could be reading.Notes on content There are no language or sexual content issues There is some violence A couple characters die in a fight, but there are very few details or descriptions Addy and Connor must face several malevolent creatures from trolls to witches to dragon men sorcerers who can be downright mean and nasty Addy is almost used as a human sacrifice and almost taken over by an evil power, but she evades both. Fourteen year old Addyson Martin just moved next door to a witch, or at least that s what everyone calls the strange old woman who is now her neighbor Addy watches the old woman s garden from her bedroom window, studying the large, curious statues that sit amongst the beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees Addy has a very active imagination, and one day finds the courage to venture next door to explore the vast garden She imagines a magical land within the garden walls, a land that Addy rules over One day Addy notices a young boy in a yellow rain slicker speaking to the old woman in the garden She gets jealous, for this boy is a stranger and is on her turf Addy sets out to find the boy, but when she arrives in the garden, he is nowhere to be found As Addy goes deeper into the garden, she soon becomes disoriented She eventually finds the boy in the yellow rain coat and he tells her he has been trapped there for days, maybe even weeks How can that be when she just saw him from her window Soon, Addy realizes they are trapped in a magical space between their world and a magical world of faeries The problem is, it s not the fun and beautiful world Addy always imagined It s a dangerous world, and if Addy ever wants to get back home she must participate in a twisted game of chess played alongside the murderous statues in the garden.In Under a Fairy Moon, T.M Wallace has crafted a wonderful fantasy story in the likes of C.S Lewis and Lewis Carroll The writing is rich and vivid, filled with wonderful imagery and a very entertaining cast of characters This book was a quarter finalist in the Breakthrough Novel Award competition, and I can see why I thoroughly enjoyed it It should appeal to both young adults and adult fans of fantasy Older middle grade children may also enjoy it, though some of the images may be a bit scary for the younger crowd. Under A Fairy Moon is intended for a young reader and, as the parent of a tween, I can only comment from the perspective of a mom T.M Wallace will treat readers to a wonderfully imaginative and mystical adventure full of fantastical new friends and unabashedly devious new foes Intended for a middle grade audience, Under A Fairy Moon will stretch your tweens imagination on a journey of perseverance and courage Adult readers will also find a pleasantly delightful reading experience.Both intrigued and somewhat fearful of the mysteries that lurk in her neighbor s garden, Addy daydreams of the possible adventures that await any who would brave Mrs Tavish s wrath to enter and explore Some say Mrs Tavish is a witch, even going so far as to say she eats little boys for breakfast Determined to heed her imagination s insistence to explore the wonders of the garden, Addy confidently enters her Royal Egyptian Courtyard , to be greeted by her green cloaked sentries ready to escort her through the flowerbeds A All too soon, Addy realizes Mrs Tavish s garden is much that she could have ever imaginedand much dangerous than she could have ever guessed possible Over all, I truly enjoyed this adventure as T.M Wallace presents a magic filled tale with very thorough descriptions of both characters and settings Unfortunately, I found the foundation and world building to be a little on the light side Readers of all ages may find that a little in these two areas would have avoided some confusion Additionally, during Addy s adventures, she looses time as a result of the various foes and their trickery, an element which results in somewhat abrupt changes in course which may be hard for the young reader to adjust to Even so, Under A Fairy Moon is a fantastical adventure sure to please readers of all ages A Reference Under A Fairy Moon, T.M Wallace, Page 2. My full 3.5 JEWEL review can be found at One Book Shy of a Full ShelfThis was a delightful story that I think will appeal to older middle grade readers and up T.M Wallace has created a story chock full of characters that kids can relate to They are well written and quite believable in their actions and dialogue I enjoyed the fact that the author s fae were based on the darker, malevolent beings from myth and legend The lighter sparkly fairies tend to get the majority of the attention so this was a refreshing change Fairies weren t the only supernatural beings inhabiting the garden and this book We were introduced to elves, lizard men, sages and other interesting players.While I know next to nothing about the game of chess, I am an avid gardener The careful research obviously undertaken by Ms Wallace is much appreciated Her descriptions of certain plants and flowers were quite accurate The garden was well thought out.I appreciate the opportunity to read and review this lovely tale Thank you to the author T.M Wallace and the lovely ladies at Pump Up Your Book for including me on the tour If you d like to read the first chapter, you can visit Literarily Speaking. Winner Of The Gelett Burgess Children S Book Awards Fantasy Addy Marten Sets Out To Explore Her New Neighbour S Beautiful Garden, And Especially The Rows Of Mysterious Stone Statues That She Has Glimpsed Through Her Bedroom Window Instead Of The Enticing Hideaway She Has Imagined, However, She Finds Herself Trapped In The Median Realms, And An Unwilling Pawn In A Game Of Fairy Chess She Must Use All Her Courage And Wits To Win The Game And Free Herself From Malicious Fairy Creatures And Their Twisted Fairy Tale World A Misbehaving Pixie Named Enitua Steals The Limelight As The Novel S Most Precocious Character And Later Becomes A Key Ally In Guarding The Human S Safety Publishers Weekly Reviewer Breakthrough Novel Awards, I received a free copy through Goodreads This was a lovely read I quite like how the author brought us into a whole new world in such a few short chapters To go from an ordinary world into a magical realm and right in Addy s neighbour s backyard The chess game Addy, Entuia and Conner was full of adventure, danger and unexpected turns Every turn brings about a twist you didn t see or expect With magic, pixies, elves, witches and a unicorn in the fold you should always expect the unexpected While I enjoyed the story, I found the ending a little rushed and abrupt Also would have liked to see parts of the story expanded, like The Fairy Queen and King s back story and especially background about Conner Like where did he come from and why is he so fascinated with the myths and legions about mythological creatures There s still outstanding questions that need to be answered like Addy s powers as a moonling , hopefully the next book addresses that Overall, a fun and exciting read into a fantasy world Definitely a nice way to pass time. I wonder how I would feel about this book if I had read it before Harry Potter I still wouldn t of loved it, but maybe my hackles wouldn t have been raised so soon As soon as she starts describing the statues, my thought was, Chess are you serious When the witch said, are you sure, it s obvious you want to prove yourself and I can give you the power to do it or something close to that I almost tossed the book.The rest of the book feels choppy like she was assigned to write a book by out line and she only needed so many sentences per point I didn t feel concerned enough for any of the characters other than Braithwaite It all feels so rushed Maybe that was supposed to be exciting, but I need build up.Also, its a little hallmark movie ish The main character learns lessons about herself that seemed to be like a sledgehammer I don t know if Addy and Connor actually made it out of the garden but I know that Addy learned that letting go is better than pretending to be strong.

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