[PDF] ✩ The Space Guardians By Brian N. Ball – Golanvideoagency.info

The Space Guardians This is one of the better Space 1999 compilation adaptations so far It uses a trio of fairly good episodes, particularly Force of Life which is right out of the Outer Limits The narrative combines the three rather well, including linking some of the after effects of the other two episodes Missing Link and Guardian of Piri upon Commander Koenig Well written and very true to the source material. The last of only three of these I own Sigh Oh well, it s revived old memories, anyway. A RUNAWAY MOON IS THEIR SPACESHIP, THEIR REFUGE, THEIR PRISON Blasting Through The Cosmos On A Collision Course With Adventure, The Inhabitants Of Alpha Travel To Mysterious, Uncharted Regions Of The Galaxy Each Day Is A Game Of Survival With The Merciless UniverseOn Alpha, Commander Koenig Is Still Breathing His Soul Has Been Stolen By A Dazzling Woman In A Purple City That Exists In The Realm Of Thought Only And Blood Runs Cold When An Alien Force Transforms A Crewman Into An Icy, Energy Consuming Monster Who Won T Stop Till Alpha Freezes Over Contains The Episodes Missing Link , Force Of Life , And Guardian Of Piri

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