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The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases From Delusions Of Universal Grandeur To Twentieth Century Chronoshock, This Amusing Pocket Guide To Concocted Diseases Designed And Illustrated By John Coulthart Features An Anthology Of Slightly Morbid, Darkly Humorous Ailments And Prognosis Srved Up By Such Renowned Luminaries As Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Michael Moorcock, Gahan Wilson, Brian Stableford, And Michael Bishop

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    Book Info Genre Medical Guide Satire Speculative fiction shortsReading Level AdultRecommended for Anyone who likes a laughMy Thoughts If you want to know what sort of lunacy to expect from this book, here is just a tiny taste Discussing Ba

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    I had a nasty cold last week, and spent a couple of days in bed, in a NyQuil haze it seemed like an appropriate time to crack open this little volume of delectably deranged stories Constructed as a medical guide satire, the Thackery T Lambshed Pocke

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    This is probably the paradigmatic example of the category I call unreliable reference Jeff Vandermeer and his circle of weirdos got together and decided to write stories in the surprisingly fecund format of a diagnostic guide to diseases Since said circle in

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    Purporting to be the latest edition of a long standing medical guide, Lambshead is, in reality, an anthology featuring several of today s best fantasists working at the top of their game Some entries are humorous, others are serious, but all are enjoyable There s a sen

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    Jeff Vandermeer founder of genre New Weird brings all the weirdos together to update the chapbooks and pocket guides of Thackeray T Lambshead s discredited diseases.An all star cast of authors such as Neil Gainman, Alan Moore, Cory Doctorow to name a few and some of my favorites

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    This is silly and cute and a pretty fun read The book is an anthology of imaginary diseases invented by a slew of sci fi and fantasy writers A few are priceless, and I was not surprised at all that Michael Moorcock and Neil Gaiman wrote most of the reports that were the funniest and most

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    This book is exactly what the title suggests with contributions from Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, China Mi ville, Jeffrey Ford, Kage Baker and many others Where else could you read about post traumatic placebosis, female hyper orgasmic epilepsy, or vestigial elongation of the caudal v

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    Given that homosexuality is now an eccentric and discredited disease, I was hoping for edgy social commentary along the same lines Nothing doing This is weird and sometimes chuckle worthy, but on the whole it seems the writers creating it are having fun than us, the readers.

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    An eccentric conceit and an amusing book Mostly lightweight, largely self indulgent although some entries tap into a ominous or genuinely fantastic vein Still, this is one you d want to buy a cheaper edition of unless you re some sort of book fetishist or new weird fanboy.

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    This is exactly the kind of thing I should love, but unfortunately the execution is pretty stultifying I just can t slog through this right now Lovely printing, though.

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