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The Voynich Manuscript The Voynich Manuscript, Described As The World S Most Mysterious Manuscript , Is A Work Carbon Dated To The Early Th Century , Possibly From Northern Italy It Is Named After The Book Dealer Wilfrid Voynich, Who Purchased It In Tp Enpedia Wiki Voynich , k Don Quixote Simplicissimus P k 15 , k k , Voynich, 8,000 3.0. I hope people are fascinated by my doodling and asemic writings 600 years from now Fraud is forever The Voynich Manuscript is a thrilling roller coaster ride through the lives and loves of Jeb and Pants, two teenage boys in the 15th century struggling to understand the word as seen through a microscope with the assistance of seven comedy nymphs.Presented in a choose your own adventure format, the story of Jeb and Pants is touching and filled with fraternal warmth, with the older, wiser twin Jeb caring deeply for his seconds younger brother who was dropped on his head as a child There is a darker underlying theme of corporate greed and identity theft as they struggle against alien lizard Nazis who want to suppress their discoveries In their plight, they turn to the only adult who understands them Roger Bacon, who becomes a mentor figure for their youthful adventures until he is gradually expunged from existence by people who don t understand that Francis Bacon is an entirely different person.Will the boys discover the fundamental building blocks of creation Or will they be distracted by puberty and the potent force of naked girls in a pond YOU DECIDE May not be remotely true. I actually read an online version of this, well thats if one can say that they read the book at all The Voynich Manuscript is a yet to be deciphered text containing unusual images of all sorts The manuscript was named after Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish American antique bookseller who acquired it around 1912.Its subject matter encompasses astronomy, botany, biology and a myriad of other drawings with text I purchased the Voynich Manuscript earlier this year, but it s shrink wrap remained unopened until a few days ago I ve been reading The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness In this novel, Harkness incorporates the Voynich Manuscript into the storyline Reading about the manuscript in this novel spurred me on to read it Holding the book in my hands, I was still somewhat reluctant to remove the shrink wrap Don t ask me why this was maybe I had an inner wish to keep the book in pristine condition, or perhaps I didn t want to read it until someone had deciphered all the gobbledegook text I sat there for a while and then decided to take off the shrink wrap.I m very impressed with the quality of this Yale edition Excellent quality paper, with excellent images Even the dust jacket is excellent quality it is not a paper dust cover, but some form of plastic that will keep the hard cover of the book clean for years to come without deteriorating in the same way that a paper dust jacket would.As you open the book you see images of the envelope and letter that Ethel Voynich wrote on the 19th July 1930, after the death of her husband Wilfrid Voynich This letter was to only be opened after Ethel s death Following on, is an introduction by Deborah Harkness author of the All Souls Trilogy and a historian herself , there is a preface by Raymond Clemens These then lead you into the images of the Voynich Manuscript At the end of the book are essays about 1 Earliest Owners2 Voynich the Buyer3 Physical Findings4 Crptographic Attempts5 Alchemical Traditions6 The World s Most Mysterious ManuscriptWilfrid Michael Voynich 1865 1930 , a book dealer, obtained the manuscript in 1912 and the Voynich Manuscript is named after him Following Ethel Voynich s Wilfrid s wife death in 1960, the manuscript was eventually sold to Hans Peter Kraus In 1969, having been unable to sell the manuscript, Kraus decided to donate it to Yale University s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library The manuscript is known there as Beinecke MS 408, but most people tend to still call it the Voynich Manuscript.Over the centuries many people have tried to decipher the gobbledegook text, but as yet no one has succeeded There are many hypotheses as to what the language actually is The text could be ciphers, codes, shorthand, stenography, natural language etc etc Will we ever know the solution to this enigma or is the manuscript just a great big hoax some people believe that it is that someone produced for a laugh to get everyone talking about a rare mediaeval manuscript Well if the manuscript was produced for a laugh , then the author has certainly succeeded in the objective Many people have and are still talking about it and scratching their heads over the manuscript trying to work out the books true meaning.Some believe that the author of the manuscript is Roger Bacon 1214 1294 and Voynich himself thought that Albertus Magnus 1200 1280 , but he was unable to prove this Maybe we will never know who the author was Through examinations and analyses the manuscript has been dated to the 15th century Radiocarbon dating has been able to determine..95 per cent probability that the Voynich Manuscript is a mediaeval document However, given the forgeries of the Dead Sea Scrolls, these suggest that whether using only carbon dating is probably an insufficient analysis on it s own Multispectral imaging is a tool that is used to characterize and differentiate inks and printing materials Looking at inks and pigments can help to determine the age of a document etc Rare documents and paintings etc., require a full provenance before true authentication can be established Using UV induced visible fluorescence imaging enabled the signature of Jacobi a Tepenecz to be enhanced, thereby further assigning provenance to the manuscript Tepenecz was imperial chemist to Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf ll of Prague, in whose collection the manuscript was known to have been However, this signature does not match Tepenecz s signature on a document that was found in 2003 Thus, is the signature genuine, or perhaps did Voynich or another owner add the signature to the manuscript to help with the provenance The sewing style and composition of the supports and thread also are consistent with those for a book bound in the Gothic period The Gothic period lasted from the 12th century until the 16th century, so I guess this adds corroboration to the carbon dating of the paper to the 15th century.From reading the essays etc., in the book it would appear that as yet, the examinations and analyses have not brought forth any evidence to suggest that the manuscript was forged in the 19th century However, until full provenance is established, I guess this can not be ruled out New discoveries with regards to technology, techniques and methods evolve all the time, so perhaps in years to come further tests on the manuscript may reveal information A shame that computer technology of today is as yet unable to help with the deciphering of the gobbledegook.Looking at the text it is clear that some words appear to be duplicated on the same page and on other pages To my eyes, one word looks like sand , but then as I look through the pages I guess that I m trying to adapt the gobbledegook to the English language lol I ve seen a few other words that you think to yourself yes that is what it says, but what use is one word on an entire page if you ve no idea what all the other words are When looking at the drawings or artwork, I compare them in my mind s eye to other photos that I have seen of mediaeval books In the manuscript the drawings are very crude and in some ways childlike, or maybe drawn by someone with very little artistic skill If this manuscript was produced in the 21st century, I d say it was a draft copy and before publication a professional illustrator would be employed to produce magnificent drawings However, given that the cost of parchment in the 15th century was probably astronomical, the manuscript is obviously not a draft copy Even authors such as the Bront s in the 19th century, wrote in miniscule handwriting in their notebooks can be seen in the Bront museum because of the cost of paper This is an excellent book which can be read over and over again trying to make your own opinion as to what it all means I think it s great that this book has been published Definitely a 5 book for me. Uma obra a ser melhor estudada e esmiu ada por mim How to review a text you could not actually read The Voynich Manuscript is a fifteenth century codex written in an undeciphered language The Manuscript is bound in parchment and contains about about 300 vellum pages some missing, some as foldouts , filled with aesthetically exquisite brown ink calligraphy which heavily contrasts with amateurish red blue green illustrations A conjectured pharmacopoeia, the book contains drawings of unidentified plants, of enigmatic astrological charts, and of women bathing together in tubs or interacting with bizarre organic structures The Manuscript likely originates from Northern Italy but is named after the Polish book dealer, Wilfrid Voynich, who acquired it at the beginning of the twentieth century.Curiosity is the starting point of many a book, including those that no one else has been able to understand Not because you re likely to succeed, but because it defies insults the hubris of mankind as a scientific, culturally ever progressive species You may not be able to solve a Rubik s cube, but the first time you re confronted with it you ll want to understand the difficulty, especially if, as is the case with theVoynich Manuscript, the cube remains unsolved.It could be a diary Or a grimoire.Or some medieval scholar s big joke.You could investigate it for yourself and make up your own mind.The whole Manuscript is available for free on archive.org For detailed information about the language and the attempts made to understand it, see the Wikipedia page it provides plenty of insight and references. .

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