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The Secret History of Twin Peaks Mark Frost, the writer of this book, is the co creator of the TWIN PEAKS television series So, no matter what a reviewer has to say about the book, the true TWIN PEAKS fan is going to read this especially with the series return set to launch in a few months It is like telling true Harry Potter fans that the latest installment not penned by the original writer is not nearly as good as any of the books The fans will still flock With that acknowledgment, here goes THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS is an incredible mis step in the series The first third reads like a combination of NATIONAL TREASURE and the latest offering by Dan Brown territory that has already proven comfortable for the writer It is not uninteresting, but it is also not TWIN PEAKS.The second third will be of the greatest interest to fans It provides backstory for a number of the characters we know, and provides some resolution to the famous cliffhanger finale No, before you ask, it doesn t tell us what happened to Agent Dale Cooper It also establishes a connection with the TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME movie.The final third is THE X FILES The groundwork was established in the television series second season , so the writer is still connecting the dots However, it is done by elevating a minor character to unreasonable participation and providing new motivations behind a number of events loyal viewers witnessed.Several characters are ignored or receive only passing mention The secrets of the Black Lodge and the White Lodge are still unrevealed And we learn that a largely accepted fan theory about the Chet Desmond Phillip Jeffries scenes from the movie are flat out wrong.If you know very little about TWIN PEAKS, I would strongly advise against reading this book Not only are some fascinating series revelations exposed, but you will have the wrong idea of what attracted people to the series TWIN PEAKS was quirky television with a soap opera base that, in its best moments, was nothing short of brilliant My knowledge of who killed Laura Palmer does not in any way lessen the power of the episode that provided that answer I think that episode is probably on many people s Top 5 list of the best moments in television The biggest problem is that the book dwells too much on explanations and the plotting behind why things happened I can guarantee you that when we gathered around the water cooler after a TWIN PEAKS airing, we were talking about what happened to the CHARACTERS we enjoyed so much, not about how we thought Glastonbury Grove worked That is this book s huge mis step The series was always about the characters for most of the fans, not about the machinations that were going on behind the scenes If anyone should know that, Mark Frost should be that person.Now, it is certainly probable that the book is intended to set up the series return If so, we ve been introduced to a major character who is likely to be the glue to hold the new plot line together Even so, with David Lynch promising to be closely involved with every episode, I can t see the emphasis being placed on this highly convoluted backstory If it is, it will likely alienate the loyal fans who still love the original.Proceed at you own risk and remember, The Owls Are Not What They Seem. Not only is the book a beautiful design, but the story takes the reader deeper into the his story of Twin Peaks and its inhabitants, as well as into the history of the United States Thematically, one particular highlight was the amending of Season 2 elements Where Season 2 went off the rails, this book fills in some gaping holes there which make for a much cohesive view of those elements within the larger Twin Peaks mythology Additionally, the complexity of this text is startling at any given time, there are three competing narrative voices edit non spoiler spoilers in retrospect, sometimes up to FIVE narrative voices the voice of the document s in question, the voice of Special Agent TP, and the voice of the mysterious Archivist It creates a narrative tapestry that is not at all what I expected Overall, I am over the moon with this book. I read this while enjoying a piece of cherry pie and a cup of damn good black coffee after installing my silent drape runners And lemme tell you about this crazy dream I had last night I was in this room with red curtains.OK, those are the obvious references, but I m new to Twin Peaks fandom so cut me some slack Honestly, I ve always been kind of fascinated by David Lynch s work, but I struggled mightily with it because I m the kind of person who needs the story to make some kind of sense at the end of the day So Lynchian style dream logic just isn t my bag.Or at least it didn t used to be until all the hype about the return of Twin Peaks got my curiosity up enough to finally work my way through the two seasons of the original show after and the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me Something clicked for me this time with the whole story about the murder of high school girl in this weird town even if that second season is a real slog at times And I was utterly transfixed and mesmerized with the return to it over 25 years later So that s how I ended up reading this, and as you d expect from show co creator Mark Frost even a tie in book couldn t be simple.This came out before the return of the show, and it s obviously meant to fill in some gaps and lay groundwork The concept is that what we re reading is a file compiled by a mysterious archivist who proceeds to link the town of Twin Peaks and the stories of some of its residents to a vast conspiracy that stretches back to the days of the Lewis and Clark expedition In fact, it s like a Grand Unified Theory of Conspiracy Theories that includes pretty much everything from Freemasons to Roswell to the JFK assassination along with references to real people like Thomas Jefferson, Richard Nixon, and L Ron Hubbard.The impressive thing here is how well this is done so that it actually doesn t seem that batshit crazy if you ve seen the show The structure is particularly interesting in that it s an epistolary novel using a variety of sources ranging from newspaper accounts to top secret government documents with notes from the archivist which connect the dots Another layer to this is that we re actually supposed to be reading this as a report from a FBI agent One who becomes a character in the new season who is vetting the file and adding her own comments and notes to what the archivist is saying as well as trying to figure out his identity.If you were only reading this to get questions answered from the show then it might be frustrating because while there are sections that deal with the familiar characters a great deal is just about this wide ranging conspiracy about UFOs Sort of The main link is that we learn that a minor character from the original run of the show actually had a whole secret life tied into this vast conspiracy which also connects it all back to the town and its citizens By the end it all comes full circle so that it makes sense Or as much sense as anything in Twin Peaks ever does It was probably slightly confusing to anyone who hadn t seen the last season before reading, but as a companion piece to the entire show I found it extremely compelling.One thing that I m scratching my head over is that it seems to have some monumental continuity errors Especially in the story of how Big Ed lost his true love Norma and ended up marrying crazy Nadine instead Again, I m no expert, but this seems wildly different then the story Big Ed told on the show back in the day On the other hand, the tale this time is being relayed by another character, and it wouldn t surprise me if Frost wasn t doing something tricky here that s a commentary on how history changes depending on who s telling it which would be a sly wink as to how much we can trust anything that s in this book Or maybe he just screwed up It s Twin Peaks so we ll probably never know for sure, but that s part of what makes it all so intriguing. Do not read this if you have yet to watch the first two seasons of Twin Peaks Oh, you know why I get to put it that way Because there s gonna be a third Wheeeeeee Anyway, warned Well, as fun as it was returning to Twin Peaks, this book contains some grievous errors , and a little too much emphasis on the UFO side of things for my taste However, we do get to 1 learn who if anyone lived and who if anyone died in the bank vault explosion Andrew Packard Audrey Horne Pete Martell Random bank employee 2 spend some time with L Ron Hubbard, Jack Parsons, and Richard Nixon uh huh, I mean that 3 enjoy some not so subtle mockery of how freakin stupid and lame James Hurley is, because seriously, nobody likes him, right That guy Not a book reader 4 discover that Dr Jacobi is basically supposed to be Carlos Castaneda, also known as that asshole who made up a bunch of shit about being a shaman That kook Jacobi suddenly makes so much sense We do not, however, get anything close to an answer to that famous last question by that famous last maybe Cooper How s Annie For this and so much , the new season can t come soon enough Also, 2017 in general can t come soon enough, because seriously FUCK 2016 Oh, right, the errors WELL, let me just list off a couple to give you an idea 1 This one is kind of small, but the book mentions how Cooper was wearing a bullet proof vest when he was shot by Josie because he knew a hit on him was coming Wrong, Mark He was wearing a vest because he still had it on from the undercover op at One Eyed Jacks and the sting on Jacques Renault The bullet is why it took him so long to find Audrey s note Duh 2 This one gets a bit rambly, but if you are a big fan of the show, I am confident that you can stay with me I hope So, the book attributes Norma and Hank s marriage to Big Ed leaving for the war, whereas the show makes it clear that Norma only married Hank because Ed married Nadine in a jealous rage over Norma simply going out of town with Hank In the book, however, Norma and Hank get married way before Nadine and Ed NONONO Ed and Nadine get married right out of high school This book even screws up how Nadine lost her eye, saying that she was following Ed into the forest thinking he was meeting up with Norma, when he was really just hunting with a buddy Harry Truman the sheriff, not the president Her jealousy apparently got her eye shot out on accident by stray buckshot, which nope Nadine lost her eye on accident by stray buckshot on their honeymoon while she and Ed were hunting together You know, right after their wedding Right out of high school In the reality where Ed is not a veteran Before Norma and Hank got married This is why the two couples were stuck with one another despite the obvious googoo mess between Ed and Norma, and the even obvious douchiness of Hank Jennings, professional domino licker Look, I know it s been 25 years, but there s no excuse for me knowing this plot better than you, Frost How about a refresher marathon of the series before writing an entire book based on it You are so freakin grounded Now go to your room and do your homework Still, it s Twin Peaks If you were going to read it, then you re still going to read it It will definitely help tide you over until next year Next year First off a few ground rules Twin Peaks was required viewing while I studied at university I loved the first series, got confused by the second and lost the plot with the film Okay that was a rather over simplification but you get the idea This series if you have not realised by now is complicated subtle and potentially down right mind bending its great you cannot imagine or you can the number of arguments I had at the end of each episode Now on to the book but first a little explanation again if you have missed it Twin Peaks is coming back after an almost record breaking hiatus its coming back with almost its entire crew and cast back as before apart from those sadly no longer with us Okay okay back to the book this book is supposed to be a link or an appetiser to get us back in to the show before it starts again, and yes I think it does a brilliant job of raising the profile but I am not so sure if it answers all those questions I got so heated over all those years ago.There are some great pieces here which you will have to find yourself but I can say that its format in the style of a real dossier does make reading and continuity a little tricky at times but it does give it an air of what it is trying to be A missing and contested file of all the hidden knowledge of Twin Peaks.Finally once I get my breath back this is not really for the new arrival to Twin Peaks or at least if it is watch a few episodes first so you realise what you are getting in to. PUT THIS IN MY HANDS, STAT. You should read this before you open up the book Spoiler free review.USPS somehow delivered this to me a few days early thanks US mail so I read this over the very rainy weekend.This is not a novel in the traditional fashion What it is, is a collection of letters, documents, newspaper clippings, and photos These start way back with Lewis and Clark and go all the way forward to now It s a bit slow in the first 100 pages but after that the collection hits its stride It becomes suggestive, gloomy, and quirky much like the series The attention to detail is really nice The footnotes are distracting, but they do add to the overall body and contain their own add in of data The cover is beautiful, and I am surprised the price wasn t higher The cover is highly embossed and gives it the feel of a book much older than it is It is apparent that pride was taken in making this, and it is something that Mark Frost should be proud to have his name on.Does it answer questions Heck yes it does Sometimes those answers are subtle a single line in a document Other times it s a headline about a bank explosion that you can t un see DON T flip through it casually if you want to read it the whole way through Yes, the answers are there for a whole lot of things you may have wondered, and a lot of things that may not have dawned on you no matter how many times you have read it.Are there any bad points Maybe It depends on what you expect If you want something that tells the story in a way that is very fitting of the Twin Peaks world, this is the book for you If you are looking for a novel to just read through, you may be disappointed The one bad thing for me was about every 50 pages there would be something incorrect for the time period, like cellophane on a 1947 pack of cigarettes, or a 1800s era person using a bit of modern slang This isn t an issue once it gets to the 1960s and if you are not big into history it s quite possible that you wouldn t even notice It just broke the continuity for me which was a bummer since I was trying to get back into the Twin Peaks feel.A lot of material produced for a TV show or movie tend to be filler to make dollars from a franchise This book was written for fans, by folks who care about the fans and the Twin Peaks world It answers a lot of questions, but still leaves enough unsaid that season three will be very welcome I think this book does exactly what Mark Frost said it would, bridge the gap between the seasons. About 23% of The Secret History of Twin Peaks is very interesting The rest reads like X files fan fiction it s even annotated by a very Scully like FBI agent, whose intials it hurts to say this are TP , and doesn t feel at all like the Twin Peaks I know and love Most of that 23% is contained between pages 155 and 237, a section in which Mark Frost sets aside the UFO sightings, Project Paperclip, and men in black to give the reader the backstories of a number of Twin Peaks regulars We get the history of Big Ed and Nadine, and Norma and Hank the politics between the Packards and the Martells the full story of Josie Packard and even the origins of the Double R Diner and why it has the Mar T on the sign These pages are fantastic Writing backstory is really hard to do well, but Mark Frost clearly has these characters back to front What he writes about them rings so true, and it s a delight to read.But that s not a big percentage of the book And unfortunately, this wonderful section about Twin Peaks is bookended by some very disappointing stuff Most of the book is an attempt to connect the Twin Peaks mythology to UFO sightings and alien abductions The theory is that it s all perhaps less extra terrestrial and in fact extra dimensional So the giant, the little man, and the other Lodge residents they re all now joined by the grays and other alien beings, for purposes that we don t know and probably can t ever know.I love Twin Peaks, but I would be happier to have its supernatural elements not connect directly into everything else in the history of the world I always thought of it as a type of mythological conflict that may be happening in many small towns, but not that it necessarily is the same conflict that s happening all over Using Twin Peaks as a vehicle to explain UFO and alien abduction stories, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and even L Ron Hubbard s scientology just feels completely wrong I don t need Lewis and Clark, Richard Nixon, and a host of other historical cameos to all have some kind of connection to the syca circle just outside of Twin Peaks Twin Peaks was never Forrest Gump, nor should it be.Writing a new story into history is a harder task to pull off than writing the fictional histories of beloved characters and Mark Frost is okay at it, but not good enough to draw me into his narrative It never feels genuine to me, and the skipping around through history seems haphazard One of the oddest choices Frost made was to place Twin Peaks view spoiler mayor Doug Milford you remember, the first of the old brothers to marry Lana hide spoiler i STILL haven t sat down with this book for any length of time, but i HAVE made a glorious endcap and now the funkos have arrived come and get em i rarely get book schwag, but when i do, i am over the moon with gratitude super excited to dive into this one, and i cannot WAIT for the new episodes EEEEEEEEEE Amazing Ebook, The Secret History Of Twin Peaks By Mark Frost This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Secret History Of Twin Peaks, Essay By Mark Frost Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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