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The Warlock The Twins Of Prophecy Have Been Divided The End Has BegunAlcatrazAlthough Their Ally Dr John Dee Has Been Declared Utlaga, Machiavelli And Billy The Kid Will Follow The Plans The Elders Have Laid Before Them They Will Loose The Monsters Of Alcatraz On The City Of San Francisco, Thereby Triggering The End Of The Human RaceDanu Talis The Shadowrealm That Scatty And Joan Of Arc Have Entered Is Far Dangerous Than They Could Ever Have Imagined And They Haven T Landed Here By Chance The Warriors Were Called For A Reason So Were Saint Germain, Palamedes, And Shakespeare The Group Was Summoned Because They Must Travel Back Int Time To Danu Talis To Destroy It For The Island Of Danu Talis, Known In Humani Myth As The Lost City Of Atlantis, Must Fall If The Modern World Is To ExistSan FranciscoThe End Is Finally Near Josh Newman Has Chosen A Side, And He Will Not Stand With His Sister, Sophie, Or With The Alchemyst, Nicholas Flamel He Will Fight Alongside Dee And The Mysterious Virginia DareUnless Sophie Can Find Her Twin Before The Battle Begins, All Is Lost Forever

About the Author: Michael Scott

Irish born Michael Scott began writing over thirty years ago, and is one of Ireland s most successful and prolific authors, with over one hundred titles to his credit, spanning avariety of genres, including Fantasy, Science Fiction and Folklore He writes for both adults and young adults and is published in thirty seven countries, in over twenty languages.Praised for his unparalleled contribution

10 thoughts on “The Warlock

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    I did not finish this I stopped with 120 pages left, then skimmed the last chapter A whole bunch of flat, lifeless characters sitting around, doing shit all and bidding their time until the final book.This w

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    So, I ve started to pick apart the series This is going to be a bit of a rant of all the problems I found with this book, which can be found kind of consistently throughout the series If you re a big fan of this seri

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    Imposible no devorar cada libro Buen sima parte de esta saga que no para de asombrarme Estoy a un paso del final.

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    Not great I didn t give it a one star solely because the premise of the series is very good and had a lot of potential, and because Scott does have a good grip of language and paints a good picture, but this series has become and po

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    As the rest of the books in the series, this one was just OK, as well Before I begin, I want to say that if I read the line Nicholas Flamel is dying one time, I won t be responsible for my actions.Now, the problem with the book, and indeed th

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    Loved the book The small chapters and the movement from one group of characters to the next keep the story moving at a nice pace I enjoyed all the revealed info and several of them were quite surprising Am anxiously awaiting the final book to find out

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    I literally still hate Josh, but I love this story This story is just so damn cool All the myths that interweave and the characters are such a wide range of personalities I have no idea how this will end, already my head is spinning from the different twists an

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    I bought The Warlock on my Kindle the day it came out and had finnished it by the next day I can t wait for the next installment

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    Okay, this is not going to be a pretty review, so I ll try to keep it short.The Alchemyst was great The second book was good, just shy of being great The third book I struggled a bit The fourth book took me days to read, and even then I stretched it over the course of a couple o

  10. says:

    Oh My God This book is nothing short of incredible I couldn t believe how well Michael Scott brought everythign together The one thing I have to put in writing just as proof that I actually said it Now, I don t know if I m just slow on the uptake and everyone already knows, or if I m cra

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