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El universo en un solo átomo Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Niels Bohr, Einstein Their Insights Shook Our Perception Of Who We Are And Where We Stand In The World, And In Their Wake Have Left An Uneasy Coexistence Science Vs Religion, Faith Vs Empirical Inquiry Which Is The Keeper Of Truth Which Is The True Path To Understanding Reality After Forty Years Of Study With Some Of The Greatest Scientific Minds, As Well As A Lifetime Of Meditative, Spiritual, And Philosophic Study, The Dalai Lama Presents A Brilliant Analysis Of Why All Avenues Of Inquiry Scientific As Well As Spiritual Must Be Pursued In Order To Arrive At A Complete Picture Of The Truth Through An Examination Of Darwinism And Karma, Quantum Mechanics And Philosophical Insight Into The Nature Of Reality, Neurobiology And The Study Of Consciousness, The Dalai Lama Draws Significant Parallels Between Contemplative And Scientific Examinations Of RealityThis Breathtakingly Personal Examination Is A Tribute To The Dalai Lama S Teachers Both Of Science And Spirituality The Legacy Of This Book Is A Vision Of The World In Which Our Different Approaches To Understanding Ourselves, Our Universe, And One Another Can Be Brought Together In The Service Of Humanity

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    very few people are able to give me hope about mankind and our future as a species the dalai lama delivers that and so much in al

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    A thought provoking analysis and exposition on why the subjective, first person investigative methodology of spiritual tradition without its

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    This is a brilliant book The Dalai Lama s theme is that science s emphasis on non personal, third person study and religion s emphasis on first person

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    This book might seem a strange reading choice since I am an atheist During my years of life and travels around the world, I have found that of all the world s m

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    Fresh off of reading books by the likes of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, this was an interesting change of scenery The Dalai Lama draws comparisons between th

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    I can t remember the last book I read that so far exceeded my expectations As soon as I finished the book I flipped right back to the first page and started all over again I m abou

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    This was a pretty nice exploration of the intersection of Science and Buddhist religion The Dalai Lama came at this material from a very humble standpoint and makes that his religion could b

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    For all my introspection and soul searching on the subject of how to integrate Western science into my philosophical views of the world, I wish that I had read this book years ago it would have saved

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    With this book, the Dalai Lama shows that he is at once the most spiritual of persons, and the most practical In The Universe In A Single Atom, he shows one possible method for people living in the modern age o

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    I find it encouraging that the Dalai Lama is so open to new scientific ideas Our world is changing at such a rapid rate The ideas exploding into the field of physics are absolutely revolutionizing the way we view reality

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