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Threader Welcome To The Helios Academy Evolve Or DieIt S The Year And Life Is Increasingly Hard For Non Citizens A Slowly Emerging Young Minority Has Been Exposed As Talents They Harbour Mutations That Give Them Special Gifts Super Strength, Regenerative Powers, Psychic Gifts Or The Ability To Sink Through Shadows And Travel Through Time And Space As Governments Unite To Form A Global Talent Registry And Powerful Corporations Step In To Take Control, A Talent Can Be A Passport To Citizenship And A Better Life, But There Is A Cost As Josie Ryder Is About To DiscoverOrphaned At Six, Josie Ryder Has Been Raised By Her Uncle Her Talent Is An Unusual One She Is A Threader, Able To Weave A Combination Of Psychic Talents Around Others To Manipulate Their Powers Working In Her Uncle S Antique Store And Dreaming Of A Better Life, Josie Has Done Everything To Keep A Promise To Her Late Father Stay Off The Global Talent Registry And Keep Her Talents Hidden But As Josie Tries To Make Ends Meet With The Occasional Illegal Act, She Risks A Third Strike With Local Law Enforcement And, Desperate For A Better Life, Josie Finally Breaks Her Promise To Her Father S Memory And Sends An Enquiry To The Prestigious Helios Academy, A Training Facility In A Distant Country For Talents When The Helios Academy Respond By Sending Mysterious Slider, Blake Galloway To Extract Josie, Then Offer Her A Position At Their Select And Highly Competitive Institution, Things Begin To Get Really Interesting, And Than A Little Dangerous

About the Author: Rebekah Turner

With a degree in graphic design and a raging coffee addiction, Rebekah escaped the corporate world to freelance in between sensible adult jobs She rides a motorcycle called Fat Betty, owns two dogs who don t get walked enough, and can never seem to find a blue pen when she wants one She s a dedicated movie gal, with a special affection for classic horror and action movies.

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    Before I left for my trip to Australia, my Australian publisher asked me to read Threader for a possible blurb Rebekah is an Australian author and I was happy to read the book as it sounded really cool It didn t disappoint a nice twist on a dystopian world and I especially liked the idea of the shadow biosphere I did give the book the following cover quote This story threaded

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    I wish there was here Either a longer book or just a series tbh I feel like there s so much to explore and it was v quick to wrap it all up after such a slow burn at the start Still super interesting.

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    Yay I finished a book Thank the book gods It feels like I have been reading so much lately but getting nowhere.So I liked Threader It was interesting and engaging and funny at times, but I felt like it had so many subplots going on that it really couldn t fully develop or help us to come to understand any of them The main storyline of the book was great, outcast poor girl goes to a rich sch

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    THREADER by REBEKAH TURNERWelcome to the Helios Academy evolve or dieIt s the year 2050 and life is increasingly hard for non citizens Oh, my word bookworms this is a nice twist on a dystopian world.I m not even sure how to explain this book, its super cool like Xmen cool I really love me some YA every now and then,and this didn t disappoint Its set way into the future and the world has fallen to

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    Absolutely loved the proof read of this new YA novel Maria V Snyder was right, I was in for a late night with this novel, unable to put it down till the very last page Can t wait for its release June 2016

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    I read this pretty quickly when I was supposed to be doing a lot of other things It was engaging and a good page turner with some new sci fi ideas I liked exploring I thought I had figured out the twist but I hadn t so that was a good surprise

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    I m so disappointed by this book It had a great premise and idea but the execution is lacking to the extreme The setting could have been in a hotel in Vegas and I wouldn t have noticed any differences It s supposed to be at the famous Helios Academy but maybe we get a few throwaway paragraphs about classes meditation and P.E but apart from that who could tell it was a school Apparently there are limited spaces for wor

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    This tale of a future with acid rain, an even bigger divide between the haves and the have nots, and people with a range of talents that were either useful or a curse if not properly controlled or trained was fantastic Sorry if that sounds confusing It s really not.Josie lives with her uncle Bobby, helping him run his little store in the year 2050 She is a threader someone who can thread join with others and either help them

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    3.5 Although this story was thrilling, I feel as if it didn t live up to its possible potential For example some events of the novel i feel would be better understood and felt if they were stretched out as they felt to rushed and you couldn t get the whole feel of the environment as well as the emotion and anticipation of the characters However despite this, this novel was was still enjoyable and the story itself was captivating

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    DNF at page 100 wasn t for me, was slow and poorly written.

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