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The Spark What I liked best about The Spark was that it utilized crisscrosses the observation that many of us have made that getting one thing right eating or exercise or decluttering often carries over to improvement in other areas So, The Spark asks us to work on generating small successes in different areas and to set goals that help make these crisscrosses work for us by effecting all areas of our lives. Loved it am on the site lost 54 pounds to date. I ve been a member of the sparkpeople.com community for almost two years, but I always found that too many opened windows occured as I navigated through from one tool to another to use the program Therefore, I wasn t using the site as effectively as I could of and often felt overwhelmed by the amount of information that was there until this book helped me focus a littleon what I want to get out of the site As a result of reading this book, rather than just using the website as a place for goal setting and record keeping for nutrition and exercise, I can see it now as a place where connections to others really are an important component to being successful at achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle Additionally, instead of merely focusing on weight loss maintenance, this really is empowering and gives one not only a boost in self confidence, but also the desire to discover one s own unique gifts and then go out and share them and inspire others This book made me want to take action after reading the first half only and I discovered there is a separate SP group for those reading and implementing the 28 day plan which may be very useful too P 6 Your daily actions and words impactpeople than you ever realize You can help someone else through encouragement, involving them in your goals, and being a positive role model This will feel incredibly gratifying as well as startlingchokengtitiktitikchokeng 18 Long term goals are essential to one s healthy lifestyle game plan because they give you control over the direction your life is headed The path to getting there is through small, consistent, action oriented steps as this builds and sustains momentum to achieve those goals p 52 We make choices to rise to the occasion, create small victories, or vegetate and passively pass the time Even if we choose to take control of our lives, outside forces appear along the way and may make some daysdifficult than others Our challenge is how we handle themWe have the ability to choose how we respond to life s circumstances no matter how challenging The appendices were helpful tools in this book, but I was glad to see some of those expanded when I joined the group of those who d read The Spark. True or false People fail to lose weight and keep it off because they don t realize they need to eat healthy food and exercise We know that isn t true everyone knows about healthy food and exercise But isn t that the message of most diet books Once you find the right magic foods and the right magic exercise, once you have that secret knowledge not found in any other diet book, then YOU will lose that weight If we are willing to be honest, the real reason we are not losing weight is US we end up choosing to eat that dessert, to sleep in instead of pounding the pavement, to say to ourselves this is never going to work And that s where The Spark starts with how we view and live our life and how we can make sustainable positive change In fact, it doesn t even start talking about what foods to eat until page 84 Where it starts is with four cornerstones of positive living focus, fitness, fire, and positive force The author takes a chapter on each of these concepts and lays out how they apply to life in general and a life shift like weight loss in particular So, does this work Does the effort to really understand the principles of positive change make a difference Well, this book is really just the distillation of a website online community, , which has helped tens of thousands of people make meaningful change In fact, the center of the book contains short bios and color photos of seventeen people, real people, real people who you can actually contact through the sparkpeople online community, who have used the principles to lose big weight most of them 100 pounds and keep it off and really change their lives Yes, the healthy diet and exercise tips are in there, just like in every diet book But what makes this book different, and special, is that the focus isn t the food, but you a practical plan to change your outlook and jump start your motivation so that you can practice a healthy lifestyle and change your life A very good way to start out the new year, or any time you decide to change for the better. The Spark was written by past Proctor and Gamble executive Chris Downey This book and the author is from my hometown He started Spark People.com and wrote this book He created the site to help people lose weight and change their lives Not only lose weight but he developed a way to create goals and follow through This book I read everyday believe it or not It has helped me tremendiously.I know I am raving about the book The book takes you step by step to making the internal changes you need to make to change your life if you want to lose weight, get out of debt whatever you want to do The book is geared toward weight loss and becoming healthy, but the principles, and the ideals can apply to many things.I think this book was a good investment In my opinion Spark People has helped many people become healthy in mind, body and soul The book takes you in the journey then gives you the tools to jump off whether you use the Spark People site or not Excellent book.Thank you Chris. I m not completely finished with the 2nd half of this book, but since the 2nd half is designedas a program of Action Steps, I m going to check it off as Read I picked up this book because it was written as a companion to the SparkPeople.com site I ve been a member of for 7 months now It s a social networking site designed to help people set and achieve goals, with a particular emphasis on fitness and healthy living Since joining I ve lost almost 50 lbs and have really experienced a growth in confidence and my ability to set achieve practical, positive goals The first half of the book is an in depth look into the basic philosophy and foundations of the SparkPeople approach and the 2nd half moves into a program of action steps to help you set, plan and accomplish your personal goals I don t typically read self help books, but as I ve enjoyed my experience with the site so much, I wanted to check it out I m glad I did, because it helped me clarify some things and look at a broader picture Even though the writing is not always breathtaking, the ideas hit home and I think the emphasis on starting small to build consistency is very worthwhile. So I never read diet books Never Ever However, I am a fan of the Sparkpeople website and really wanted to hear what the CEO and President, Chris Downie, had to say I must say I was pleasantly surprised Although there was some diet and exercise advice in the book, it s really only 20% of the book and only really comes up at the end Instead, Downie focuses his efforts on how to stay motivated in your weight loss journey and how to funnel the self confidence and motivation from that weight loss into other aspects and goals in your life A lot of positive speak for the pessimists out there but I really enjoyed it It gave me a lot to think about and I may even incorporate some of his tips from the book into my daily life Motivation is a factor I think most dieters struggle with and he gives a fresh perspective. Quick read It is not a diet book but a self help book about motivation and goal setting What I learned from this book most of which I already knew 1 have short term, medium and long term goals, 2 set up rewards for yourself for motivation along the way 3 start small with goals that you can easily accomplish and then build from there 4 there is nothing that you cannot do if you start small and build. I m a huge fan of sparkpeople.com I love it I think the concept and all the hard work that goes into it is wonderful However, when it comes to the book Chris Downie is NOT a fascinating author I had to force myself to read the first part The second and third are OK, but my favorite had to be the appendix He s selling a product He s good at what he does His tips are general, if not found on the sparkpeople.com site already You re paying a fortune to have him give you The Secret Dieting Do s I m not kidding It s just like the book, The Secret.I wish I hadn t paid so much for the book I wish I had just read the parts where I could learn something Overall though I m glad I read certain parts of it Just wish I had gotten it from the library and scanned the appendix in a copy machine That s all. A Revolution Is Taking Place Millions Of People Are Discovering A New Way Of Thinking About Their Weight, Their Health, And Their Lives They Are Taking Part In A Visionary Approach To Weight Loss That Combines Goal Setting, Nutrition, Exercise, Motivation, And Community That Has A Proven Track Record Of Ten Million Pounds LostFrom The Experts Who Created SparkPeople, One Of The Most Successful Online Weight Loss Programs To Date, Comes The Spark, A Ground Breaking Book That Focuses On What You Can Do, Instead Of What You Can T Do The Spark Is About Transforming Your Life And Your Idea Of What Dieting MeansWith Dozens Of Photos Including Stunning Before And After Shots And Easy To Follow Exercise Images This Book Distills The Best Of SparkPeople S Medically Accepted Nutrition And Fitness Plan And Infuses It With A Program Of Personal Empowerment In This Book, You Ll Discover Secrets Of Success The Best Habits Of SparkPeople S Most Successful MembersADay Program That Brings Together The Most Effective Practices From SparkPeople Into An InnovativeStage Plan, Available Only In This BookDozens Of Success Stories That Show The Power Of This Transformational ProgramThe Spark Delivers Inspirational Health And Weight Loss Advice That Will Surely Spark Countless Lives

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