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The Tailor of Panama Le Carr S Panama The Young Country Of Million Souls Which, On December Will Gain Full Control Of The Panama Canal Is A Casablanca Without Heroes, A Hotbed Of Drugs, Laundered Money And CorruptionSeldom Has The Weight Of Global Politics Descended So Heavily On Such A Tiny And Unprepared Nation And Seldom Has The Hidden Eye Of British Intelligence Selected Such An Unlikely Champion As Harry Pendel A Charmer, A Dreamer, An Evader, A Fabulist And Presiding Genius Of The House Of Pendel Braithwaite Co Limitada, Tailors To Royalty, Formerly Of London And Presently Of Panama CityYet There Is A Logic To The Spies Choice Everybody Who Is Anybody In Central America Passes Through Pendel S Doors He Dresses Politicos And Crooks And Conmen His Fitting Room Hears Confidences Than A Priest S Confessional And When Harry Pendel Doesn T Hear Things As Such Well, He Hears Them Anyway, By Other MeansFor What Is A Tailor For, If Not To Disduise Reality With Appearance What Is Truth If Not The Plaything Of The Artist And What Are Spies And Politicians And Journalists If Not Themselves Selectors And Manipulators Of The Truth For Their Own Ends In A Thrilling, Hilarious Novel, Le Carr Has Provided Us With A Satire About The Fate Of Truth In Modern Times Once Again, He Has Effortlessly Expanded The Borders Of The Spy Story To Bring Us A Magnificent Entertainment Straight Out Of The Pages Of Tomorrow S HistoryHN LE CARR Was Born In After Attending The Universities Of Bern And Oxford, He Taught At Eton And Spent Five Years In The British Foreign Service His Third Novel, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, Secured Him A Worldwide Reputation, Which Was Solidified By The Acclaim For His Trilogy, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, The Honourable Schoolboy And Smiley S People His Mostly Autobiographical Novel, A Perfect Spy, Wa Followed By The Russia House, The Night Manager And Our Game The Tailor Of Panama Is His Sixteenth NovelJohn Le Carr Lives In Cornwall, England

About the Author: John le Carré

John le Carr , the pseudonym of David John Moore Cornwell born 19 October 1931 in Poole, Dorset, England , is an English author of espionage novels Le Carr has resided in St Buryan, Cornwall, Great Britain, for than 40 years, where he owns a mile of cliff close to Land s End.See also

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    This is best book about bullshit I ve ever read It is a wonderfully dry satire on Britain s inept attempts to overreach itself in foreign affairs The setting is Panama in the late 1990s and the fate of the canal is a hot topic of discussion Back in Britain, a shadowy cabal decides that a new listening post should be opened there, so they select a fleshy twentisomething public school boy for the job Of course they do Andrew Osnard, as he is called, arrives in Panama and recruits a ta

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    This book had me in stitches Yes, le Carre can be very funny Aside from this book being hilarious I was caught by the story and wanted to finish it quickly I also enjoyed the way how le Carre employed spycraft in this story.If you need a thrilling humour break, give this story a go.

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    Between February 2017 and September 2017 I read the entire George Smiley series Having reached the end of the series, I was left wondering about John le Carr s life and work, and whether to read other books by him, and so I read John le Carr The Biography by Adam Sisman in April 2018 John le Carr The Biography convinced me I should probably read everything John le Carr has ever written, and so it was I came to The Tailor Of Panama 1996 my first non Smiley JLC book It is very clever and darkly com

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    Perhaps it was just me, and my distracted circumstances while reading this book, but I found it to be dull and rather a slog Somehow I forced myself to finish it, imagining that it had to get better It did not.

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    At the end of The Tailor Of Panama John Le Carr acknowledges his debt to a previous work that presented a similar theme, Graham Greene s Our Man In Havana Both books are about the oxymoron that we call intelligence, so often self contradictory because the label is only useful when there s a lack of it Such gaps need to be filled, and when we don t have sufficient material it might be necessary to invent a little, just to keep everyone happy And such is the plot of The Tailor Of Panama, who constructs his own r

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    I picked up The Tailor of Panama because I had been overwhelmed and bowled over by the awesomeness of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Half Price Books did not have a copy of The Spy Who Came in From the Cold I read TTSS on the plane from Europe, and the plot reached out to me and entangled me in its roots I was fitfully half asleep, thinking and dreaming of the Spy The Great Game The Mole KARLA Petrov and that is when you know a book is good.The Tailor of Panama was the exact opposite experience, unfortunately The book

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    Let s just say that I m very glad that John le Carre is a man who likes to tell stories I will be scouring used book stores for of his work now that I ve been introduced to his witty and intelligent writing style I prefer vintage dust jackets I think they look great on my bookshelves I picture le Carre as a lapels turned up sort of guy a guy that can hail a cab with a mere wave of his hand Yeah, I ve found a new favorite author I loved the mix of characters, some I liked and others I despised From cover to cover, this stor

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    I recently watched mark Lawson s BBC4 interview with Le Carre and this book was referenced by the writer as one of his favourites What is interesting in this book is Le Carre s ability to develop an initially comic situation within a few chapters into a story about vanity and greed It demonstrates how a lie develops through the wishes of the intelligence service and media interests into the premise for an invasion The story itself pitches a newly appointed spy sent to Panama , Andy Osnard, into an opportunity to build his reputati

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    Yet another Le Carre novel that knocks the spots off so many others I pick up in the average year, borne by the relentless characterisations that gradually shake off the disbelief and draw you in completely to the story being told What begins as a not very credible collection of near comic caricatures grows into some sort of reality while allowing the plot to strain at the limits of believability, anchored by the thoughts and actions of the principle protagonists I didn t warm to the Tailor that much, the East End boy turning ripe by the

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    Chance Favors The Prepared Mind PascalNot a suspense espionage in the regular le Carr mode, but a satire of same, and an expansive, elaborate novel at that Since the demise of the Cold War this author has been casting around for another conflict to narrate, and I m not sure le Carr has ever allowed himself to be this carried away by his characters and their dramatic entanglements That being said, there is an enormous asterisk here The story of a bourgeois merchant class civilian who is recruited mistakenly for espionage purposes and see

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