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The Witch of Blackbird Pond Orphaned Kit Tyler Knows, As She Gazes For The First Time At The Cold, Bleak Shores Of Connecticut Colony, That Her New Home Will Never Be Like The Shimmering Caribbean Island She Left Behind In Her Relatives Stern Puritan Community, She Feels Like A Tropical Bird That Has Flown To The Wrong Part Of The World, A Bird That Is Now Caged And Lonely The Only Place Where Kit Feels Completely Free Is In The Meadows, Where She Enjoys The Company Of The Old Quaker Woman Known As The Witch Of Blackbird Pond, And On Occasion, Her Young Sailor Friend Nat But When Kit S Friendship With The Witch Is Discovered, Kit Is Faced With Suspicion, Fear, And Anger She Herself Is Accused Of Witchcraft

About the Author: Elizabeth George Speare

I was born in Melrose, Massachusetts, on November 21, 1908 I have lived all my life in New England, and though I love to travel I can t imagine ever calling any other place on earth home Since I can t remember a time when I didn t intend to write, it is hard to explain why I took so long getting around to it in earnest But the years seemed to go by very quickly In 1936 I married Alden Speare a

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    I really liked this book, and have therefore come to the conclusion that books written for children can be higher quality writing than books written for adults because there isn t this pressure to impress with heavy metaphor and poignant statements about life When adults write for adults there is too much pressure, adults writing for children understand that it is the story and

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    Buy the truth, and do not sell it,also wisdom and instruction and understanding Psalm 23 23A wholly satisfying read and respectable look at Puritan life I m a 23 yr old in college guy, and Who knew I d get so emotionally invested I certainly didn t There were several parts when I was legitimately frustrated, angry, and a little teary eyed to level with you My favorite scenes were quite e

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    A good witch is hard to find.I should know I ve been searching for one my entire life.So, I went into this read thinking maybe this is her the witch of blackbird pond Maybe she will finally be the tatter haired witch that Karla Kuskin decribes, or the magical prognosticator, chanting, canting, calculator that Felice Holman makes me want to meet.I wasn t looking for a Bellatrix LeStrange, I

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    My autumn witch a thon continues with The Witch of Blackbird Pond, the Newberry Medal winning novel by Elizabeth George Speare Published in 1958, I gather this is required reading in some public schools The Bookman in Orange carries new copies, while a buddy of mine named Steve Green at McClain s Coffeehouse in Fullerton caught me reading this and experienced a bad flashback to his junior high days

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    Kit, Katherine Tyler, is a free spirit When her grandfather dies, she sells off his giant home in Barbados and sets sail to find her only remaining family in Connecticut colony She weathers a storm, avoids seasickness, and even manages to wrangle two entire conversations out of the blue eyed son of the ship s captain.However, the Connecticut mainland has a sharper edge than any of the challenges on board ship How

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    My wife Barb had read this back in the 90s, and mentioned to me at the time how much she liked it, which had put it on my radar So last fall, when I was considering a new book to read aloud to her, I selected this one, guessing rightly that after the lapse of 25 years or so, it would be like a new read The very short Goodreads description for this edition says it brings to life the witch hysteria of Puritan New England Tha

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    FULL REVIEW HERE She snatched at the dream that had comforted her for so long It was faded and thin, like a letter too often read A search of identity, belonging, friendship, and breaking social class boundaries, this book is uncharacteristically deep for young adult novels Not only is the time period historically accurate, but Elizabeth George Spear incorporates easy to read, yet distinct and complex, accents From the Quaker witch

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    This book got me into historical fiction which is the genre perhaps closest to my heart The conflict between freedom and responsibility, between individual and family and community ring as clear today as they did when I first read this book as a kid

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    A serious favourite from my formative youth, strange and harsh and nearly illicitly romantic so that I reread it, no matter how much Kit s predicament upset and scared me mobs and trials and institutions are some of my worst fears.Reading it quickly now for the first time in English many decades after first finding it in the small town library, I m struck by how good a book it is Many, amongst them the woman who raised formed me as well as Narnia, c

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    What a pity every child couldn t learn to read under a willow tree Elizabeth George Speare, The Witch of Blackbird PondA book from my childhood and one of the best pieces of Historical fiction..one of the best BOOKS..I have ever read.PLEASE do not go into this..if you have not read it..thinking it is only for children or young adults Do you know how many people I know who read this in adulthood So have I although my first reading of it was in my childhood.So

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