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The Renegades of Pern As Long As The People Of Pern Could Remember, The Holds Had Protected Them From Thread, The Deadly Silver Strands That Fell From The Sky And Ravaged The Land In Exchange For Sanctuary In The Huge Stone Fortresses, The People Tithed To Their Lord Holders, Who In Turn Supported The Weyrs, Whose Dragons Were Pern S Greatest Weapon Against ThreadBut Not Everyone On Pern Was Part Of That System Of Mutual Care And Protection, Particularly Those Who Had Been Rendered Holdless As Punishment For Wrongdoing And There Were Some, Like Jayge S Trader Clan, Who Simply Preferred The Freedom Of The Roads To The Security Of A Hold Others, Like Aramina S Family, Had Lost Their Holds Through Injustice And Cruelty For All The Holdless, Life Was A Constant Struggle For SurvivalThen, From The Ranks Of The Criminals And The Disaffected, Rose A Band Of Renegades, Led By The Lady Thella No One Was Safe From Thella S Depredations, And Now Her Quarry Was Aramina, Reputed To Have A Telepathic Link With Dragons But When Thella Mistakenly Vented Her Rage On Jayge S Family, She Made A Dangerous Mistake For Jayge Was Bent On Revenge And He Would Never Let Her Have The Girl Who Heard Dragons

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    This was an fantastic book There is so much happening and so many different stories within that you never grow bored There are quite a few characters, but those from other books that you continue to follow There are great characters and one terrible villain There is continent hopping and history being uncovered I thoroughly enjoyed this one.It s funny, reading through these books has been a lot

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    This is a comfortable book which ties together many different plots and people from all over Pern and ultimately links them to the Southern continent It is also the book that sets up the latter stories in the series, since in the later part the Pernese discover the sites of the ancients on the Southern continent and start excavating them, leading to latter books.This book contains probably the most

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    Dude, even McCaffrey got bored with her own new deeply boring characters halfway through the book, chucked the whole Holdless plotlines for huge swathes, and went back to focusing on Piemur and Toric and the politics of the Southern continent It irks my sense of order that huge chunks of the through narrative from the original in my mind six books two trilogies has to be continued here before being picke

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    Definitely not the best of the series.

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    3.5 stars Although I enjoyed this book it felt like two different stories mashed together, along with bits and pieces of the other books thrown in The reason for that I guess is that it was over a long period of time Piemur and the continuing excavations in the south were fascinating but I kept wishing they would come across a Dictionary as it would help immensely.

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    This isn t one of my favourite dragon books its very bitty until the last third, because its covering such a long period of time The last third is key to what follows, though.

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    Always a fan of Pern and its many wonders Thella is such a great character in regards to villains You seriously want to see her maimed or dead, you dislike her that much And I love the details of other things going on in the world of Pern at large, especially things pertaining to the Southern Continent Those bits are actually probably my favorite.

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    If the entire book had been about Piemur and the continuing excavations of Landing I would have enjoyed it much The continuation of Aramina s story from The Girl Who Heard Dragons was interesting but mixing the two plots made for a rather disjointed book.

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    I ended up getting really interested in the characters introduced in this book At first they seemed like a distraction from the story I was impatient to get on with, but by the end they had important places in the story and I really liked some of them Oh, and there s Piemur If you re thinking of skipping this book, I would say don t As well as being quite well written compared to some of the other co authored books I ve read in the

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    One of the Core Books of the Pern SequenceI have loved this entire series from day one If you haven t already done so, begin with the first book and read forward Although Renegades is terrific as a stand alone, it is far memorable and meaningful when read in its place in the Dragonriders of Pern sequence.Recommended for everyone.

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