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The Prince's Ultimate Deception American Madeline Spencer Arrived Inglitzy Monaco With Dreams Of A Vacationfling Dangerously Attractive Andmaddeningly Mysterious Damon Rossifilled The Bill Their Nights Of Soaringpassion Left Madeline Breathless Andcraving Then She Discovered Herseductive Paramour Was Actually A PrinceBeing Considered A Royal Mistress Had Notbeen Part Of Her Plan But She Couldalmost Get Used To A Lifetime Of PamperingUntil She Found Out Her Disguised Princewas Set To Marry Another Woman Once a believer in true love, Madeline Spencer needs to get away from all her friend s wedding plans After a 6year long engagement that was called off when she found him cheating, Madeline isn t a believer in love So, she decides having a tour guide and a vacation romance would help offset the horrors of wedding plans That s where Dominic Rossi entered the scene as her tour guide and soon to be lover Although, to her, his name was Damon.Prince Dominic Andreas Rossi de Montagnarde was trying to have one final vacation before he was to be married without the public knowing who he was He was eager to see the world from a tourist point of view instead of a Prince s Hoping he could use his new knowledge for ways to make tourism better in his country However, he couldn t help but notice the beautiful woman who needed a guide When Dominic realizes she didn t recognize him he decided he wanted to know how a normal romance felt.Dominic knew he was going to have to tell her eventually And when he did, he didn t expect the reaction he got Taking her out on a sailboat, after their night together Dominic tells her Instantly thinking she s being kidnapped, Madeline grabs a knife and demands Dominic s bodyguards take her back to shore After wrestling the weapons away and arriving on shore, Dominic tell her if she doesn t want to go to jail for threatening his life, she will continue their agreement Really, having no choice, Madeline is forced to places with Dominic, but her traitorous heart won t let her stay mad at him for long Back together, Madeline begins to wish their time would never end And it does end, abruptly too Waking one morning, she overhears plans for Dominic s pending wedding to a woman the council has deemed fit as his bride Writing a dear john letter, Madeline spends the next few days hiding from Dominic so he wouldn t be able to see in her eyes that she loves him.The moment Dominic learns Madeline is gone and puts the pieces as to why she left uncharacteristically, he puts his men out to find her and tells his father he will risk losing everything, but he won t marry the woman the council chose for him Finally catching her at her friends wedding, with their help, he tells her she s the only one for him.I felt Dominic went a little to caveman on Madeline in order to keep her by his side Although, I am impressed he actually stood up to his father and was willing to risk everything to be with her. Where to start.Madeline is awesome She knows how to protect herself physically and can handle weapons thanks to her father who is a cop Her past romantic relationships have left her burned and she really detests liars.Damon Rossi is a prince in disguise He falls for Madeline There s one problem he hasn t revealed the truth about who he really is He wants her in the forever kind of way but he might not get what he s hoping for.The relationship between the two of them was full of sparks and chemistry.Would I recommend this Yes, I would also recommend this one All in all, a good romantic read. The Prince s Ultimate DeceptionWhat happens when the Prince goes under cover and falls for Cinderella But after this happens he tells her that he is to be engaged to another Can the Prince get the commoner

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