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AAAARRRR Ok 3.5 stars If Kelly would have gotten killed, it would have been a 10 Let me say this I HATE KELLY I hate her I hate her I hate her She is my least favorite character of all time, all genre s, all age groups Was this even Kelly s book No But I almost quit reading it because Kelly was in it enough and I couldn t stand her any This is Wolfer and Alys story I liked both characters Wolfer is full of untapped potential He could have been the sexiest of the brothers, but Johnson really didn t develope that much with him Bummer I love the brothers They are fun and their interactions are entertaining Kelly is the only fly in the soup Just in case I haven t made it clear, I HATE HER.The book, well, it was enjoyable with the Kelly exception It was a bit lacking in plot Alys and Wolfer were slated for each other right off the bat and there really wasn t anything to their romance The plot worked around the brothers uncle, but that really didn t pick up till the end The beginning of the book was a bunch of unnecessary sexual ennuendo that added nothing to the book I rate it as a fair, enjoyable read, but not great The brothers as a whole is what saved the book.I m hoping the next in the series is better I m really looking forward to the next and to Rydan s book I hate Kelly I had to come back and add this Bareback riding is not erotic I don t know what makes people think it is, other than that it is done with your legs apart As an avid horsewoman, I have to say that it would take a GREAT deal of effort and concentration to find your release from riding bareback Straddle a wobbly wooden kitchen chair backwards Yep, that s it Still hate Kelly I couldn t take this book seriously Why, you ask Well, there s this part in the beginning where Wolfer fyi, the name makes me think of a car for some reason shifts into a horse to carry Alys to the castle She get s on his back he gets an erection.Horse Erection Was I the only one who paused for a moment and turned away from the book to try and scrub the idea of horse penises from my mind I hope not, otherwise I am one disturbed individual Moving on The book was a light read, kind of a filler, since you don t get the feeling that anything important happens Sure, the diabolical Uncle whats his face is finally defeated, but it is done so quickly it doesn t seem to have much significance There is heaps, HEAPS, of sex that, personally, to me didn t seem very steamy Just kind of bland, and repetitive as the same moves were pulled and so forth Another thing it irked me how everyone reacted to Alys betrayal This is mainly because it was pretty obvious form the start, and than Rydan was the only one to see it before she confessed didn t say much for the other characters intelligence Their subsequent suspicion of her, while short lasting, was kind of unnecessary since it was kind of obvious Alys was only helping her Uncle to survive the years she lived with him, and was too in love with Wolfer to betray him and his family The world also wasn t as interesting here as it was in The Sword , so it was hard for me to find many enjoyable things about this read Queen Kelly didn t help She is a bitch And I hate her Infinitely and irrevocably To conclude, this book wasn t very good, but its short length managed to keep me from getting bored I give it 2 stars. Having a hard time with this series It s really out there The author has a great imagination but I feel like the heroine and the one before book one are a tad bit immature That or I m just having a hard time connecting with the whole series at all. The first book was cute, even if it was rather strange This second book though just dragged. The Sons Of Destiny Series Continues In This Breathtaking Romantic Fantasy From A Fresh New Voice Eight Brothers, Born In Four Sets Of Twins, Two Years Apart To The Day They Fulfill The Curse Of Eight Prophecy To Avoid Tempting Their Destiny, The Brothers Are Exiled To Nightfall Island, Where Women Are Forbidden When A Childhood Friend Seeks Refuge Among The Brothers, It Triggers A Confrontation With Their Mysterious Enemy Alys Arrives Desperate And Afraid, But Welcomed By Wolfer, The Second Born Brother Who Harbors Deep Feelings For Alys But She Harbors A Secret Her Own Uncle Is Tormenting The Exiled Brothers, And Seeks To Kill Them To Secure Their Ancestral Inheritance For Himself Confessing Her Uncle S Plan To The Brothers Puts Them At Even Greater Risk, For Their Resistance Against The Evil Mage Has Stirred His Wrath Alys Fears Her Uncle Is Determined This Time To Exterminate The Brothers Once And For All Destroying The Star Crossed Lovers As Well Plot 3 5 dull plot saved by the showdown ending Characterisation 3 5Prose 4 5How much I enjoyed it 3 5 To me, this book was filler I made myself read it because I wanted to read Dominor s story The premise of the book should have been the type I like, since they were childhood sweethearts and all Why did I not like it The Sex There was too much of it and so little plot The problem was, the sex was the most interesting part of the book, because there was some obvious skimping on the other cute interactions with the other brothers and all Alys, obviously, got the short end of the stick when she was absent for all the inside jokes they shared No one bothered to make up new ones They do try to fill her in The antagonist, the Uncle, whatever his name was, was a pretty intense villain Great things could have happened, but he was killed way too quickly It wasn t bad, just too short.Basically, the story got a little too hung up on the sex, and skimped on tension and dialogue A little disappointing considering all that could have been done Still, its a prerequisite to read the next book with Dominor, which I am looking forward for. The second son shall know his fate He who hunts is not aloneWhen claw would strike and cut to boneA Chain of silk shall bind his handSo Wolf is caught in marriage band This is the second book in the Son s of Destiny series and I am throughly enjoying this series of stories about the Son s of Destiny.Wolf is the second oldest, twin of Sabar Alys and Wolf were chillhood friends, Alys in love with Wolf ever since she can remember Alys has a evil Uncle who has tormented the brothers from afar Alys escapes from her Uncle and makes her way to Nightfall Island Wolf is very, very protective of Alys, always has been and always will be.To me this one was not as good as the first but I still enjoyed reading it Just another series for my to keep bokshelves that are getting fuller and fuller. Okay really having trouble getting through this book From the picture in the back, I assume the author is over 17 and has had sex with a man at least once in her life Maybe she wrote this when she was younger and a virgin and never really re edited The feminist diatribes really don t add to the story I m at least halfway through it, I should be able to finish it Definitely not up to the standards of the first Hopefully the 3rd will be better Did actually finish it, the fight scene was worth slogging through the rest of it. This lovestory was a little boring but it was still a good book The story of the eight brothers is facinating I like the fact that she continues to write about the antics of the other siblings alongside the main characters The battle at the end of this book is very important and won t make sense without investing in the rest of the book I suspect it will be the one I least enjoy but it was stil worth my reading time. The Wolf

About the Author: Jean Johnson

Berkley Jove Authors Bio Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. 1 romance author, science fiction authorJean Johnson currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, has played in the SCA for 25 years, sings a lot, and argues with her cat about territorial rights to her office chair She loves hearing from her readers, and has a distinct sense of humor Right now she s living in a home with zone heating decent plumbing, but hopes to some day put turrets and ramparts on it so that it looks like a castle.

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