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The Warehouse Gun Violence, Climate Change And Unemployment Have Ravaged The United States Beyond RecognitionAmidst The Wreckage, An Online Retail Giant Named Cloud Reigns Supreme Cloud Brands Itself Not Just As An Online Storefront, But As A Global Saviour Yet, Beneath The Sunny Exterior, Lurks Something Far SinisterPaxton Never Thought He D Be Working Security For The Company That Ruined His Life, Much Less That He D Be Moving Into One Of Their Sprawling Live Work Facilities But Compared To What S Left Outside, Perhaps Cloud Isn T So Bad Better Still, Through His Work He Meets Zinnia, Who Fills Him With Hope For Their Shared FutureExcept That Zinnia Is Not What She Seems And Paxton, With His All Access Security Credentials, Might Just Be Her Meal TicketAs Paxton And Zinnia S Agendas Place Them On A Collision Course, They Re About To Learn Just How Far The Cloud Will Go To Make The World A Better Place To Beat The System, You Have To Be Inside It

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    My thanks to Crown Publishing, and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book There are moments when I really appreciate Netgalley, and this is one of them This isn t a book that I would have spent money on, and if I had, then I probably still wouldn t have read

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    Rob Hart provides a shockingly powerful and harrowing glimpse into the all too real possible realities in our future, of a ravaged world and US, this is a contemporary dystopian version of Orwell s 1984 In this near future, there is a government, but it is of little consequence, there is

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    Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.Look around you The charming Mom Pop shops of yesteryear are a rarity now Brick and mortar chain stores are closing down at an alarming rate It s less and less safe to leave your home It s the perfect storm Online shopping, drone delivery, inst

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    An endorsement from Blake Crouch was all I needed to request this book from netgalley Imagine a world in the not so distant future where has become even all encompassing and you have The Warehouse Most small businesses have disappeared, driverless trucks and drones are the norm, and job choices are slim Th

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    This dystopian novel is set in the near future when Earth has been ravaged by climate change In America, cities have been destroyed by gun violence and economic collapse Unemployment is rife, the government is collapsing and citizens are scared to leave their homes A behemoth like company called the Cloud has pushed

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    Do you remember that scene in Idiocracy where you could walk into that small town called Costco and get your law degree and get a special Starbucks Yeah, well this novel isn t that But it is definitely on steroids, employing pretty much the last of humanity or 30 million of them as little drones send disposable products all ar

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review In the not too distant future, the world is dominated by The Cloud, an online retail one stop shop that feeds the growing demand for consumerism and controls everything, and everyone Essentially, it s the of the next decade And that s what makes this so chillingly real This

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    A thought provoking thriller Made me want to stop ordering from and never have grocery shopping delivered again.Full review to follow.

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    The Warehouse is a sort of 1984 or Brave New World, updated and revisited The premise of this page turning easy to read story is that perhaps we are further along that path than we care to admit and we are going there willfully gladly and without much thought about the consequences We already live in a world where mom and pop shops are disappearing from mai

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    An eerie modern take on Orwell s 1984 What struck me the most was the plausibility It s crossed my mind, as I m sure it has yours, that a monopoly online retailer has the power to change the world Is changing the world.In the USA especially, where convenience and instant gratification rule, it is easy to go with the flow without looking at the possible consequences P

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