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The Song (Sons of Destiny, #4) Plot 4 5Characterisation 3.5 5Prose 3.5 5How much I enjoyed it 4 5 Out of the entire series that I ve read so far, this has been the most boring I don t know if the author just didn t know the main character well enough to write an entire book about him, or if she felt she had lose ends to pick up, or what, but there was so much going on that there was no focus It almost felt like another Kelly Saber book part of the time Although maybe I should be grateful, because during the parts with Evanor, the fourth brother, and the woman he was courting, Mariel, the scenes were dry and boring If it weren t for the developments in the last quarter of the book, I would say skip this one on your way to the next one This book was far better than I expected it to be It probably is the best in the series so far I didn t expect much, Evanor not being my favorite of the brothers I don t dislike him, he just is the least manly man and I like the dominant type However, it turned out pretty good Evanor s story almost bordered on being a side story He and Mariel were part of the story, but this story also had plot going on that took up a large part of the book It worked well though Their really wasn t much angst between Evanor and Marial so it mostly just highlighted their romantic moments and focused on the plot I like that the other brothers also make up a good part of the stories The characters are very well done in the books Except I still hate Kelly She irritates me and I don t like reading about her but she was able to speak a few words here and there though not many that didn t insanely annoy me If the author would kill her off, the characters would be perfect.Next is Trevan s story I think that s his name and the book set up a bit for his coming story There is a lot of suspense being built up though for Rydan s story and I can t hardly wait for it I MUST know what s going on with him Anyway, off to the next One might think that a repetition of a theme, namely brother meets Destined bride , would grow old by the fourth time, but not in these stories New and fresh conflicts keep the stories interesting I was unwilling to put the book down when the challenge in this book manifested only allowing me 3 hrs of sleep for the night, but well worth it Though the story is technically about Evanor, and certainly revolves around his voice dilemma and the challenge of facing not only his Destined bride, but also getting to know her son from her previous marriage The rest of the brothers, led by the indefatigable Kelly, struggle with finding a substitute for Evanor s magic of the Voice, which allowed communication throughout the Isle, and the threat of conflict with Katan, the nation that exiled the brothers in the first place Ingenious ideas and unflagging spunk win the day at least for now I am off to read book 5 The Cat. Setting Isle of Nightfall the 8 towered castle, the docks Katan council room councilor s officesTheme independence destiny love next father Characters Evanor Corvis 4th born Lord Chamberlain keeper of the household his magic was through his voice, which he lost when defending his family against bad uncle who had taken over their lands stateside, and wanted to kill each of them and take their magic recognizes Mariel as his mate from when first saw her through the mirror communications not just because of the prophecy, but because of her pull he takes to fatherhood easily, loving Mikor as easily as his mother Mariel Vargel magical Healer from Women s magic land with Serina lost her husband 2 years earlier, and continued to live with the nuns as Healer and raise her son loved husband, grieved for husband, ready for next phase of her life agrees to live on Nightfall as their Healer paid and everything , and believes son will benefit from 8 brothers first patient is Evanor to restore his voice and his magic Mikor Vargel her 8 year old son eager to explore full of energy, and testing limits well loved and managed by his mother is ready for his next father Seer Milon Mariel s first husband as seer, saw his own early death, and that his family had another man destined to care for them he wrote 2 letters, given to Morg, to give to his wife, and to his son his wife after first being with her new intended to assure her of his love and his faith in the gods to give her to another, the other to his son, when first bristled with limits placed by his next father, to tell him of his love, and his need to accept another to guide him Consus, Sea Commerce Councilor Katan in charge of monitoring the trade on Nightfall realizes that Corvis brothers getting a raw deal, and does his best to keep their activities away from scrutiny by council as much to avoid conflict as anything else Lord Duke Finneg, Councilor of Conflict Resolution proud likes to throw power around not a diplomat, but gets results King Taurin and Queen Samille of Katan he retactive, she thoughtful decide to go with Councilors to see what is going on at Nightfall Barol, Count Pro Tem of Corvis continuing in father s machinations against Nightfall, still tied to receive their powers if they die gave self forgetful potion that holds memories of his father s machinations in a crystal so as to pass lie detector test when questioned about father his abhorrant magical creatures, his killing of his own brother as a sacrifice in black magic Saber Kelly head of brothers Queen of Nightfall when Council shows up, she negligently sits on throne reading a book about Katan laws and the protocols for independence Wolfer Alys Dominor Lady Serina Lord Chancellor Master of Ceremonies Royal Echequer she ex Guardian of Koral tai mathmagician Trevan Lord Vizier inventive shape shifter interested in courting Mariel getting horny, and wants a woman of his own Rydan night vampireish Lord Protector of Nightfall controls the magic fountain can move through time getting from beach to castle in 3 steps Koranen flame Secretary to Her Majesty and PyromancerMorg Hope Royal Mage strongest mage, in charge of making sure prophecy fulfilled, and all brothers gain their mate watches Hope through the mirror as much as he can eager for his turn for a mate Summary Courtship of Evanor and Mariel is sweet both are attracted to one another from day one, both are taking it slowly the begin with massages of sore muscles, leading to sexual release, leading to sex when she finally performs the operation on his vocal cords, they bind his speech for 5 weeks and when he first wakes up, he does not understand Mariel s speech only actions and she is his woman, and he wants to show her how he feels with touch, and ultimately making sweet love to her ahhh gains voice and magic back and they begin to make plans for their bonding blending Katan and Natallian wedding ceremonies And when Council and King become aware that Nightfall may have women, and that they are charging for salt and algae blocks biting into their taxes, they go to the island to confront them first to talk, but with the Councilor of Conflict Resolution war to use force if deemed necessary instead are faced with a well defended both physically and magically fortress Kelly and brothers respond to talks with the ways that Katan failed in their role to protect them as citizens, told that prophecy is being fulfilled without harm to Katan and when push comes to shove, they ring the bell declaring them as an independent nation and they have a year and a day to find a sponsoring deity, or Katan can intiate war Fennig challenges Kelly for rulership she accepts, and as such can determine weapon hand to hand, no weapons, no magic and of course, our kung fu trained Kelly takes him down And they have initiated, and informed council they are looking for settlers to join them Memorable scenes Prophecy re Finneg Beware, Lord Finneg, no man may be your downfall, Kelly but your pride in your prowess will end with the fall of night Nightfall , when you will eat your own words at the foot of a true leader Mikor most intimidated by Dominor, and Serina advises that him to just stand tall and tell him that he is not afraid of him which he does, to Dominor s confusion In the battle at the end of the second book, Evanor lost his voice, and with it, his power as a mage Evanor is desperate, as none of the Katan Healermages is willing to come to the island and Heal him Without his magic, he is nothing, having to use the Artifacts his brothers make for him to do simple things like shaving and laundry His brother Dominor finally has some good news though His wife Serina s best friend Mariel is a Healer, and she is willing to come to Nightfall Isle with them, and her young son Mikor She has not done major Healing in years now, and although she knows how to perform the magic, she wants to practice first Queen Kelly graciously offers her the vicious citizen chickens to practice upon, and when Mariel meets them, she has no longer qualms to do so Of course, she will make sure they don t feel a thing, and are properly Healed in a few days time as well But after the operation to regrow his voicebox, Evanor will not be able to talk or communicate with his family for at least 3 whole weeks Not even the whispers he can talk with now She will even remove the desire to communicate, to make sure he doesn t strain those delicate throat muscles Having heard his voice in the music box he gifted Kelly upon her wedding, she wants to make sure he gets it back just as beautiful as it was before When they were still talking through the mirror, with Evanor on Nightfall Island, and Mariel in Natallia, they were already attracted to each other Evanor was happy that she was not as slender as her friend Serina, he liked a mature and filled woman And so, even before the surgery, their courting begins Mariel s son Mikor really wants to have a new father, living amongst a bunch of nuns was not an ideal situation, as he needs a male influence in his life At first he is disappointed that Evanor is not as good with a sword as Dominor, or Saber, but he comes to like Evanor soon enough And Evanor knows that Mariel comes as a package deal, and he does want to take care of her and her son Evanor used to be the point of communication between his brothers and sisters in law, they only had to sing his name to get his attention, and he could relay all their messages to the others So now, they have to come up with another means of communication I have to admit, I got pretty soon tired of all the talk about cell phones from our world where Queen Kelly is from, see book 1 , and how they can reproduce it here with magic It sure took a lot of time out of Evanor and Muriel s story, no matter how handy the things are Kelly has proclaimed herself Queen of Nightfall Isle, and Nightfall independent from Katan, but now the Katan government has gotten suspicious about the strange shipments delivered to the Corvis brothers lately Are there really women on the island That is punishable by death And so the King of Katan and almost half his council set sail to Nightfall Island, to see for themselves And when Challenged, Kelly rings the bell to proclaim themselves an independent country, which means they have one whole year and a day to find a Patron Deity to worship, and who will protect them, and Katan will have to leave them in peace until then More fighting ensues, and Saber kills Alys last cousin when he tries to kill Kelly, finally freeing Alys from all the spells laid upon her see book 2, the Wolf Of course Katan will not give up without a struggle, they had a very nice income from the free salt and algae blocks the Desalination plant produced for the past centuries And to give in to those exiles Never But for now, they will have to leave, and Morganen sure sets them on its way.Kelly really does not like the idea of a new god or goddess for Nightfall, that all the current and future inhabitants of the Isle will have to worship She is American, and she is used to the freedom of belief She wants to same for Nightfall Isle, but how to reach that ideal stage, is not easy Still, she is stubborn, she will find a way After all, they are determined to make Nightfall Isle prosper again, and repopulate it For that, they will have to build houses for the new immigrants, and a city and everything that is necessary I enjoyed Evanor s story for the most part He is the quiet brother, content with running the household, and organizing the chores and provisions He is a natural father to Mikor, and stern when needed with the energetic boy Losing his voice is a total disaster, as he has lost his magic and his self worth with it He fell for Mariel so hard, even though they tried to keep a bit of a distance at first, as they are Healer and patient, but that certainly did not work out They became lovers pretty quick Mariel is a brave woman to start her life over again, and moving to Nightfall Island I admired her for that She is a nice person, a very good Healer, and a good mother After losing her husband a few years ago, she is finally ready for a new man in her life, something than the one night stands she sometimes arranged when on a trading mission with the nuns Her Healing is also done with Songmagic, so she and Evanor really complement each other Both quiet and really caring about others The ongoing story arc really makes me want to read all the books back to back, remembering and details the I read Jean Johnson has created a wonderful fantasy world, filled with magic and good and evil people They are going to plan to build a new city, houses, a harbor, and make sure the new people are willing to contribute to the community This series just has everything I love in a book, a great world building although too much detail sometimes , great characters, magic, believable love stories, and hot love scenes aplenty And all the brothers and their new wives keep working together to revive Nightfall Island Jean Johnson has a wonderful writing voice, and I keep wanting of her books So far is has pretty much been that the brother falls in love with the first woman he sees, who is his Destined bride, after his brother before him gets hitched, but I know that will change The fourth of Sons shall find his catchThe purest note shall turn to sourAnd weep in silence for the hourBut listen to the lonely HeartAnd Song shall bind the two apart9 stars. 2013 Reviews by Aurian Full review on my blog, www.boeklogboek.blogspot.com The Fourth Installment In The National Bestselling Sons Of Destiny Series Eight Brothers, Born In Four Sets Of Twins, Two Years Apart To The Day They Fulfill The Curse Of Eight Prophecy To Avoid Tempting Their Destiny, The Brothers Are Exiled To Nightfall Isle, Where Women Are Forbidden This Presents A Challenge For The Brother Whose Magic Has Been Destroyed Evanor, Fourthborn Of The Sons Of Destiny, Lost His Voice And With It, His Powers In The Violent Battle That Free His Family From Their Greatest Enemy Thankfully, With The Safe Return Of His Twin, Evanor Now Knows Precisely Who Can Bring His Songs Back To LifeShe Is The Enchanting Widow Mariel, A Healer Brought To Nightfall To Help The Brothers In Their Hour Of Need For Mariel And Her Young Son, That Means Leaving Their Beloved Homeland For The Unfamiliar Island Of Nightfall And Its Still Forbidden Shores And With It, Risking The Passion She Stirs In Her Intriguing Patient S Heart But A New Danger Looms When The Council Of Katan Learns There Might Be Women On The Isle Exceptionally well written, unlike most romance novels that seem like the author was just trying to write as fast as possible This one is beautiful in the use of descriptions and actually has a story line I ll have to go back and read all the others in this series that I ve missed, plus the ones after it. This would have been a four star read no problemo except for the treatment of the child It was nothing but harping on Mikor I felt no love for him by anyone, even his mother, through out the whole story Not sure if that was me or the fault of the author My guess it was the author. It s good Unlike others she s already been married once and has a child He being without a voice makes him aware The prophecy continues.

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