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The Way of Zen In His Definitive Introduction To Zen Buddhism, Alan Watts Explains The Principles And Practices Of This Ancient Religion To Western Readers With A Rare Combination Of Freshness And Lucidity, He Delves Into The Origins And History Of Zen To Explain What It Means For The World Today With Incredible Clarity Watts Saw Zen As One Of The Most Precious Gifts Of Asia To The World, And In The Way Of Zen He Gives This Gift To Readers Everywhere

About the Author: Alan W. Watts

Alan Wilson Watts was a British philosopher, writer and speaker, who held both a Master s in Theology and a Doctorate of Divinity Famous for his research on comparative religion, he was best known as an interpreter and popularizer of Asian philosophies for a Western audience He wrote over 25 books and numerous articles on subjects such as personal identity, the true nature of reality, higher con

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    There ought to be a special star green purple for books that meant something to you a long time ago, but which you know you would hate today.

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    In The Way of Zen, Alan Watts introduces us to Zen Buddhism and to some extend Taoism to the average John and Jane The history and background of Zen and Taoism in part one helps us unde

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    I see the Way of Zen not so much as an exposition of a secularized version of Zen Buddhism or Eastern thought generally , explained in a manner easily understood by Westerners which it is , b

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    In terms of immediate perception, when we look for things there is nothing but mind, and when we look for mind there is nothing but things For a moment we are paralyzed, because it seems that we have

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    It might be that I am a little too generous with my stars here, but this was the first book on Japanese and Chinese philosophy that I ever read I was very much taken with Watts attitude respect without too

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    Great book for an introduction to Zen.

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    I picked this up on a whim whilst searching for books on Buddhism at the library Actually, an online friend years ago had mentioned Watts among several other recommendations on the subject of Buddhism, so as I was search

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    Alan Watts The Way of Zen influenced me in my 20 s If there s nothing better out there, this is a useful book for everybody But you don t have to go from where you are to Zen Buddhism to find the Way Sufism includes a lot of Ze

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    Written in Watts eminently readable attractive prose style, concise and provocative, The Way of Zen has annoyed American practitioners since its 1957 publication Philip Kapleau went out of his way to denounce it in the introduction to

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    It s amazing how many books have been written about Zen in the West, since almost all of them admit right off the bat that Zen cannot be explained, at least in words It might seem like a futile endeavor, and yet we can t help both writing an

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