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Thirteen Reasons Why You Can T Stop The Future You Can T Rewind The PastThe Only Way To Learn The Secret Is To Press PlayClay Jensen Returns Home From School To Find A Strange Package With His Name On It Lying On His Porch Inside He Discovers Several Cassette Tapes Recorded By Hannah Baker His Classmate And Crush Who Committed Suicide Two Weeks Earlier Hannah S Voice Tells Him That There Are Thirteen Reasons Why She Decided To End Her Life Clay Is One Of Them If He Listens, He Ll Find Out Why Clay Spends The Night Crisscrossing His Town With Hannah As His Guide He Becomes A Firsthand Witness To Hannah S Pain, And As He Follows Hannah S Recorded Words Throughout His Town, What He Discovers Changes His Life Forever

About the Author: Jay Asher

Jay Asher was born in Arcadia, California on September 30, 1975 He grew up in a family that encouraged all of his interests, from playing the guitar to his writing He attended Cuesta College right after graduating from high school It was here where he wrote his first two children s books for a class called Children s Literature Appreciation At this point in his life, he had decided he wanted t

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    I m one of the very few people who strongly disliked Thirteen Reasons Why, so maybe I should explain to you why.I hate Thirteen Reasons Why And here s why.Most of all, it glamorises suicide.I m putting this at the top because I can t believe I missed it in my original review And this is a controversial

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    Wow What a b tch. ButButMirandahow can you not love, cherish and worship a suicide book Hannah was so brave, she dealt with life the best way she couldBlah, blah, blah.Are you sitting down Good, cause things are about to get ranty.HUGE MOTHER EFFING DISCLAIMER If you absolutely loved this book or if you

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    THIRTEEN REASONS WHY I HATE THIS BOOK.Note, 6 10 17 Tape 11 has been updated.https emmareadstoomuch.wordpress.coAlright I really thought I wasn t going to review this book But a status sharing certain anti anti 13 Reasons Why sentiments did that make sense just came up onto my timeline, and I, to put it cordiall

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    oh god, somebody buy this girl some perspective oh wait, you can t because she s dead and i, for one, am glad of it because this character would have grown up to be a rotten judgmental schoolmarmy horrorshow of an adult just horrible.and people love this book like cookies backtrack plot a girl kills herself but before she goes,

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    When you mess with one part of a person s life, you re messing with their entire life Everything affects everything Sometimes it s hard to see why other people might dislike a book you enjoy, but with Thirteen Reasons Why, I can understand it perfectly.It is told from the perspective of Clay, but is mostly about the life of Han

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    WARNING I did not like this book If you did, and would hate it if someone me ranted and bitched about it, then DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW.REVIEW I don t know why this book is so popular And I honestly don t know what all the rave is about I heard so many great things about this novel, that s why I read it While this was a good book, well written and

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    I figured this deserved a real review.I m a bipolar chick I m a girl who has struggled with suicidal thoughts since she was nine years old at the very latest And I just do not buy 13RW s representation of a suicidal girl The very premise of the book is flawed to me you don t kill yourself for REASONS, you kill yourself because there is a bug in your brain

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    EDIT AND UPDATE, 2017 I read this book back in 2014 when I was a teen and I hated it I still hate it My review is getting a lot of traffic atm so I m just going to do a little update and leave you some links to better reviews that tell how problematic the story is Tweet thread on the problematic show.Article on why it s dangerous.Goodreads review on why it s serio

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    I REALLY REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK I had heard very mixed things for some time and it seemed a lot of readers were very divided on this book, but I personally really loved it.I do want to say I don t think this is 100% the best book in the world for depression suicide, but I do believe it is an intersting narrative on how suicide impacts those affected, considering suicide is

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    Update 7 10 15 A Conversation From Yesterday Co Worker My kid just read this book and loved it You are a reader, right If you haven t read it, you should read it Me What s it called CW Thirteen Reasons or something It s about suicide Me Hmmmm, yeah I think that sounds familiar Hold on lemme check checking GR and finding review CW You find it Me Um, yeah CW So you like it Me

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