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The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop Three stars may be a bit generous This was a quick, easy read I think it is marketed for middle grades, but I think it would appeal to a younger reader although there are a few themes that may be tough for younger kids I liked the story, but it seemed to lose focus and go in many different directions But I think kids would enjoy the magical story and I do like the message at the end unconditional love and sacrifice. I loved this book, but I have to warn you The title might make you think this a sweet story about a candy shop Not so It s got murder yea, I know a tad disconcerting for an elementary age level book but there are no violent details magic, international intrigue, a rather lovable villain, talking animals including an immortal, invisible body glitter wearing cat and dyslexia Saunders magically weaves it all together to make an engaging, easy read.A villain is redeemed, a young girl discovers hidden courage and the knowledge that she is than her dyslexia and of course the world is saved all by 11 year old children What child wouldn t love this book It would be an excellent choice for a classroom read aloud.I checked this book out from the public library because I thought it might be a good title for my Mock Newbery club in the fall Though the writing is certainly good enough for the Newbery IMHO , it isn t eligible since Saunders is not an American author However, I know my students will love this book and I ve already ordered two copies for the library. Reminiscent Of Road Dahl S Charlie And The Chocolate Factory A Great Read Aloud BooklistWelcome To The Most Magical House In London The Family Of Eleven Year Old Twins Oz And Lily Have Inherited It, Together With The Mysterious Shop Downstairs Long Ago, The Shop S Famous Chocolate Makers, Who Also Happen To Be Oz And Lily S Great Uncles, Were Clever Sorcerers Now Evil Villians Are Hunting For The Secret Of Their Greatest Recipe The Terrifying Powers Of This Magic Chocolate Have The Ability To Destroy The World Soon, Oz And Lily Are Swept Into A Thrilling Battle, Helped By An Invisible Cat, A Talking Rat, And The Ghost Of An Elephant It S Up To Them To Stop The Villians And Keep The Magical Chocolate Recipe Out Of Harm S Way Their Family And The World Depends On It The title is so promising, but I was disappointed overall If you d like to spend time with an immortal talking cat, an immortal talking rat, the ghost of a famous elephant, three magical eleven year olds who had no clue they were magical until chapter two or three , and a frustrated evil genius, then this is the perfect book for you It s insane really, which may be just what a fantasy lover is looking for It s set in London It s set in an old chocolate shop It features a SECRET AGENCY dealing specifically with all things magic ghosts, goblins, etc The premise to this wild book starts off simply a family inherits a house on Skittle street The family decides to move there instead of selling Only the two children twins see and hear the two magical residents of the house a cat and rat They learn of their family s past There were magical triplets who ran a chocolate shop together One turned evil and murdered his two brothers The bad guy the murderer is immortal, he s still got evil plans that need to be stopped And, of course, these two are the ONLY ones able to do it I like my fantasy to be a little tamer, and a lot saner It was too much for me But it might be just right for other readers. I listened to this book in its Audiobook format what a wonderful find I had heard nothing about the book or Saunders prior, so I was completely surprised by the direction the story went in Unlike many books, you have no idea where the story is going because it is truly an original plot with quirky and delightful characters I have since recommended this to others, and I ll definitely be reading listening to Lily, Oz, and Kayden s adventures again Be warned though, there are older themes such as violence murder, though nothing gory and alcoholism, so those with younger readers might want to skim through it first. Strengths Saunders books are always a treat for me Beswitched and Magicalamity were great fun This one was no exception I adored the house in London with its secret passages and chocolate making equipment the easily distracted parents who can be persuaded that really, their son has not been kidnapped by an immortal evil great uncle but is really at a music camp and the endless cups of tea that are consumed for every imaginable event Add to that talking cats, immortality, chocolate there s just nothing that didn t make me sigh with happiness I saved this as an incentive for making it through the week perfect Friday evening reading I like the book, because I like the genre fiction adventure stories When you first look at the book you think it is just about some strange story about oddly named chocolate It is really about kids who are finding out amazing things In the first few chapters it was normal and mostly fascinating Then I got to the to the engrossing part, from there I couldn t put it down This is my favourite book from about 10 or books I read this year I think that it it should be a little detailed in the settings where the characters were In all I like this book and I will read the second one. The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop is a really good book because it is about chocolate and mystery If you like chocolate, talking cats, and mystery books, then this book is good for you I loved this book because of it s twist in the story and my love for chocolate and cats Also because at the begining of the book the author really grabs your atencion to make you want to read all of the time The mystery keeps moving on throught the book but do they solve the case and save the boy who go kidnaped, the world may never know unless you read the book. cute, cozy,magical adventure with talking animals i loved demerara the cat would definitely want her as my pet. The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop is cute and whimsical, but also has a bit of a dark side.It seems to me there s not a lot of murder in middle grade If there is, then I m totally missing it or forgetting it so it surprised me And not exactly in the best way I mean, sure, things end up pretty well, but I just kept thinking about how this character killed in cold blood It was a little unsettling.I enjoyed the characters, but it felt like I didn t really get past the surface with most of them So, while enjoyed them, I feel like I didn t really get to know them and couldn t care about what happened to them all too much Plus, I know she s eleven, but Lily s constant need to cry started to get to me.I liked the story overall, but I d been hoping for magic chocolate Most of the use of magic chocolate happened in the past, so it s just stories about magic chocolate instead of first hand experience The stories are imaginative and entertaining, yes, I just hoped it would have a bigger part in the present.The adventures Oz and Lily get to go on are pretty great There s everything from scuba diving to cave dwelling to helicopter rides Not to mention the romp around town with a giant cat The Nutshell Despite the fact that my review makes it seem I didn t like The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop it was a cute, quick read I didn t get as attached to the characters as I d like, but the talking animals, and awesome adventures made it worth the read.Near Miss

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Kate Saunders born 1960 is an English author, actress, and journalist The daughter of the early public relations advocate Basil Saunders and his journalist wife Betty n e Smith , Saunders has worked for newspapers and magazines in the UK, including The Sunday Times, Sunday Express, Daily Telegraph, She, and Cosmopolitan.She has also been a regular contributor to radio and television, with appe

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