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The Second World War In This Comprehensive History, John Keegan Explores Both The Technical And The Human Impact Of The Greatest War Of All Time He Focuses On Five Crucial Battles And Offers New Insights Into The Distinctive Methods And Motivations Of Modern Warfare In Knowledgable, Perceptive Analysis Of The Airborne Battle Of Crete, The Carrier Battle Of Midway, The Tank Battle Of Falaise, The City Battle Of Berlin, And The Amphibious Battle Of Okinawa, Keegan Illuminates The Strategic Dilemmas Faced By The Leaders And The Consequences Of Their Decisions On The Fighting Men And The Course Of The War As A Whole

About the Author: John Keegan

Sir John Desmond Patrick Keegan, OBE, FRSL was a British military historian, lecturer and journalist He published many works on the nature of combat between the 14th and 21st centuries concerning land, air, maritime and intelligence warfare as well as the psychology of battle.

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    This book has sometimes been viewed as the best one volume history of World War II.Well, I wouldn t argue with that, at least regarding readability There is no doubt that Keegan is one of the best military historians of the second half of the last century, particularly in the area of accessible books He avoids writing thousand page tomes in which every other sentence is foot

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    My first serious introduction to WWII, read in 2015 John Keegan in The Second World War gives the reader an excellent and balanced one volume analysis of this crucial historical conflict At 500 plus pages, it is not a short read However, it is presented with a clear prose and provided me, as a beginner, enough material to understand the events and inspired me for further readings.

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    This would be the text to start finding out about WW2 if you knew absolutely nothing about the subject Unfortunately people under the age of 30, 35 haven t got a clue so that s a lot of people.With such a broad topic and many historical controversies faced head on by Keegan this book could have had a nightmare structure It could have been rambling, discursive mess The book is superbly paced

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    This is an excellent one volume telling of the Second World War, within its historical context, with a heavy emphasis on the strategic questions and decisions faced by the political and military high commands of the five major powers Keegan doesn t consider Italy a major power A long time instructor at Sandhurst in Britain, Keegan brings to this work an ability to link the conflict within the histor

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    John Keegan gives a clear, comprehensive survey of WWII If you re unclear about the era of WWII, read Keegan s Second World War before going to Rick Atkinson s Liberation Trilogy, which is much detailed Then go to the biographies of world leaders of the time Finally, study individual battles and other aspects of the war Such a study is essential for all students of history, and everyone should be a lifelon

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    Picked this up at the sale room at the Hayward, Wisconsin public library last summer.John Keegan is primarily a military historian, someone familiar to me from other publications He writes, in my experience, at a level above that of popular historians while still remaining accessible to lay readers willing to think a little bit This survey of both theatres of WWII does a remarkably good job of outlining the war in

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    This is the unabridged reading of The Second World War by John Keegan The book was published in 1989, and this audio book was produced by Books on Tape, Inc in 1990 and has 6 parts and 33 chapters. Read by Bill Kelsey.TABLE OF CONTENTSPROLOGUEChapter 1 Every Man a SoldierChapter 2 Fomenting World WarPART I THE WAR IN THE WEST 1940 1943Chapter 3 The Triumph of BlitzkriegChapter 4 Air Battle The Battle of BritainChap

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    John Keegan is most likely the pre eminent military historian in the English speaking world One of the things I appreciate, about his writing, is he does not try to overwhelm the reader with details Many historians seem to want to impress the reader with their research Even Keegan s bibliography is limited to 50 books which he describes in a three page summary at the back of the book.I thought I knew all there was to know about WW

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    This book s a brick but Keegan gives the heavy matter readability with clear prose and the right amount of jargon for non war buffs such as myself It is a great, balanced, one volume description of WWII which provides enough material for the reader to understand the events and gives plenty of ideas for further reading on the subject It was exactly what I was after a comprehensive history of the war with details of the political strategies

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    Wow This was not the book I had in mind for learning about WWII For some reason I thought it was 150 pages, not 600 However, I muddled through and sometimes skimmed a bit There was far detail than I was even interested in but occasionally that was good as I learned quite a bit In the end I was astonished that any writer would undertake such a task Just a bit of heavy reading to start the summer Now on to lighter things.

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