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The Wisdom of No Escape and the Path of Loving Kindness Massmarket Edition Of This Spiritual Guide To Making The Most Of Life, Through Bad Times As Well As Good, From Bestselling Author Pema Ch Dr N This Accessible Book Has Been On The US Bestseller Lists Consistently For Four Years Now In The Wisdom Of No Escape, Bestselling Author Pema Ch Dr N Shows Us The Profound Value Of Our Situation Of No Exit From The Ups And Downs Of LifeThis Book Is About Saying Yes To Life In All Its Manifestations About Making Friends With Ourselves And Our World And Embracing The Potent Mixture Of Joy, Suffering, Brilliance, And Confusion That Characterizes The Human ExperienceIt Urges Us To Wake Up Wholeheartedly To Everything And To Use The Abundant, Richly Textured Fabric Of Everyday Life As Our Primary Spiritual Teacher And Guide I read this book right after I crushed my hand and was experiencing nearly constant panic It reached me through that buzz when nothing else could I gave it to my mom to look at when she visited and she borrowed it for like 3 years I just got it back I remembered a story about ravens being knocked around in the desert wind, literally holding onto phone lines by their beak and claws then how they would just let go and play in the fury there was so much joy and fearlessness in the idea that I held onto the image for years even though I ve never seen such a sight personally.I would say if the words spiritual path totally freak you out you could still read this Simply stated and fit for regular life It s good sense in a world that rarely makes any sense at all. Oh lordie Pema Chodron makes me understand how people go insane and become fundamentalists She is SO SMART and EVERYONE should just walk around thinking about her ALL THE TIME. Once you know that the purpose of your life is simply to walk forward and continually to use your life to wake you up rather than put you to sleep, then there s that sense of wholeheartedness about inconvenience, wholeheartedness about convenience Comfort orientation murders the spirit that was the general message Opting for coziness, having that as your prime reason for existing, becomes a continual obstacle to taking a leap and doing something new, doing something unusual, like going as a stranger into a strange land 94 Pema Chodron takes Tich Naht Hahn s Zen Buddhist wisdom and makes it readable No totally obscure allegories or fragments of wisdom to decode for meaning She is straight from the heart, speaks of her experience, and translates the traditional Buddhist teachings into an every day accessible language and practice I reference Tich Naht Hahn, but she is actually from a different school of Buddhism under Tringpah Ringpoche.

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