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The Scarlet Citadel Robert Ervin Howard Was An American Pulp Writer Of Fantasy, Horror, Historical Adventure, Boxing, Western, And Detective Fiction He Is Well Known For Having Created The Character Conan The Cimmerian, A Literary Icon Whose Pop Culture Imprint Can Be Compared To Such Icons As Tarzan Of The Apes, Sherlock Holmes, And James Bond Voracious Reading, Along With A Natural Talent For Prose Writing And The Encouragement Of Teachers, Conspired To Create In Howard An Interest In Becoming A Professional Writer One By One He Discovered The Authors That Would Influence His Later Work Jack London And Rudyard Kipling It S Clear From Howard S Earliest Writings And The Recollections Of His Friends That He Suffered From Severe Depression From An Early Age Friends Recall Him Defending The Act Of Suicide As A Valid Alternative As Early As Eighteen Years Old, While Many Of His Stories And Poems Have A Suicidal Gloom And Intensity That Seem Prescient In Hindsight, Describing Such An End Not As A Tragedy But As A Release From Hell On Earth

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    Lana Kane, Malory Archer, Cheryl Tunt, Ray Gillette, Cyril Figgis, Pam Poovey, Dr Krieger and Sterling Archer sit in Malory s office, drinking and discussing Robert E Howard s 1933 Conan short story The Scarlet Citadel Ray He had a five foot long broadsword.Lana Er, phrasing.Ster

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    Another exciting jaunt into King Conan s world Conquering the kingdom of Aquilonia brings no rest to Conan as betrayal, treachery and warfare abounds in this second short story originally penned by Howard in 1933 One thing I m thoroughly enjoying about these classic pulp fantasy f

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    This was another great Conan story, complex than The Phoenix on the Sword There is a battle described, and the consequences of treachery are explained There were sorcery elements involved than with The Phoenix on the Sword.The prose was fantastic as well Some of the writing make

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    A man s man type of book Bring out the beast and fight back to reclaim what you lost Indiana Jones would wet his pants if he had to face the snake Conan deal with.

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    Intense and brutal, with mysterious sorcery and an enraged Conan to hype it up Finishes with a huge and visceral clash with a mountain s worth of bodies left in the wake.

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    The second of Robert E Howard s original Conan Chronicles both starts and finishes in the best possible place for a Conan story a bloody battlefield Some time into his reign as the king of Aquilonia, Conan finds himself tricked into leaving his kingdom Traveling south with a small for

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    4 5 The Scarlet Citadel, by Robert E Howard, is another story in the Conan universe Chronologically, it is one of the first ones This was a really powerful story, with amazing atmosphere, tension and a bit of mystery I especially enjoyed the first part where Conan was helpless and lost

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    7,5 10Short story in two parts first one is typical heroic fantasy with mysterious sorcerers, ancient dungeons and terrific monsters Yes, I liked that, even when it had common tropes and plot was simple But then, second part turned for a moment towards politics Loved the way Howard desc

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    Another awesome tale of Conan the Barbarian King.This is set sometime after the first story this time he is tricked into leaving his kingdom and ambushed and sent to a dungeon He of course escapes, and gets his revenge but what really got me was the fantastic account of the armies fighti

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    Another wonderful tale of standing up and fighting for what s right The story rips along at a fantastic pace If anything, possibly a little too fast The last chapter seemed a little rushed, hence only 4 stars I love how well REH is able to express his world building in so few pages, just

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