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Torment How Many Lives Do You Need To Live Before You Find Someone Worth Dying For In The Aftermath Of What Happened At Sword Cross, Luce Has Been Hidden Away By Her Cursed Angelic Boyfriend, Daniel, In A New School Filled With Nephilim, The Offspring Of Fallen Angels And Humans Daniel Promises She Will Be Safe Here, Protected From Those Who Would Kill Her At The School Luce Discovers What The Shadows That Have Followed Her All Her Life Mean And How To Manipulate Them To See Into Her Other Lives Yet The Luce Learns About Herself, The She Realizes That The Past Is Her Only Key To Unlocking Her Future And That Daniel Hasn T Told Her Everything What If His Version Of The Past Isn T Actually The Way Things Happened What If Luce Was Really Meant To Be With Someone Else The Second Novel In The Addictive FALLEN Serieswhere Love Never Dies

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    When I picked up this book, it had been about nine months since I read Fallen, and the choking feeling had subsided I wondered, what if I was wrong What if the first book was just a false start Maybe I

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    To Daniel Grigori From Inge Date May 27th 2012 6 59 PMSubject Fuck youDear Daniel Grigori,Words can t even begin to describe my feelings towards you, but I m gonna have a go anyway I feel like this is important You need

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    SPOILER WARNING As in if you thought you were in for a good read this will spoil it Also SWEAR WARNING because I just can t get through this review without swearing I need some release I have had to take a break from my reading o

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    This book is fail.If it were a city it would be Failinburg If it were a WWII battle, it would be Failingrad If this book were a movie, it would be Million Dollar Failby How much did this book fail thee Let me count the ways Oh no wait, I c

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    Never has a book been so aptly titled Reading this book was a kind of torment, and I don t say that solely because I was stuck in an airport for an ungodly number of hours with only this ass book as company The only fitting title would maybe be som

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    I will always catch you when you fall I have to say Torment is not bad at all, in my opinion The parts that keeps me continuing this series are the setting and riddles Gah I want to know about Luce and Daniel s past What has happened between them that makes D

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    The plot is to die for OMG yeah, im looking forward to this because i really liked the first one

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    Dear Ms KateI Don t Like Fallen.I don t like this series i don t like the characters, the development of the story, the secret life of Lucinda Price, the archangels, mainly all the angels from your story, the Outcasts, the heavenly never ending war between good and bad.I just do

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    This is how the book went1.Luce changes schools because Daniel wants to keep her safe.2.Luce misses daniel 3.Daniel appears4.they kiss5.they fight6.luce leaves7.almost gets herself killed8.livesRepeat 1 8 five timesEnd of Torment This book wasn t the best book i have ever read but it was

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    I can t wait 0 10 08 10Omg I read the book Tears tears why do I have to wait next year for the 3rd book Fallen Series Passion Ahhhhh screaming right now I enjoy reading this book Poor Luce If I was in her position I woulld of done the same seriously And I don t blame her Everything that Luce had do

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