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The Treasure of the City of Ladies Written By Europe S First Professional Woman Writer, The Treasure Of The City Of Ladies Offers Advice And Guidance To Women Of All Ages And From All Levels Of Medieval Society, From Royal Courtiers To Prostitutes It Paints An Intricate Picture Of Daily Life In The Courts And Streets Of Fifteenth Century France And Gives A Fascinating Glimpse Into The Practical Considerations Of Running A Household, Dressing Appropriately And Maintaining A Reputation In All Circumstances Christine De Pizan S Book Provides A Valuable Counterbalance To Male Accounts Of Life In The Middle Ages And Demonstrates, Often With Dry Humour, How A Woman S Position In Society Could Be Made Less Precarious By Following The Correct Etiquette

About the Author: Christine de Pizan

Christine de Pizan also seen as de Pisan 1363 c.1434 was a writer and analyst of the medieval era who strongly challenged misogyny and stereotypes that were prevalent in the male dominated realm of the arts De Pizan completed forty one pieces during her thirty year career 1399 1429 She earned her accolade as Europe s first professional woman writer Redfern 74 Her success stems from a wi

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    IntroductionChristine De Pisan s Treasure of the City of Ladies is a lively compendium of advice on how to live for medieval women of all social classes arranged by social order from the highest to lowest.The conceit of the work is that the three Ladies of Virtue Reason, Rectitude and Justice, descend and dictate the work to de Pisan before disappearing leaving her almost exhausted from writing so long, but very

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    Men are trash

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    This is the sequel or companion piece to Pisan s City of Ladies This book is about how ladies of various social levels should comport themselves even when their husbands are being jerks It is a strange combination of feminist work and endorsement of the stereotype Pisan does get in some nice zingers about men, not only about how they should also follow this advice, but about why they are warlike than women In many ways,

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    How to Win Friends and Influence People For Medieval Ladies Christine de Pisan wants princesses to be virtuous, chaste, and pious but also to realize their power and influence i.e., how to get men to do things for you Was it one of the first feminist texts Who can say But it is interesting, even if I find her theology way off base I like it because it reminds me, Hey, women have always known they were people too If

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    This book fascinated me I mean, it was published in 1405 and is a rare glimpse into the mind of a talented, wise, intelligent medieval woman, writing a guide to life for women of all ages and classes, though particularly royalty and nobility As an invaluable historical resource, it shows the accepted beliefs and attitudes of that period in France I was surprised at how much predominance Christine gave to how her readers shou

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    Feminist treatise from the fifteenth century pretty cool to read

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    I can appreciate that Pizan was a rare figure, a woman writing in an era when there were so few female writers or even literate women, but as a modern reader I found myself rolling my eyes at a lot of her ideas, especially the chapter on prostitutes here she really reveals her privilege and her obliviousness to the way the world worked outside of the court.

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    I read about half, but I didn t finish it It would have been brilliant advice in the Middle Ages, and some of it is certainly relevant today It s just a bit too pious for my contemporary reading tastes But if some savvy business woman were to extract the best bits of advice and turn them into a modern business book, I would read that.

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    Considering this is written in 1405, Miss Christine can be quite savvy and forward thinking She often advocates tactics that today can be attributed to modern spin and public relations This is an advice book for women from the first European professional female writer It s an revealing window into the world of mostly upper class women in this time period, and things are not cut and dry One of the strategies most advocated involves s

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    Christine de Pizan was the first professional woman writer in Europe and was an Italian that spent most of her time in the French Court This lovely little gem of a book explains how women of all classes are to act in the 1400s I say all with quotations because Christine is mainly focused on wealthy women at court The whole first section is devoted to princesses, and their princess powers as my friend Ben called it The second section i

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