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Timeless Surrender (New Camelot #3) Amazing storyJust when you think there can be noto write about in the Camelot universe, Torie James surprises us again This time, it s the story of Mordred Lothian, The Great Darkness, and Jenalyn, Bri s best friend Many twists and turns as Morgan attempts to throw monkey wrenches into the works She s safely tucked away, but I don t think we ve seen the last of her. History Branded Him A Coward Prophecy Labeled Her His Destruction Some Legends Are Born Of Lies Others Begin When The Lies End And Not Everything Remains Myth If You Could Live Forever, What Would You Choose To Live For I Chose Power Born Of Darkness And Raised On Revenge, Mordred Lothian Spent An Eternity Fighting For The Honor Of A Woman Who Had None Free Of Her Hatred, His Only Goal Is To Pick Up The Pieces Of Betrayal And Attempt To Forge A New Life In A World That Never Wanted Him Raised By One Of Hollywood S Most Scandalous Actresses, Jenalyn Rhodes Knows True Illusion Begins When The End Credits Roll Damaged By The One Person Who Should Have Protected Her Most, She Is Determined To Have No Master And Only One Mistress Herself Thrown Together To Stop An Ancient Evil Hell Bent On Vengeance, Can The Sacrifice Of One Be The Salvation Of The Other I ve been following the works of Torie James for a while now and want to say to her, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing New Camelot into my life.Torie James is a phenomenal writer with the ability to draw the reader in from the start With Timeless Surrender, I cried within the first few pages and was hooked until I read the last word.Mordred started off as a character I wanted to hate but he is that lovable rogue that you can t ignore And he has truly found his match in Jenni.I can not wait for the next installment and future reads from Torie James I ll be waiting with bated breath. Oh wowI m speechless Just, wow Read this, devour the story inside, then do like I am beg Torie James to hurry with Arthur s book Another hit Big beefy and Jennie keep the hits coming Awesome story and characters as usual So many twist and turns keep you on your toes. I ve been waiting for this third installment of the New Camelot series and the story of Mordred, everyone s favorite anti hero for years It s been fantastic to see the heroes Lancelot Alex and Gawain, and their fierce ladies Bri and Nimue but Mordred s story REALLY called out to me I wasn t disappointed.This story reminded me quite a bit of Kresley Cole s IAD novel, Dark Desires After DuskDark Desires After Dusk , though in terms of plot and personality it definitely has its own, New Camelot flavor Mordred is a dark, secluded man who comes off as an ass to those around him, but inwardly struggles trying to make up for the sins of his past and the hateful manipulations of his mother, Morgan In this book we see a side of him we haven t enjoyed before he supports charities and coaches basketball for underprivileged youth, and relaxes in the evenings with a good MMORPG I might have found these endearing traits to be disingenuine, but Torie James really knows how to write the heart of a character struggling to be a good person, against all expectations.Dred s love interest Jenny is a spark of life and fun, a wonderful addition to the cast of heroines in this series Not as dark as Mordred, she still has her own demons to carry her story smacks of a real Mommy Dearest vibe, and I love it Again, Torie James can cut through the shallow gestures and cliches other authors might use to dress up a character s road to redemption, and really show you the heart of her people.I loved the book, dare I say, eventhan Timeless Desire, which was previously my favorite in the series On the other hand, James leaves me with a bigger conundrum than I started with, because as soon as I finished Dred s story, she lured me in with a taste of Book Four Now I can t wait for that one Like other New Camelot fans, I ve eagerly awaited this book since I finished reading Timeless Desire In keeping with the first two books, Timeless Surrender is filled with sass and wit I thoroughly enjoyed the banter and wisecracks exchanged between Jennie and Mordred, their dialogue was great.At first, the book has a slightly different feel than its predecessors This is mostly due to the fact we don t see a lot of the original cast Mordred and Jennie s interactions arethan enough to take center stage however, and the reader is soon swept up into the story.The story really came together in the last third of the book, with plenty of page turning suspense Mordred is a character with many layers It has been fantastic to learnabout his background and motivations, both of which were integral to the deepening plot If you loved the first two books in the New Camelot series, I highly recommend Timeless Surrender. I love the New Camelot series and have been excited for this book since reading Timeless Desire Timeless Surrender gives you everything, twists and turns and it s addictive I couldn t stop reading from the moment I started and I can t wait to readfrom this series because I hope it doesn t end Torie James has taken a myth and given it a new life and absolutely love this series and can t wait to readof this A brilliant read.

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