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This I Know What a wonderful story Young Grace just captured my heart She has the knowing, she sometimes knows things before they happen Her prescher father tries to stop her from letting people know she has this knowledge, convinced it comes from the devil Grace and her mother, however, know different Her mother once had the same power, but was forced by life to squelch this gift Grace makes friend with a homeless man, a man who has suffered much A man who will be accused of terrible things Grace knows he is a kind man who has had misfortune in his life One of my favorite lines in this book, a quote that made me think, is one that is said by Grace to this man People think that because you don t have a house, that you don t have a heart Sometimes the younger arewise than the elder This family is full of love but also suffers some great tragedies Grace though refuses to give up, and uses her gift for good, in the only way she can If only her family can pull through, and her father can see that what she has can be used for good ARC from Netgalley. NOW AVAILABLE 4.5 StarsSome days I look downAfraid I will fallAnd though the sun shinesI see nothing at allThen I hear your sweet voice, ohOh, come and then go, come and then goTelling me softlyYou love me soUp to the Mountain, Songwriters Patricia J GriffinThis isn t a sad story It s a love story Set apart from her family by her red hair and green eyes, like a foreigner in the land of blue eyed blondes, Grace is further distanced by her evangelical preacher father s feelings that her gift is of Satan Grace has the Knowing.Isaac, her brother, her twin who never made it into this world explains the Knowing to her as simply a deep awareness They d hear the extra notes and they d see hidden pictures on the walls and they d feel their mother s heartbeat long after they were born into this world.I make people nervous, even Daddy Especially Daddy I know this by how they look away, as if their darkest secrets will be exposed like tea leaves scattered in the snow People in this small midwestern town avoid her kids in her school won t look directly at her And then one day a girl named Lola moves there, and Lola befriends her Lola s parents are free spirits, artists, and Grace finally finds a place where she feels accepted, even with her Knowing Literally from the first words, the first paragraphs, I was pulled into Grace s world, from her thoughts beginning one morning in March of 1958 when she was born into this world Such simply beautiful, lyrical prose, it was easy to love her and feel her every emotion as she goes through a whirlwind of feelings, including, primarily, the attachment she still feels to her twin, IsaacI don t think anyone in this family knows how lonely I feel sometimes Just once I wish Daddy would look at me with the same gleam in his eyes he does with Joy and Chastity or even poor Hope Her family doesn t really understand her, and her mother who should has never completely recovered from losing her son They d been visiting Aunt Pearl in Mississippi when she went into labor, and after that her mother never let go of that sadnessMamma was distraught We stayed with Aunt Pearl until after the funeral then Daddy drove straight through the night back to Michigan He couldn t wait to take Mama away from the place that housed all that sadness What he doesn t understand is that she brought the memory of that dead baby with her, packed her grief into every last bag before we drove out of Rankin CountySorrow is as much a presence in this debut novel as the people in this family, in this town Like the notes of a song, it weaves through so many, a homeless man, Lyle, whom Grace befriends, through Grace herself, her mother, and others touched by sorrow, as well It hovers over all, weaving its way through these lives, but also transforming into uplifting, lyrical, soothing moments And, like a song, its beauty is in the story told through movement, of Grace and her family from one moment to the next, through tension, release, sadness, but also joy, and the power of love from the beginning until the last note is played.Pub Date 24 APR 2018Many thanks for the ARC provided by Kensington Books John Scognamiglio Books 4 memorable stars to This I Know Grace is a well suited name for this strong, resilient, lovable daughter of a fundamentalist preacher father and an absent mother with significantly failing health She has a gift she calls the Knowing, which adds to her difficulties because her father doesn t trust her Grace lives for her father s approval, but her gift is something he cannot accept because he thinks it s from the devil Will Grace give up part of herself in order to be an obedient good child and fit in with her family Grace crawled right into my heart, and her characterization was honest to the core While the indomitable Grace is at the center of this novel, there is also an intricately woven and satisfying plot Edwards writes with beautiful prose and endearing heart Bottom line, I adored Grace and this exceptional, stand out of a book Thank you to Eldonna Edwards, Kensington Books, and Netgalley for the ARC This I Know is available now An easy to read book with a pleasant story It tells of a young girl and her struggle to fit in She has something she calls the knowing This is her ability to see a person s past, feelings, and future The problem is her extreme thinking Baptist minister father believes it is the devil What she does, is become friends with other people who are considered unacceptable The ending of the book is ambiguous Overall a pleasant story. One of my favorites of 2018 Genuinely told through the voice of a little girl named Grace, this story literally melted my heart It contains a lot of religious undertones that really focus on what faith and belief really mean It s not preachy, just a beautifully poignant novel that will leave you feeling warm inside Fans of Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger should place this at the top of TBR lists 5 stars. Outstanding THIS I KNOW is a remarkable, inspiring story about clairvoyance, faith, and opening your heart and mind to the truth I will not soon forget Grace Carter, the young preacher s daughter with a unique interpretation of the world Her kindness, her resilience, her generosity, and her acceptance of others filled me with hope I am sorry to have turned the last page on her voice and such wonderful lines as Daddy says dancing and rock and roll lead to fornication, which means sex Seems like it would be hard to make a baby when you re dancing I predict Grace will steal many hearts not just mine. Set In A Small Midwest Town In The Late S And Helmed By An Unforgettable Young Protagonist Compassionate, Uncannily Wise Grace This I Knowis A Luminous Coming Of Age Story From An Astonishing New VoiceEleven Year Old Grace Carter Has A Talent For Hiding Things She S Had Plenty Of Practice, Burying Thoughts And Feelings That Might Anger Her Strict Evangelical Pastor Father, And Concealing The Deep Intuition She Carries Inside The Knowing, As Grace Calls It, Offers Glimpses Of People S Pasts And Futures It Enables Her To See Into The Depth Of Her Mother S Sadness, And Even Allows Grace To Talk To Isaac, Her Twin Brother Who Died At Birth To Her Wise, Loving Aunt Pearl, The Knowing Is A Family Gift To Her Daddy, It S Close To WitchcraftGrace Can T See Into Someone S Thoughts Without Their Permission But It Doesn T Take Her Special Talent To Know That Her Small Community Is Harboring Its Share Of Secrets A Young Girl Has Gone Missing Within Grace S Own Family Too, The Cracks Are Widening, As Her Sisters Hope, Joy, And Chastity Enjoy The Normal Life That Eludes Grace It S Grace S Kinship With Other Outsiders That Keeps Her Afloat Lyle, A Gentle, Homeless Man, And Lola, A Free Spirited New Girl At School But When Her Mother Lapses Into Deep Depression After Bringing Home A New Baby, Grace Will Face A Life Changing Choice Ignore Her Gift And Become The Obedient Daughter Her Father Demands, Or Find The Courage To Make Herself Heard, Even If It Means Standing Apart It takes a lot of energy to try to be what you aren t, but evennot to be what you are.Set in the American Midwest from the mid sixties, this coming of age story centers itself around Grace middle daughter of a pastor and his wife, twin sister to a boy who died during birth Grace has a Knowing frequently she knows things that are happening elsewhere, or that have happened to the people or objects she touches.It s a bittersweet mixture of a story, running the length of the emotional spectrum from tragedy to joy The description of Grace lying under the family s Christmas tree, in particular, was so evocative that I teared up a little from the wave of nostalgia that came over me A book to read when you need to retreat from the world a bit, or if you are looking to lose yourself in a world where things and they do get pretty bleak in spots will turn out ok I loved it Thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for providing a free copy in return for an honest review. I have fallen in love with the heroine of This I Know by Eldonna Edwards I was so very lucky to receive an advanced copy Grace Carter will be with me maybe always I loved this book Everyone add it to your lists or pre order It is That good. Grace is an eleven year old girl with a gift for seeing events and hearing the thoughts of others She calls it The Knowing She speaks with Isaac, her twin brother who died at birth He offers her guidance and assurance, giving her a glimpse of God s love Her father, a Minister, sees Grace s abilities as evil, making her feel like an outcast in her own family and the community All Grace desires is the love and approval of her father, as shown in this quote His fear has built a wall between us that I can never seem to break through, no matter how much good stuff I do to try to tear it down I started to feel ashamed after that day but Isaac assured me I was special He reminded me of the words to the Sunday school song This Little Light of Mine , and that God doesn t want us to hide our light under a bushel The truth is, I don t think there s a bushel big enough to hide the Knowing It keeps getting bigger and stronger, like a storm cloud before it grows into a tornado I ve spent most of my life holding it by the tail Grace feels isolated, her mother suffers from depression, her sisters don t understand her and she has few friends beyond the daughter of the eccentric hippie couple and the homeless man who sleeps in their barn But Grace has a big and loving heart and wants for her gift to offer hope to others.I fell in love with Grace, wanting the best for her in this delightful coming of age story.The author draws on her own experience as a Minister s daughter to provide insight into the portrait of a congregation in a small Midwestern town I m looking forward toby this author.

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