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The Revolt of the Cockroach People The Further Adventures Of Dr Gonzo As He Defends The Cucarachas The Chicanos Of East Los AngelesBefore His Mysterious Disappearance And Probable Death In , Oscar Zeta Acosta Was Famous As A Robin Hood Chicano Lawyer And Notorious As The Real Life Model For Hunter S Thompson S Dr Gonzo A Fat, Pugnacious Attorney With A Gargantuan Appetite For Food, Drugs, And Life On The EdgeIn This Exhilarating Sequel To The Autobiography Of A Brown Buffalo, Acosta Takes Us Behind The Front Lines Of The Militant Chicano Movement Of The Late Sixties And Early Seventies, A Movement He Served Both In The Courtroom And On The Barricades Here Are The Brazen Games Of Chicken Acosta Played Against The Anglo Legal Establishment Battles Fought With Bombs As Well As Writs And A Reluctant Hero Who Faces Danger Not Only From The Police But From The Vatos Locos He Champions What Emerges Is At Once An Important Political Document Of A Genuine Popular Uprising And A Revealing, Hilarious, And Moving Personal Saga

About the Author: Oscar Zeta Acosta

April 8, 1935 disappeared 1974 was an American attorney, politician, minor novelist and Chicano Movement activist, perhaps best known for his friendship with the American author Hunter S Thompson, who included him as a character the Samoan Attorney, Dr Gonzo, in his acclaimed novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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    This is the second book written by Acosta, the real Chicano radical lawyer on which Hunter Thompson based the Samoan attorney in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and about whom Thompson wrote so eloquently in The Great Shark Hunt Acosta was a mad genius writer and fighter for justice, and this is his continuing story, before he went underg

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    Out in the Youtube world, the only Acosta video you will find is a multi part series where he reads about the murder, while in the custody of the Los Angeles Police Department, of young Chicano Robert Fernandez The Fernandez incident is only one of a handful of arbitrary injustices that poor Chicanos suffered during the 1960 s It is one, of a few,

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    Acosta chronicles the fight against authority of Buffalo Zeta Brown It s fiction in some ways but mostly autobiographical of the author himself Lawyer, politician and revolutionary, he leads the Mexican American movement in LA by organized marches, courtroom battles and violence As a character, Brown is honest with his sexual vices and drug abuse problems

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    I really don t know how I ended up reading this book I wish it was some awesome story but it kind of started as a joke as one of the only books one of my friends has ever read He ended up letting me borrow it and I put off reading it for as long as I could I expected it to be some type of R.L Stine novel by the cover and the title I really had no idea what to expec

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    My research into the Chicano Moratorium march in LA in 1970 led me to this book I did not know of Acosta or that he was the model for Hunter S Thompson s lawyer sidekick in Fear Loathing in Las Vegas I only knew that this was the first novel I d come across to address the marches by a Mexican American And while I ve read many first person accounts of that time, this one fee

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    This book was not what I expected when I stopped my sister in law from giving it to Goodwill It was a textbook of hers for a Chicano Studies class, and I thought it would be a dry, academic book I didn t look at the front cover close enough to see that it had a forward by none other than Hunter S Thompson, or read the back to see that the author was the template for Thompson s Dr Go

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    This was an eye opening account of a man, who s people I am co citizens of the US with, but who s existence I as previously unaware of The Chicano people lived for generations before Columbus, within the Southwest borders of the current United States, they are not Mexican, though they share some common haritage, but when a general in Mexico City sold their land to the United States, they had

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    I read this back in 2003 Here is what I wrote in my journal at the time I just finished reading it The book is a sequel to his previous The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo, which based on my enjoyment of the one I just finished, I will most definitely try to find the previous book The book was 262 pages long including an introduction by Hunter S Thompson and afterword by Acosta s son The book

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    Near the end of Revolt of the Cockroach People, Oscar Zeta Acosta, the hero of his own book, describes himself as the bully, Buffalo Bullshit Brown, el Zeta, the hot shot lawyer This is not self deprecating irony It is autobiography We, the audience, are supposed to be as enad with Zeta and his accomplishments as he seems to be, but, sorry, I have little use for an autobiography about a self appointed

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    I abslolutely hated this book I read the first three chapters, and I was so disgusted by the author s portayal of female characters as being mainly sex objects, that I had to put it down Also, within the first 3 chapters, the characters drop roughly 20 F bombs I was forced to read this book by my College English professor in order to pass his class I asked if it would be at all possible to read something with less cus

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