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The Walking Dead, Vol. 14: No Way Out The Survivors Of Robert Kirkman And Charlie Adlard S Eisner Award Winning Post Apocalyptic Survival Adventure Have Found Relative Safety In The Confines Of The Community S Walls Or Have They As Conflicts Continue Within, The Undead Approach From The Outside Everyone Is Forced To Make Hard Decisions, And This Chapter Of New York Times Best Seller The Walking Dead Proves Again No One Is Safe WrensReads Review Even though the show is going down the toilet right now, I am still interested in the comics I mean, I haven t even gotten to Negan yet Do you remember this episode Or this, poor special features season premiere that we were all like wait what is happening again Or this woman who was all like I m big and bad and can take care of myself and my sons LOL Well, the graphic scene involving Jesse and her younger son and that random start to a season is in this volume The comic was such a better read than the show being a watch It was written well and things didn t feel forced which is what the show has become in my opinion.Oh, and this happensnot marking as a spoiler because everyone and their cousins know that this happens and if you don t, I bet that rock that you have been living under is still where you left it.and we are left with this..WrensReads Goodreads Twitter Instagram I love complex characters in fiction Who doesn t I like characters that are morally conflicted and deeply torn If they are going through some form of crisis it means they are distinctly human their emotions are real and their actions unpredictable they are volatile and potentially dangerous Enter Morgan, one of my favourite characters from the television series He is a man who has abstained from killing because the consequences of it drive him to the brink of despair He has no off switch, once the floodgates open and the bullets start flying he cannot control himself So he has decided to step back, to carry no guns and simply defend himself with a staff when absolutely necessary And he is rather deadly with it, but circumstances arise to complicate his life He is forced into a corner and forced to kill in order to save another life What does he become after Where does he stop He is one of the most interesting characters in the series, but, unfortunately, in the comics he is so very, very weak He is emotionally numb, stoic and a complete liability until he lets down his barriers and becomes a needy, emotional, blubbering wreck His reactions are understandable, though it is just portrayed far effectively on the screen Morgan becomes hard and he uses his grief to become a bad ass At this point I m actually contemplating abandoning this series all together I m reading it out of habit and feel like I have to continue due the subnational time investment I ve already put in I may try another issue sometime in the future, but not anytime soon It s starting to feel a little dull, the show is just so much better. Just as the group thought they d found a nice safe home in the Alexandria Safe Zone, then a horde of zombies break down a fence and course total havoc The slower pace in the last couple of volumes had prepared me for the relentlessly grim action piece during this part of the series, though I was completely shocked by the repercussions of these events. Well then Remember when I said the last few volumes were a mite slow This one made up for that in spades This one got the ol ticker going, that s for sure Crazy, grim, exciting, and dark And that desperation at the end the revelation The hope The clean up Yikes.So good. This was such a good volume It packed everything that makes The Walking Dead so good and addicting into this volume action, character development, plot development, shocking scenes, death, horrible injuries, sad people, excitement, amazing art work, amazing writing, as well as all of its usual psychological stuff It was just so good that it deserved 5 stars I was reading it so fast because it was so exciting Rick is one crazy dude I mean what he did I was so shocked and upset but it definitely showed me the lengths he is willing to go to I always feel like I can no longer be surprised by this comic because of everything that has happened but I swear, it shocks me in almost every other volume Another great thing about this comic is the fact that it is unpredictable Some bits, yeah they re really obvious but seriously there are so many twists and turns that overall, I m barely just keeping up with the group, never mind guessing what s going to happen next I really recommend this to EVERYONE It doesn t matter if you watch the show or not or if you like comics or not, this series is above and beyond everything that classes it as a zombie comic It s ability to deliver in every single issue is just crazy, it s completely insane really To think that I ve read 80 odd issues and I haven t disliked a single one yet I can t wait to read what happens next Hope. Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray Where he relives the same exact day over and over to the point of inanity But only he knows that its the same day, and everyone else just keeps reliving and then he starts trying to kill himself in a number of diferent ways like driving off a cliff and a toaster in the bathtub and robs an ard car just to see what would happen Its a great movie I love it but that s because the joke went on for 90 minutes and not 6 years The Walking Dead comic book is Groundhog Day It keeps reliving its same stories, keeps doing the same exact tings to the point of inane repetion What was once a fresh breath of air is now soured milk Its as rotten as zombie flesh and its time for Kirkman to just give up the ghost I m not going to hide this review for spoilers because nothing here is a spoiler What have Rick and the gang gotten themselves into now Same old high jinx as last issue Find somewhere safe, but oh no its not really safe , run, duck, dodge, kill zombies, some characters die, they pick up the pieces Repeat ad infinitum This is the book that doesn t end it just goes on and on, my friendWhat s worse is that now all the characters seem to have the same personalities, they re all just a blend of each other, which isthe hallmark of lazy writing Lazy artwork in this book to match it and we have something that doesn t deserve to be read any Don t get me wrong I love horror Love it And I understand that every slasher movie is essentially the same slasher movie remade But great horror, really great horror, focuses on the humanity and not the horror Books like I am Legend and movies like Dawn of the Dead understood this fact Without the humanity, there is no contrast for the horror That s what Kirkman originally understood when this series started Its what he and Tony Moore tried to convey They did an excellent job Now, its just tired, and needs to be put to rest I don t care about any of these characters any I really, really don t Why won t they just die Please Robert Kirkman, kill them Kill them all. update Another bonus to the whole series is, if you line up all the trade covers next to each other, the zombies at the bottom make one big, long banner Here we go a little sample below 3 20 12 To be honest, not much happens here Nothing to look at, move along folks Just hooking up between survivors, characters you barely had a chance to get to know getting eaten, characters you like being killed out of mercy, and then the final kicker at the end which you will read for yourself Atleast Rick Robert Kirkman FINALLY just comes out and says that it isn t about managing the roamers, it s about the people they come in contact with that make the difference Well, Good for you Robert PLEASE, wrap up this series or take it in a new direction altogether Enough of the move in to a safe place, all heck breaks loose, kill off some people, and move on I can t believe there is to be continued at the endDoes anyone have a clue when this will end I m praying for a happy ending, cuz it really couldn t get worse. Alexandria under Zombie attack This is the fourteenth volume of The Walking Dead, collecting the comic book issue from 127 to 132.Creative Team Writer Robert KirkmanIllustrators Charlie AdlardAdditional gray tones to inking Cliff Rathburn Chapter Fourteen NO WAY OUT Well, boys Good plan so far Now whatRick s group is againRick s groupbut now it s largerand so its the menace falling over it too.Alexandria was the scenario for a power struggle where Rick took the lead again and just in time sinceAlexandria is under massive zombie attack and it will be impossible that everybody would get alive from thissince indeed in the apocalyptical world of The Walking Dead nobody is safeNOBODY This Volume was so shocking and the ending is mind blowing so i won t spoiler it but one of the best volumes in the walking dead , it contains everything u hoping for after many slow actions in the last episodes and it was so so dark idk if Robert Kirkman so dark or thinks that is life

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Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Invincible for Image Comics, as well as Ultimate X Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics He has also collaborated with Image Comics co founder Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt He is one of the five partners of Image Comics, and the only one of the five who was not one of the original co founders of

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