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The Salbine Sisters She Gave Up Everything To Become A Salbine Sister, Member Of A Religious Order Of Powerful Female Mages But When Maddy Nearly Dies While Trying To Draw Forth Elemental Fire, She Learns That Salbine Has Withdrawn From Her The Gifts Every Sister Works To Master On Her Journey To Another Monastery To Research Her Condition, Maddy S Faith In Both Herself And Salbine Are Tested To Their Limits

About the Author: Sarah Ettritch

Sarah Ettritch writes stories featuring strong female characters Her protagonists are often lesbian.

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    Gosh, I loved this read I ve seen this book around for awhile but always passed it up and now I wish I hadn t.The book mainly centers around the character of Maddy, a sister in a monastery, that worships a female goddess that is known for giving the gift of drawing on the elements of water, air, fire, and earth to her chosen ones Maddy s been chosen but

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    Well I don t say this often but I m glad this one is done I don t think I could have managed much of this oldey timey road trip with two nuns and an orphan I had a total disconnect with the characters or their romantic feelings for each other and the plot couldn t save it from being a tedious affair Another inn, another torch bearing mob, another internal whin

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    What a wonderful book I enjoyed it so much, that as soon as I finished reading it, I immediately started to read it again Sarah has built a new and interesting world where young girls can find themselves called to serve as Sisters of Salbine When they enter the order, they learn how to draw on and use the elements The book follows Maddy, who has left her family and all

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    I think if the bookgroup had not recommended this book it would never have made it to my to read list and then I would have missed out on a well written and interesting story.I have no idea what century this story was based in but it has horses, swords, magic, and women who are intelligent, strong and capable the last bit being the most important for me personally Here s the t

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    This is one of the slightly fantastic novels that made me read it in only two days, simply couldn t put it down Easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable In a way it s an old fashioned adventure story which I love

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    Would have been 5 star but there were so many things I wanted to know I wanted to know or anything about Salbine The world was not really developed.The characters were nicely developed I liked the way Maddy and Lillian s characters grew over the course of the book and how you really got to know them, this was how a romance should be written although I must admit I was expecting fantasy and

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    Sarah Ettritch s new novel is one of those stories that sneaks up on you, snuggles in close, and seduces you into reading just a few pages before you put it down The words flow so easily and so sweetly on the page that you re halfway through it before you realise the house is quiet, the news is muted on TV, and everybody else has long since gone to bed.This is lesbian romance at its finest, with cha

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    This will also appear at in November ebook from NetGalley much thanks IntroductionMaddie entered into the monastery of Salbine Sisters, a religious order of offensive mages that draw on the elements to defend their country She begins her lessons with a mistress that she has taken as her lover, and discovers that she cannot draw on the first element, fire With the news that there is something different about

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    The Salbine Sisters is a strong character story about love and overcoming adversity The Salbine Sisters is a religious order of magi who reside together in a monestary We are introduced to Maddy, an initiate in the order who is having difficulty calling the elements and as such has been receiving tutelage from one of the most powerful mages in the order, Lillian By the time the story starts, the two have also formed

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    Sarah Ettrich gives us a wonderful tale of Maddy who becomes a Salbine Sister after she was called in the Monastery to serve and learn the Salbine ways The Salbine Sisters are a group of female that are given the gift to call the elements to help and protect people around them As Maddy undergoes her training, she becomes involve with her tutor Lillian who is the best mage in the monastery As their Maddy s training and love

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