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Touching Indigo tommy has been telling me about A Mango Shaped Space for a long time now, and after reading this, i both want to read that book and also to have synesthesia myself, please it s like having a superpower that doesn t require you, morally, to go out and save the world it islike being on a mild acid trip all the time, without any of the accompanying backaches and food aversion.of course, in this book, her synesthesia is compounded with other special gifts which both complicate her life and also give her additional abilities that regular synesthetes do not get to experience, but i will even take the traditional synesthesia effects, if there is a bored and license revoked neurosurgeon out there who wants to make a quick ten bucks.i think it would make the world a richer andentertaining place for me and when i was stuck in a small talk situation, i would at least have something to taste and other things to look at while i stood there, instead of feeling frantically trapped as i do.i liked this book, but i wish i loved it as much as so many other people did view spoiler i m not sure if i would have liked thisif the twist had been a complete surprise to me because even though i didn t know it was going to be what it was, i knew that there was a twist, and that it was of a paranormal nature and so i figured out what it was pretty early on, not because i am so smart and perceptive, but the clues are there, and if you know it is planning on going that route, it is easier to see them for what they are than when you think you are just reading a teen murder mystery possibly psychotic protagonist book i think if i had read this without knowing a single thing, the surprise of what happened would have beenexciting, you know which is why i am putting all this in a spoiler, even though it is only a spoiler saying that maybe i was spoiled hide spoiler Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Who Was SpecialThis Is Not Her StoryUnless You Count The Part Where I Killed HerSixteen Year Old Alison Has Been Sectioned In A Mental Institute For Teens, Having Murdered The Most Perfect And Popular Girl At School But The Case Is A Mystery No Body Has Been Found, And Alison S Condition Is Proving Difficult To Diagnose Alison Herself Can T Explain What Happened One Minute She Was Fighting With Tori The Next She Disintegrated Into Nothing But That S Impossible Right When Alison Meets Dr Faraday, A Visiting Psychologist, She Feels An Instant Connection More, He Believes Her Story But There S To Faraday Than Alison Can Possibly Imagine And The Answers He Will Give Her Are Extraordinary I ve written a lot of stories, but ULTRAVIOLET is one of the very closest to my heart It was also one of the hardest and most demanding things I ve ever written, but thanks to the help of numerous smart critique partners, a tirelessly supportive agent and two wonderful editors, I can look at it now and say, Yes There it is THAT is what I meant I love this book very much, and I hope you will too. 3 1 2 starsI know a whole bunch of my GR friends have heard me say this before but I m going to say it again for the benefit of any newcomers who stumble across this review because rating a book can be a tricky process and three stars can mean anything from I was totally unmoved by it to it was pretty good for the most part , I tend to take the GR system literally By this I mean that three stars is I liked it and is a mostly positive rating Therefore, Ultraviolet hovers somewhere halfway between I liked it and I really liked it because there were parts I absolutely loved but also many things that got on my nerves and had me mentally lowering my rating I will say one thing for certain I need to read the sequel NOW.The suspense that Anderson builds up in this book is almost palpable, you find yourself questioning everything and experiencing the frustration of someone who is imprisoned in a mental institution when they feel they are innocent, then later the confusion of someone who begins to doubt their own sanity Being inside Alison s mind is a scary place to find yourself but, though there is a paranormal element to this novel, you soon find that the author has weaved fact with fiction and incorporated a real world factor into her story synesthesia This is something I had only heard of in passing before I read Ultraviolet, but I have since been inspired to do someresearch on the topic I enjoyed this addition to the novel immensely, simply because it would have been far easier and what I first expected to explain away a character s special abilities as some weird supernatural phenomenon.However, Alison s synesthesia leads me perfectly onto what was at times the greatest threat to my enjoyment of the book and at other times what made me go wide eyed with adoring book love the prose Some of it reminded me of Shatter Me but it wasn t that bad or I wouldn t have finished it and the explanation of synesthesia for the use of colour based metaphors might make sense but it didn t make it any less annoying for me Take this Not only was his voice amazing, so was his name violet to match his eyes, tranquil and playful at the same time, full of shimmering highlights and unexpected depths And the Sebastian part wasn t bad either all oregano and woodsmoke, with a hint of sensuality that made my skin flush just thinking about it.and I preferred handwriting, where every loop sent a flush of aquamarine up my arm as though I d dipped it in a tropic sea.andThere Are No Stars, she hissed, her voice full of icy peaks and seething valleys.To me, these sentences are not beautiful but eyeroll worthy Unlike Shatter Me, though, the use of them wasn t as constant and I didn t have to hurt myself trying to understand the similes and metaphors The writing in this book walked a very fine line between stunning and grotesque at times, some passages I could have read over and over for hours without getting tired of them and others made me cringe To balance out the negative, I wanted to include this little paragraph that I thought was beautiful I heard the universe as an oratorio sung by a master choir of stars, accompanied by the orchestra of the planets and the percussion of satellites and moons The aria they performed was a song to break the heart, full of tragic dissonance and deferred hope, and yet somewhere beneath it all was a piercing refrain of glory, glory, glory And I sensed that not only the grand movements of the cosmos, but everything that had happened in my life, was a part of that song.Also, while this novel was highly original for the most part, the romance and the love interest were not Or at least not for the first two thirds of the book It began as it usually begins with descriptions of his male perfection, everything from his eyes to his hands to his voice was crafted by the gods, apparently He is the nicest of the nice, the hottest of the hot the, um, perfectist of the perfect Later, he is allowed a few imperfections that help to shape his character and made me like himbut the lack of chemistry at the beginning made it hard to buy into their relationship Not only that, but it also seemed very inappropriate at first due to the circumstances under which they met.Now, I have to say that I knew what the big twist was before I began this book but I enjoyed it anyway and I don t really think it had much effect on my overall rating The thing is, it s ridiculously easy to spoil this book for yourself just by looking at its tags and shelves on goodreads so, you know, try not to glance over to the right side of the page when you add this Which you totally should do right now This is a gripping psychological paranormal story that offers a new spin on a very formulaic genre, it is not faultless but it will keep you on the edge of your seat I am betting that 99% of people who read this will have to read the sequel even if they shared the same problems I had with it. Ultraviolet is a genre bender, there s no doubt about it, and I don t think I ve been this surprised about the direction a book took in quite some time What I find particularly intriguing is the fact that all of us who ve read it seem equally stumped as to how to write a review of a book whilst still leaving out half of the plot so as to preserve the experience for other readers talk about a mighty task When I originally wrote a placeholder for this review, it basically just said that I wish I could somehow warn off the subset of readers that might not be on board for the plot twist in this one It would truly be a shame if the ratings for the book go down due to the alienation view spoiler Hah Alienation hide spoiler This one ended up being quite good The pacing was a bit uneven in the first half, but I quite enjoyed the second part Alison is 17 and has synesthesia She senses things in different ways For example, sounds and letters have colors and she can tell when people are lying because they give off colors and she can taste it It s a phenomenon that has led to her being insecure, leading an isolated life, and having a strained relationship with her parents She ends up at a mental hospital following a violent encounter with her mother and police triggered by a traumatic event involving a girl at school that she has no memory of The first half of the book was a bit of this Alison interacting with other patients and doctors She meets a researcher named Dr Faraday who begins to help her understand her synesthesia and find outabout her abilities There is a little bit of the special snowflake thing going on, but it wasn t overbearing.There is one point in the book where everything changes and it becomes a cool sci fi story That is the part I liked best I don t want to spoil it, so I won t say any , but I thought it was pretty cool.I had taken some notes about items I found annoying, but the good news is that they really ended up not mattering because Alison has growth and resolution with her mother who I hated for half the book and other characters she had conflicts with.The supporting characters were a bit one dimensional, but I quite liked Dr Faraday and Tori I almost DNF d this but am glad I did not I think it was written well and is one of the better YAs I ve read recently.SPOILER through end of the book view spoiler It was a bit convenient that the aliens looked just like humans except for silver hair and slightly different skin tone, but I was able to overlook it I wanted Dr Faraday to be able to come back to earth, but at the same time, it felt right because I don t think it was realistic for him to be with Alison, who was only 17 Their romance felt a little weird because of the age difference and him being in a position of authority I think he was supposed to be really young for a scientist, but still hide spoiler I m always a little hesitant to review the books I loved It seems like nothing I write can ever be good enough That s exactly the case this time I ll try to keep it short and very clear this book blew me away It took only about 30 pages for me to fall in love with Ultraviolet If I remember correctly, I called Anderson s writing unpretentious and rich with emotion when I just started reading, and I stand by my words now that I ve finished What amazed me the most about it was the way she occasionally threw a stunning passage or a breathtaking sentence into what was normally pretty simplistic writingDark chocolate, poured over with velvet that was how his voice tasted I wanted him to follow me around and narrate the rest of my life.I m not a visual type of person, but words mean the world to me, and R.J Anderson s words made a strong impression The way Alison perceives the world made me want to be her, if just for ten minutes, and experience things and people through her eyes and her mouth Tasting words sounds like something I would gladly live with for the rest of my life I d been trying to get over my habit of judging people by the color and taste of their names, but it was hard when my instincts were so often right There seemed no point telling myself that the R in the middle of Kirk s name didn t make him untrustworthy when the game had just started and he was already cheating.And then the major plot twist happened I was a bit annoyed at first because I really liked the way the story was originally going, but after a while, I started to like the new development too, which only proves how amazing R.J Anderson really is Another small thing I really liked was the lack of Ali s physical description I know nothing about the color of her hair, the length of her eyelashes or the way she blushes when she s embarrassed and I like it that way It was very refreshing not to be bothered with unimportant things like that Reading Feed has made me reluctant to give five stars as easily as I did before, but they re well deserved this time I have such high hopes for this book I hope people will recognize its beauty and its literary value R.J Anderson has gained a new fan I m ready to read everything she s ever written, including her grocery lists. This book and I are eloping It s settled and there s nothing you can do to stop it No, seriously We ve planned the eloping and everything Go find another book to elope with Ultraviolet is mine Forever and ever But not in a creepy way, or anything like that awkward laugh It s been three days still I finished Ultraviolet, and I still cannot think coherently Honestly, it s a miracle I can form full sentences at this point If my incoherency, eloping, or rating weren t a clear indication, I love this book A lot, actually Does it have its problems Of course Every book has its problems Do I care No I will tiptoe very, very lightly around writing this synopsis, because I m afraid anything in this book can be a spoiler Actually, I don t trust myself writing a synopsis for Ultraviolet All you need to know is that it s about a young teenager named Alison who is convicted of killing a girl in her school by disintegrating her with her mind, and she is currently in a mental hospital Then things happen Then things happen Man, I have such a way with words Aaaaanyway, I should really start wrapping up this review, or whatever I should call this, so that you don t have to suffer through anyof my incoherency.The bottom line is this Ultraviolet is a thoroughly brilliant novel, and it is gorgeously written As for the problems I mentioned earlier, sure, this book has some For starters, it has an unnecessary romance that could be taken as insta love, and Alison and her love interest are saying their I love you s not long after they meet Normally that would bethan enough for a book to lose a star for in my rating system, but I honestly can t make myself give Ultraviolet any less than five stars It s not a perfect book, but it s perfect for me, and I sincerely hope it is the same for you as well But don t love this book too much, because we ve eloped and that could cause some problemsPre Review Do not, under any circumstances, click on the spoiler if you haven t yet read Ultraviolet Yes, I m talking to you, you spoiler clicker view spoiler hide spoiler In the interest of staying fair to R.J.Anderson I will make it clear that Ultraviolet is a five star book Or, at least the first 230ish pages are from a five star book and the remaining few chapters belong in WTF Capital City Buton that later.Initially, be prepared to be sucked in to the weaving vortex that is Ultraviolet From the get go we are presented with a puzzle the likes of which I have not experienced in a long time There s nothing worse than when a mystery isn t, you know, mysterious as mysteries should be Luckily, this is not the case with Ultraviolet, which is evident when we reflect on my inner monologueWhy is she there What s going to happen WHERE ARE WE GOING This is awesome What is the significance of THAT I wonder I AM SO INTREEEEEEEEGUED Who did it I don t know Any chance it was Could it have been was it the MUFFIN MAN I HAD NO IDEA And I was happily going along with the ride until, all of a sudden, out of NOWHERE, this happens view spoiler GUESS WHAT WE ARE ALL ALIENS hide spoiler Ultraviolet was such a pleasant surprise I ve been thinking about this review for a few days because it s hard to say something about it without giving too much away It s one of those books that you just have to go in knowing absolutely nothing So, I will try my best to keep this short and sweet Ultraviolet is about a girl named Alison who ends up in a mental institute after she has a psychotic break, during which she confesses to murdering a fellow classmate What makes this book so cool is that she has synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon, which allows her to see sounds and taste colors The way Anderson wove this beautiful story had me mesmerized I fell in love with the way Alison described the world in her senses I seriously felt like I was watching the Aurora Borealis while reading Ultraviolet The plot was solid and left the reader to catch up to the mystery surrounding her classmate s death I really enjoyed that because it added to the suspense I will say that the plot twist was a tad predictable There was quite a bit of foreshadowing going on, so it wasn t hard to see where things were going BUT that did not stop me from really enjoying this book and the ending did surprise me.Things were tied up nicely in this book at the end, but in this case I m really hoping there will be a sequel And I eagerly look forward to any other books from R.J Anderson More reviews andat Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.

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R.J Rebecca Anderson was born in Uganda, raised in Ontario, went to school in New Jersey, and has spent much of her life dreaming and writing of other worlds entirely ABOUT MY BOOK RATINGS 5 stars I loved this book so much that I expect to read it again and again I reserve this for beloved classics and others that knocked my socks off.4 stars I really enjoyed the book and or thoug

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