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Then I Met You Then I Met You by Matt Dunn is a contemporary love story that unfolds over the course of a single weekend I always leap at the chance to read a romance that is told from the male perspective, as this genre seems to be dominated by the female voice.Simon has lost the love of his life and is uninterested in throwing himself back into the dating scene He reluctantly agrees to join the charismatic and outspoken Lisa for a single drink as part of a blind date feature for the local paper Both Simon and Lisa are intriguing characters, each bringing their significant emotional baggage along with them to the meeting, and their bantering is both witty and delightfully snarky.This is a fun read that will have you smiling and, quite possibly, relating to this run through the gauntlet of modern love Although it is somewhat predictable, this is an enjoyable read that is worth a look.Many thanks to NetGalley, Publishing UK, and Lake Union Publishing for this ARC. I have read several books by Matt Dunn before and enjoyed his light hearted guy lit approach to the genre Then I Met You does not disappoint, it does exactly what you expect, how you expect and when you expect and I LOVED it Being predictable doesn t take away from the enjoyment of reading this fate brought us together and won t let us part despite the numerous mishaps along the way book.Lisa and Simon are set up on a blind date that goes horribly wrong It is a book of self exploration, relationship analysis, grief and plain good old fashioned rom com It was deliciously easy to read I stayed up half the night with my son snoring next to me reading just one chapter on the kindle I will say I found Lisa a little whiny by the end but I think the author does a good job of showing how people can over react, or allow their past to affect the current relationships this being true with Simon too There is enough depth in each of the characters to make them likeable without dragging away from the intended light hearted humour, the prose is easy and fast past it will make a great summer read.Due for publication on 6th August and I d say grab a copy, if you like chit lit you won t be disappointed 4 5Thanks to NetGalley and Matt Dun for the advanced copy in return for an honest review which will be published on my blog Then I Met You by Matt Dunn a four star read you won t want to miss This has such great characters that you won t be able to stop yourself feeling for them and caring for them, that s why I think Matt Dunn is a great writer, he writes people you can identify with and understand so much Throw in some funny, funny stories and you have a great read My only issue was that it dragged a little in a couple of points, but overall a very well thought out and honestly funny read. ThenImetYou NetGalleyI have been thinking that my diet of women s fiction written by women from diverse backgrounds, could possibly use some testosterone So I was happy to be approved to read this book from Netgalley Thanks This book has a quick easy pace which you can read quickly, as I did The story is about Lisa and Simon who are set up on a blind date by their friends which is a nightmare That never ends In spite of the characters discomfort, it s a funny, light read It s not all fluff though I like how the author pays some attention to developing characters so that you hear about their flaws but then you also see them manifest on the date And possibly grow Not telling, no spoilers Now when I say flaws, I really just mean Lisa At times I felt like Lisa was based on a crazy ex of the author, portraying her as intense, bossy and inattentive Other times she just seemed a little dumb walking into traffic, her whole trip to Mexico, tattoo, etc Simon, on the other hand, is shy, smart, gentlemanly and kind All The Time The worst of him is that he s just SO honest 1millioneyerolls that he really thinks it would be great to get feedback from an ex not his on what s wrong with Lisa There are many moments of classic comedic setups coincidences, mistaken identity and misunderstandings for days It keeps the story moving, but a healthy suspension of disbelief is required I enjoyed the description of the city and felt like the setting is important to this author I felt closer to the story picturing the town. It takes great skills and competence to treat such tragic topics with so much lightness and accompanying respect What we have here is undoubtedly a romantic comedy with a light tone but with a very deep meaning It was very easy to identify with both characters, two damaged persons by the past, by themselves like many The story would have provided great dramatic, tragic material yet you do smile a lot while reading on as is customary in Matt Dunn s novels I was particularly impressed by the very short timeframe of a couple of days that had worried me at the beginning I was afraid it would be too heavy, too much, in a too short time and yet was pivotal for the main message of hope and optimism that we get in the end The double POV works perfectly, too I found it engaging and entertaining and extremely uplifting Top dialogues, funny jokes and brilliant puns Matt Dunn never fails to delight us Absolutely recommended.I had the great pleasure to be able to read this book through NetGalley, before it was published Many thanks to the author, the publisher and NetGalley ThenIMetYou NetGalley Jess works at a newspaper called The Gazette on a feature that matches people up on blind dates and then follows up with them afterwards to see how it goes Lisa is Jess friend and agrees to go on one of the dates She has a history of dating losers who dump her and she s optimistically still looking for the one.Simon is still grieving over the loss of his relationship with Alice two years ago and is happy being alone Will is his best friend and Jess boyfriend Will tricks Simon into the blind date with Jess and Will has no choice but to go through with it.Things don t go well with between Lisa and Simon right from the start they are too different and want different things But for the sake of Jess column, they do a redo of the date within hours, courtesy of Jess corporate credit card.I ve read many books by this author and thought it was okay I usually find his books humourous but I thought this one was a bit of downer I found Lisa was so desperate to find someone and put up with losers I didn t find her overly likable Simon was still trying to get over his relationship with Alice and wasn t overly enthusiastic to be stuck on a date with Lisa He seemed to have a dry sense of humour.It was written in third person perspective from Lisa and Simon s points of view The story happens over 24 hours As a head s up, there is some swearing.Blog review post Book Review Then I Met YouBy Matt Dunn3 5 Stars I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Pub Date 8 6 2019Let me start by saying I was able to read this quickly in one day It was a fast romantic, chick lit read There were some great jokes, funny puns and of courseromance Meet Simon and Alice Simon hasn t had a date for two years when he had the perfect girlfriend Alice doesn t want another date or even a boyfriend Simon s best friend, Will, decides it is time to set up Simon finally on a blind date This date ends up being a marathon lasting over 24hrs Alice and Simon start by hating one another as expected How will it end What happens when they find themselves featured as a blind date in the local paper Will sparks fly or will it flop Matt Dunn is back on top form with When I Met You A wonderful romantic comedy which tops the genre perfectly in every way.Simon hasn t had a date in two years He had the perfect girlfriend, Alice, and doesn t want to look for another His best friend, Will, doesn t think that is right, Will believes Simon should get back in the saddle as it has been two years Lisa has not been lucky in love She has not found the one why can she not find a good man What will happen when they find themselves on a blind date which will feature in the local newspaper Will Simon and Lisa get along with each other Will the chemistry flow Will sparks fly Or will it be a disaster A very funny and entertaining read.Thanks to NetGalley for a Kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Dream Date Or An Absolute Nightmare Lisa S Dated A Series Of Disastrous Men Simon S Loved And Lost The Girl Of His Dreams She S Hoping Fate Might Intervene In Her Love Life He D Prefer That It Stopped Meddling With HisToday, They Re Meeting, Courtesy Of The Local Paper S Blind Date Feature But While Lisa S Looking For That Elusive Spark , Simon S Sure Lightning Doesn T Strike Twice Will Theirs Be A Love That S Written In The Stars, Or Merely Another Mismatch Written Up In The Gazette From The Bestselling Author Of At The Wedding Comes A Story Of Two Perfect Strangers Who Might Just Be Perfect For Each Other Not my normal sort of book but I really enjoyed this Lisa and Simon have been set up on a blind date by their friends Will and Jess Jess works for a newspaper who will feature the date in their regular blind date column and really needs the date to be successful in order for her to keep her job Lisa has just come out of another failed relationship Simon s girlfriend died 2 years ago but he hasn t dated since Can the blind date actually work well enough to save Jess s job Will Simon and Lisa be able to put their pasts behind them and have a good time There was a big thing wrong with the initial premise how come Jess and Will have never mentioned Simon or Lisa to the other person before especially as they are so compatible However, this is quickly forgotten as the story progresses A worthwhile read.

About the Author: Matt Dunn

Matt was born in Margate, but eventually escaped to Spain to write his first novel in between working as a newspaper columnist, and playing a lot of tennis Previously he has been a professional lifeguard, fitness equipment salesman, and an IT head hunter, but he prefers writing for a living, so hopes people will keep buying his books.Matt is the author of four contemporary romantic comedy novel

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