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Those Who Knew From The Award Winning Author Of Ways To Disappear, A Taut, Timely Novel About What A Powerful Politician Thinks He Can Get Away With And The Group Of Misfits Who Finally Bring Him DownOn An Unnamed Island Country Ten Years After The Collapse Of A US Supported Regime, Lena Suspects The Powerful Senator She Was Involved With Back In Her Student Activist Days Is Taking Advantage Of A Young Woman Who S Been Introducing Him At Rallies When The Young Woman Ends Up Dead, Lena Revisits Her Own Fraught History With The Senator And The Violent Incident That Ended Their RelationshipWhy Didn T Lena Speak Up Then, And Will Her Family S Support Of The Former Regime Still Impact Her Credibility What If Her Hunch About This Young Woman S Death Is Wrong What Follows Is A Riveting Exploration Of The Cost Of Staying Silent And The Mixed Rewards Of Speaking Up In A Profoundly Divided Country Those Who Knew Confirms Novey S Place As An Essential New Voice In American Fiction Those Who Knew is a meditation on the passive role people play in physical abuse and the abuse of power Lena is the main character, and as a college student had a temporary affair with Victor, which ended when Victor nearly killed her Lena remained silent and told no one Victor moves on to become a Senator, and other mysterious deaths of women close to Victor s political life make Lena payattention.This is a timely novel in that our culture is allowing and encouraging the voices of victims to speak up Author Idra Novey pens an intriguing story I found the novel to be profound and I whole heartedly recommend it. Those Who Knew is one of the most timely, on point works of fiction for this era.With the opening pages of Idra Novey s sopho novel, Those Who Knew, you will be hooked into the story of politics, intrigue, masculine abuse, secrets and lies.On an unnamed island, exactly one week after the death of a young woman is ruled accidental, Lena discovers in her purse a shirt that she is convinced belonged to the young woman, Maria Her friend, bookshop weed store owner, Olga tries to convince Lena that she only is imagining things But Lena suspects the girl was pushed in front of the train by an up and coming Senator, Victor, with whom Lena once had a liaison and during which time Victor quite nearly killed Lena in a fit of rage As the story progresses, we learnof Victor and the machinations of his rise to power We meet Victor s brother, Freddie, a gay playwright, who also suspects Victor The beginning of the book is filled with twists and turns and intrigue and is told from multiple points of view One would think that it would get confusing or scrambled, however, the deft writing skills of Novey, smoothly transition from one person to the next, one thought to another beautifully.The latter portion of the book reads differently from the first as the characters examine their past actions, what they have done what they might have done differently and how those different actions might have affected a different outcome It is here in which the beauty of the book resonates and the true talent of the author shines I gladly would read this book multiple times over and again just to have the pleasure of reading the second half with its beautiful prose.Those Who Knew is succinctly written and is, quite quick of a read and yet there is so much power and such a weighty message within so few pages that you will be left wondering how that could and also wantingIdra Novey is considered an up and coming American writer I daresay that with Those Who Knew, she has arrived there already Thank you Edelweiss, VikingBooks, and IdraNovey for my advanced copy of this book Those Who Knew is available for pre order now and will be published November 6, 2018. While I appreciated this novel s ambition and stylistic difficulty the non linear telling, the slipping identities, the political plot, the elision of place names and the setting in an unnamed Latin American ish island nation I can t say I actually liked the book I actually don t understand what it was about, which is to say it was about many things but I have trouble integrating the ideas So I m surprised at the novel s recent publicity that seems to center on the bad man storyline it has been called the definitive MeToo novel I suspect the readers of that Entertainment Weekly article are going to find themselves bewildered when they attempt to read this For me it veered off in so many directions tangents that were never explored and never quite cohered It may be an issue of style I recall being a little nonplussed while reading Novey s similarly stylized novel, Ways to Disappear, a couple years ago. This is one of the most exhilarating novels I ve read in ages It s an astonishingly perfect mosaic intricate, gorgeous on the topic of corruption, which feels both timely and timeless It forms the most complete picture I ve ever read of this subject, providing the reader with direct access into the minds of would be revolutionaries, washed up revolutionaries, those with good intentions and those without, those who ve lost their way, sexy egomaniacs, blundering outsiders and manyIt s a quick read that reverberates long after you put it down It is BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN, with the deftness of a playwright, the sensitivity of a translator, the fine touch of a poet and the skill of a born storyteller At the sight of Lena emerging from the bookstore, Oscar nearly dropped his biscuits The day was not quite as stingy with its light today A few sunbeams punctured the thinning clouds, which he hoped was the reason Lena was squinting so intently and not because she was debating whether to acknowledge him After her release from the valley s rehab center, she had assumed that her stay with the newly returned Lena would last a few months, at most Yet somehow a year had gone by as quiet and green as the fields of the valley and she was still playing grandma in the afternoons, still smoking with Lena in the evenings on the porch, watching the light sift through the trees At breakfast, they took turns being the ornery one at the table It was the rare morning now that Olga even considered a joint while still in bed There was really no predicting where, or when, the least lonely years of one s adult life might begin Oscar closed the door to his daughter s room and crept toward the living room thinking of the tigers they d seen the previous weekend at the zoo, the irrelevance of their stealth, moving toward nothing but the bars at the opposite end of their single tree, seven rock savannah He always felt far freer in his first seconds creeping toward the sofa than he did when he reached it just to sprawl there, reading headlines on his phone like some animal slumbering with its eyes open I couldn t recommend this book highly enough Packed with real wisdom and brutal honestly and heartwarming tenderness, THOSE WHO KNEW will no doubt prove the best American novel of 2018.

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