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The Zapatista Reader The Electrifying Effect The Zapatista Peasant Rebellion Has Had On Leading Figures In The Intellectual, Political, And Literary World Since The Zapatistas Woke Them Up On New Year S Day Has Provided Inspiration For Activists All Over The World A Remarkable Synergy Has Also Developed Between Leading Writers, Novelists, And Journalists And Subcomandante Marcos, The Enigmatic, Pipe Smoking And Balaclavered Leader Of The Zapatista Army Of National Liberation, Who Seems Like A Character Out Of A Magical Realism Novel This Reader Includes A Wide Sampling Of The Best Of The Writing To Emerge On The Subject The Book Is A Journey Through An Insurgent And Magical World Of Culture And Politics, Where Celebrants And Critics Debate What Carlos Fuentes Has Described As The World S First Post Communist Rebellion Included Are Essays By Paco Taibo II, Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes, Elena Poniatowska, Ilan Stavans, Carlos Monsivais, Jorge Castenada, Jose Saramago, John Berger, Marc Cooper, Andrew Kopkind, Bill Weinberg, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Alma Guillermoprieto And Eduardo Galeano

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    I m no different from anyone else I, too, have fallen in love with Subcomandante Marcos.

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    Yeah, they re Indians and they re pissed

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    I figured this would read like a university course text, but so far it s fun to read Really good, poetic writing in some parts I don t know anything about the subject just spent a week in San Cristobal de las Casas and only watch one terrible documentary that tried to make Zapatistas seem cool by juxtaposing explosions and guns with Rage Against the

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    This was a required reading for me and I still own it It s a collection of stories and articles that lay out a history of the Zapatista movement I still never hear much about the movement, which is still going on in Chiapas Mexico, as far as I know Indigenous people murdered, arrested, and driven into the jungles of southern Mexico by a government that allows

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    This isn t a book you read from start to finish In fact, you re never quite finished with it The collection of essays and articles allows the reader to jump from section to section, though it helps if one is familiar with the movement Everyone should own a copy It will enlighten and empower you.

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    The Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico is one of the most interesting popular movement against capitalist globalisation that there is, and this collection of documents from within the movement and from supporters and observers is one of the best introductions to and outlines of the movement and what it stands for.

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    The highlight of this book is definitely the beautiful writings of Subcomandante Marcos himself But I thoroughly enjoyed some of the essays and articles that included these writings namely the piece by Eduardo Galeano The book offered a variety of perspectives on the Zapatista Movemt, and I loved picking it just to give myself confidence in my ability to organize.

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    Excellent collection of reportage and analysis, and, of course, all of El Sup s most important writings through 2001 The inclusion of just a few Zapatista voices would have made this a comprehensive collection.

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    While an excellent compendium of writings by and about the Zapatistas which covers a lot of ground However, I found it rather uneven in its quality and sometimes repetitive Also, there was precious little about the issues of land rights in the book, which are central to to the Zapatista cause.

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    Read this book in 2004 after driving my old Saturn down to Chiapas to visit a Zapatista community.

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