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The Saxon Outlaws Revenge At The Mercy Of Her Enemy Abducted By Saxon Outlaws, Constance Arnaud Comes Face To Face With Aelric, A Saxon Boy She Once Loved He S Now Her Enemy, But Constance Must Reach Out To This Rebel And Persuade Him To Save Her Life As She Once Saved His Aelric Is Determined To Seek Vengeance On The Normans Who Destroyed His Family Believing Constance Deserted Him, He Can Never Trust Her Again Yet, As They Are Thrown Together And Their Longing For Each Other Reignites, Will Aelric Discover That Love Is Stronger Than Revenge

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    Easily one of the best HQN Historicals I ve read thus far Lord Libertine Malcolm s Honor being my other faves While most medieval roms claim traditional imagery of castles, knights, chivalry, this one focuses on the gritty, dank, violent period of the Norman Conquest And while it doesn t involve Robin Hood per se, the grubby settings bitchy nobles grumpy pea

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    The question, Can Love Overcome Vengeance It sure can What a book Dark Vivid Heart wrenching And just darn satisfying Brilliant Our star crossed lovers are twisted, pulled and pushed into situations beyond their control But love always saves the day Right Aleric Brunwulf is the name of our hopeful, innocent man boy hero, who is ward to the merciless Robert ward anoth

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    Mills and Boon books have always been a guilty pleasure for me but it s only recently that I ve discovered and enjoyed some of their historical titles I loved The Blacksmiths Wife by Elisabeth Hobbes so I was really looking forward to her latest book The Saxon Outlaws Revenge But once I started to read I realised that my knowledge of that period of history was shockingly bad

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    The Saxon Outlaw s Revenge by Elisabeth Hobbes is dark, intense yet vivid, and daring Ms Hobbes writes with insight and her research sheds light on an era where conflict and the battle for power have no limitation The scenes in this book burst to life through edgy dialogue, hair raising moments of violence but toned down with a strong bond between the hero and heroinethat steadily gro

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    FULL REVIEW POSTED AT www.anonymisses.com I can t get over how much I enjoyed this book To be perfectly honest, Medieval romance is a little out of the ordinary for me the gowns and gallantry of the Regency tend are irresistible to me but I was so happy to read Elisabeth Hobbes The Saxon Outlaw s Revenge.Hobbes story reads like a romance novel and historical adventure novel all rolled into one

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    I sat down in the evening to read a couple of chapters of Elisabeth Hobbes book, The Saxon Outlaw s Revenge with my cocoa before I went to bed In the early hours of the next morning, I finished it There was no way, once I had started, that I could put it down.The story was page turning and fast paced, but even better than that, it felt real Not once did I think, that could not have happened, or, that s

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    Elizabeth Hobbes has created a magical and atmospheric tale of loss, love and hope, I think what really makes this a winner for me is that the amount of historic detail, this isn t just your run of the mill love story, it is bloody and gory and you get a true sense of how dark and scary and difficult this era was The Saxon Outlaws Revenge, is brilliant Beautifully written, the best love story for an age, it is

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    Francamente non riesco a comprendere la logica di questo romance lei lo salva da morte certa a suo rischio e pericolo, pagandone le amare conseguenze, e facendolo fuggire Lui, anni dopo, quando il suo gruppo di fuorilegge la prende prigioniera, invece di baciare il terreno dove sta povera donna cammina, la tratta di pezza perch quel fatidico giorno, quando lei ha sfidato la sua famiglia e la sua legge per aiutarlo, non

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    This poor book It wanted to be so many things but didn t achieve any of them It wanted to be Robin Hood but there wasn t much action It wanted to be romantic but there wasn t much romance It wanted to be a revenge story but the dialogue just went in circles The villain was mean but there never seemed to be a reason for any of his cruelty And the hero and heroine weren t great characters that you wanted to see succeed.

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    4.5 Voto Il volto di De Coudray si ripresent alla sua mente, un immagine dopo tanti anni ancora pi nitida di quanto non lo fossero ormai i volti di suo padre e dei suoi fratelli Questa circostanza gli parve doppiamente crudele Le sue dita bruciavano dal desiderio di stringersi attorno al collo del Porco in una morsa mortale, di immergergli un pugnale nel petto o di recidergli di netto il capo con la spada Non lo avrebbe mai fatto, natura

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